Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

In the sixth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic show “Tales of the Walking Dead, called ‘La Doa, the story occurs between Idalia and Eric trying to find a safe place to escape the walkers. They can escape in the house of La Doa Alma, a healer who invites them to stay a night in her home. As unexpected events occur in succession, Idalia and Eric’s relationship becomes more difficult, and their lives are threatened. When a series of unfathomable events afflict both of them, Idalia and Eric’s fates are rewritten. The terrifying episode closes with a series of ambiguous events. If you’re trying to figure out the events, we can help! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 6 Recap

“La Dona The story begins with Idalia taking Eric to the home of Dona Alma, who is a healer/witch that she learned from Maria. When they enter the house alone, Idalia and Eric meet Dona Alma, who requests for them to leave. In response to Idalia’s requests, she permits them to remain in the house for just one night. Eric, however, asks Dona Alma what the reason is for them to leave when she has a large home that can accommodate them. Amid their fight, Dona Alma unexpectedly dies from choking on something. Eric and Idalia begin living in the home on their own, with the help of the healer. They end up sleeping in the healer’s bed, and Idalia is also a part of the healing bed.

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As Eric takes advantage of his newfound comfort, Idalia starts to worry about whether it’s beneficial to stay in a home where a “bruja,” a witch or sorceress, once lived. Idalia notices ghosts and listens to Alma’s voice while the couple is called “intruders.” In the Basement of the house, Idalia has a vision of a changed Maria. In the wake of these events, she informs Eric that they should get out of the house. Eric, however, observes Maria alive just across the gate. When he tries to unlock the gate so that Maria can enter the house, Idalia can stop him but warns him that Maria has died and that Eric murdered her family members.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 6 Ending: Are Dona Alma’s Ghost and the Walkers Real?

Since Dona Alma’s passing, Idalia begins to see her ghost wandering in the vicinity of her house. Alongside this, Idalia also observes several walkers, including Maria and her family. Although she claims she has seen the walkers, it may be a figment of her imagination. Maria’s ankle was broken while walking with Idalia and maybe Eric. She was bitten by walkers and then got turned. When Maria’s friends asked questions about her condition, Idalia was forced to defend herself as well. Eric killed them because they wouldn’t believe the story of Idalia regarding the incident that transpired to Maria.

Maria’s death and the deaths of Maria and her companions are sure to have caused enormous guilt and sorrow in the heart of Idalia, but for it to be worse after Dona Alma died. In her head, she could have directly or indirectly been responsible for several deaths that included Dona Alma and Maria. This belief could have led to images of the healer’s ghost and the wanderers that they “see” in the Basement of the house. Ghosts and walking figures may be hallucinations triggered by the guilt-ridden Idalia, who believes that she isn’t entitled to reside in Dona Alma’s home and utilize her resources or even help Eric to kill Maria’s friends.

Idalia believes in negativity and is afraid of the results of her “negative” actions. Furthermore, the anxiety created by the zombie apocalypse may be causing her to go to the point of paranoia. What she hears or experiences, as well as what she sees and hears, may result from this anxiety. It is likely that the same has affected Eric and when he believes he can see living Maria alive. Given that Eric has lived with Idalia from the time of the apocalypse. They must be suffering from folie-a-two, and both of them believe they are being affected by ghosts and walkers.

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Are Idalia and Eric Dead or Alive?

If the possibility of paranoia takes over both Idalia and Eric Idalia, Eric begins to blame the earlier. In the blink of an eye, the ghost Dona Alma is seen as a ghost and “drags” them to the Basement, which could actually be the pair pushing one another to the Basement. Eric is convinced that Idalia’s mind has created walkers and ghosts and attempts to kill her by slashing her to end his own paranoia. In the course of the battle, Idalia must have managed to stab Eric to protect herself from the attack as well. In one of the show’s final scenes, we can see Eric and Idalia lying in the Basement rather than being stuck in the roots like they “imagine.”

They likely died about the stabs Idalia and Eric could inflict upon the other’s body. The show doesn’t provide any evidence that they’re alive. The stabs could have opened the way for massive blood loss for each of them, most likely leading to their deaths. Because Dona Alma’s home is isolated and locked, there’s not anyone there to assist them in recovering from the injuries. The physical condition of their victims, even if they can survive, won’t allow them to take care of themselves well. With these facts, they must have died.

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