Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos: Missing or Found!!

What happens when you’re last seen in the police car, then disappearing from this Earth forever to never be returned to? This was exactly what happened to a 27-year-old American known as Terrance Williams and a 24-year-old Mexican identified as Felipe Santos in January 2004 and October 2003, respectively.

Investigation Discovery’s documentary ‘Disappeared the Crime and Punishment is about the mother’s struggle for her son and the investigation of the disappearance of. If you’re interested and want to learn more about the facts of the case and what occurred to both men, we’ve got you back. Let’s get going now, will we?

What happened To Terrance Williams? Felipe Santos?

An ancestor of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Terrance Williams moved to Naples, Florida, to be near Marcia, his mom. Marcia. He was the father of four children and had moved to Florida, hoping to provide more financial assistance to his children. He was able to find work on a construction site and also worked at the local Pizza Hut joint. After losing his license due to drunk driving, he was transported to and to work with Marcia.

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Terrance Williams

In the end, Terrance yearned for independence and even purchased the Cadillac just recently to himself. However, he was required to wait six months before getting reinstated his driving license. On January 11, 2004, Marcia drove Terrance home after working at the pizza restaurant. Terrance was required to attend an office party. However, after having failed to convince his roommate Jason Gonzalez to join Jason Gonzalez, Terrance decided to drive to the party in his vehicle. He was not driving with an active license, and his car registration had also expired.

Jason had last spoken to Jason by phone during the night on January 11, before going to bed. When he awoke the following morning, Terrance did not return to his home. But Jason became worried when Terrance was not at his home, even on January 13, and then emailed Marcia. The mother drove to a Pizza Hut joint to discover that her son was not going to work for two days and had not yet received his paychecks. The concerned Marcia decided to file a missing person report, but the authorities decided to classify Terrance as a runaway.

A Mexican immigrant has been living without a passport in Immokalee, Florida, for three years since 2013. Felipe Santos was also trying to build a better life for his family, just like Terrance. He worked all day and sent money to his family back in Mexico. On October 14 October 14, 2003, he was on his way to work with his two brothers at about 6:30 am. He was involved in an incident of minor magnitude in Naples and ended up being pulled over by a Sheriff’s deputy. He was detained for driving recklessly and without proper paperwork and was seen in the last moments in the officer’s vehicle and then taken away.

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Do you think Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos are Dead or Alive?

Terrance’s aunt found his car inside a towing company’s parking lot. This report was signed by the then the Collier County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Steven H. “Steve” Calkins. The family discovered no other information since no incident report or arrest memos were issued in connection with the matter. According to the documentary, people at the graveyard reported to Marcia that they’d seen Terrance being stopped and then boarding Steve’s vehicle, and she began constantly calling the sheriff’s department.

Initially, Steve claimed he could not recall Terrance. Steve changed his claim and claimed to remember pulling over Terrance at about 12:15 pm on January 12, 2004, after he saw the car of the former “in trouble.” According to the program, Steve said the 27-year-old wanted to take him to an area Circle K, claiming he was running late for work. Steve said the driver left Terrance there and then returned to his car to look for any papers. Steve did not discover any and contacted Circle K about Terrance and confirmed that he was not employed there.

Steve said he phoned and asked dispatch to move Terrance’s car away from the road since it was blocking the roadway. However, an investigation found significant contradictions in Steve’s account. There was no evidence of him making a phone call at Circle K, and neither the employees nor the video surveillance of the building was able to identify either Steve or Terrance. In this instance, the complaint was made with the help of Marcia, which led to the internal probe.

Alongside an investigation by the FBI and The Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigating the case, various methods, such as using a concealed GPS device inside Steve’s vehicle and cadaver dogs and cadaver dogs, were utilized. During this time, Marcia discovered that the police officer involved in the Felipe case was Steve. When Felipe’s boss went to make bail payments on his worker, the boss discovered that Steve dismissed Felipe at a nearby Circle K, which was around 4 miles away from where he was to leave Terrance just a few months later. Steve had stated that Felipe’s “polite and cooperative” behavior of Felipe was what influenced Steve to let him go.

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After Steve’s internal report was submitted, the family of Felipe brought an action against him and an information report on a missing person. Steve’s name was cleared without any evidence linking Steve to the disappearance. The entire process was repeated with Terrance as well. But, as per the report, the detectives did discover a police call recording of Steve, who was allegedly making racial insults and indecent remarks while asking dispatch to have Terrance’s vehicle towed.

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