Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 5 Recap and Ending!!

Fifth episode from AMC’s post-apocalyptic drama “Tales of The Walking Dead, entitled ‘Davon,’ follows Davon Davon, a man who is lost in a town inhabited by a Francophone community. A walker is tied to him.

Davon tries to find out what transpired to him by trying to make sense of the fragments in his memories. While he is working on the same process, some people accuse Davon of killing their loved relatives.

To protect his safety, Davon sets out to uncover the mystery of the crimes. The thrilling episode concludes with shocking revelations and no questions. Let us be your partner if you want to dive deep into the subject and more! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 5 Recap

The story of ‘Davon’ starts with Davon awakening in the woods by walking with a walker. Davon is in the handcuff. When he resists the walker, who wants to take him to the ground, he knows that some people are seeking him out. While trying to remember the events that took place when he was attacked, the walker begins talking about him and accuses the man of being a murderer.

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In the end, he connects everything in his memory to discover that the person who is walking him is Amanda, who helped him recover as he lay in the woods after sustaining an injury to his leg. He remembers the close relationship which he developed with Nora Amanda, Amanda’s younger sister.

Then, Davon remembers that he is located in Madawaska, a town within Maine. Maine. After dissociating himself from Amanda and laying her down in the home, they shared. He begins to walk and is taken hostage by a group of French-speaking citizens, which includes Nora. The group is trying to hang him after killing numerous children. However, Nora can stop the execution when he realizes that Garen, the son of Nora, is alive. The group members become divided about stopping the execution, and a fracas soon develops between them. Davon can escape the scene and is followed by Arnaud, Amanda’s son, and is surprised to find that he is holding Garen.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 5 Ending: Why Did Arnaud Kill the Children?

After watching Arnaud and finding Garen in the custody of Arnaud, Davon realizes that he is the one who really killed him. Arnaud believes that, at times, “murder is mercy.” He doesn’t wish for youngsters to be raised in a turbulent world, particularly in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, which does not respect their innocence and purity. Arnaud believes that youngsters who are raised in this kind of environment will eventually be a scumbag. In the sense that Arnaud is concerned, the world is overflowing with evil that it can accommodate the ones that grow and increase. A pious belief in the world was the reason he murdered children.

Arnaud thinks there aren’t enough resources within their society to provide for youngsters who will eventually be burdens to other humans. The murder spree began with Martin. Although Amanda discovered her son’s crimes, she could not stop him. She was afraid of his death if the truth came out, and she had only the option of accepting the insane belief that he was doing children a favor by murdering them. Arnaud does not even believe that he’s a killer. For him, he’s helping his kids avoid their potential demise as individuals.

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What Does Davon Say in French?

After disclosing details about Arnaud and the murders, Davon leaves the group responsible for killing Arnaud with the words “Je verrai,” which means “I will see.” When he discovers a group member killed the children, Davon knows that the entire community is responsible for the crime, instead of only Arnaud. Davon realizes that their closed-down life and genuine concern for their survival have left them into barbarians. The fact that people in his community want to kill him before even attempting to uncover the truth makes him realize that those surrounding Davon have abandoned their humanity, just like Arnaud, who put children in the slums of death.

These insights lead Davon to remind people in the community that humanity and hope exist worldwide. Davon encourages the community members to open their minds and observe how people assist each other and live as a community instead of closing their world to kill each other. Davon’s call for them to “see” doesn’t reach the ears of those in the community. They declare that they’re barbaric in murdering Arnaud. Convinced that they are not changing, Davon says he will “see” himself, indicating his intention to leave his community to pursue his dream of humanity and hope.

Do Davon and Nora End Up Together?

Following the time that Amanda has saved Davon from the forest, Davon meets his former sister Nora, and they begin to develop a loving connection. As he improved, Davon started finding strawberries for Nora, and they began to spend time together playing the piano.

Although they did not express their love for one another formally, they could recognize their affection for each other. But Amanda’s passing and the murders of her children changed their lives for the better. The misconception that Davon is responsible for the murder of her brother, sister, and other children shatters Nora’s affection for him.

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When Nora is aware of what she has been told, Davon decides to leave the group and all the individuals who comprise the same group, including Nora. Davon’s declaration that he’s planning to “see” can be Davon’s method of letting Nora know that he’s leaving her. Because it’s Nora who requests the murder of Arnaud first, Davon must have realized that he could not live with someone wanting to kill an individual even if the person is a murderer. Therefore, we believe that Davon and Nora are unlikely to get married.

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