Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

This is the fourth installment of AMC’s post-apocalyptic show “Tales of the Walking Dead, entitled “Amy/Dr. Everett is the story of a naturalist named Dr. Everett, who studies the behavior and actions of Homo Mortuus, also known as walkers.

As his research advances within the Dead Sector, a particular area that is not populated by any human settlements, He meets an individual known as Amy. She is injured and isolated from the group she was with. After realizing they require mutual assistance to navigate their lives ahead, the couple begins an adventure together, with devastating consequences.

The riveting story ends with a dazzling revelation and a dramatic development. If you’re curious about the show’s ending, we’ll give you a thorough review of the episode! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Recap

‘Amy/Dr. Everett” starts in the form of”Dr. Everett conducting research on various walkers, including a specific one referred to as “Specimen 21.” As his research continues, Dr. Everett encounters a woman among the walkers. Despite her request for assistance, Everett chooses not to help her until Specimen 21 can attack her. In the fear that she could endanger his research subject, Everett rescues her only after the woman destroys the tracking device on the naturalist’s research subject. The woman claims to be Amy and asks for the help of Everett to locate her group and is then able to convince the naturalist to disown her.

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In the knowledge that she cannot be reunited with her friends with the help of Everett, Amy goes to his home. Everett discovers that Amy is dying slowly because she’s consuming poisonous seeds to eat. He concocts a mixture and feeds Amy. Once Amy improves, Everett blames her for hindering his research and expresses his frustration and anger about losing track of Specimen 21. Amy locates Specimen 21 and informs Everett that she will guide him to his research subject only if he assists her get back together with her team. They embark on a journey to assist each other.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Ending: Do Amy and Her Group Die? How?

When Amy tells Everett that she and her group are looking to establish themselves within the Dead Sector, he defies the idea. Amy does not understand the naturalist’s opposition to human beings and their dominance over nature and other creatures such as walkers. He even demonstrates the extent to which fauna and flora have flourished in the region due to the absence of human involvement. However, in actuality, Everett has been trying to warn Amy of the dangers that lie ahead for Amy and her fellow members should they decide to proceed in this area known as the Dead Sector.

The Dead Sector is filled with massive groups of walkers. All groups of walkers are drawn toward each other to form a huge herd. As a result, the numbers gradually increased from hundreds of people to thousands, eventually, thousands to millions. In fact, Specimen 21 is looking to join a group that will join another herd. Unfortunately for Amy, along with her fellow group members, they discover that the territory they would like to live in is part of the migration routes of walkers. Everett informs Amy that she and her group will likely die if they follow the walkers’ path. Amy has reunited the group with them to inform them, but she is unable in her attempt to rescue them.

Amy and her friends die and walk. Amy might have tried to warn her fellow group members, but they might be hesitant to take her warnings seriously enough to leave the area before when the migratory walkers. Perhaps, they were tired enough to move on such little notice, risking their lives to stay in the area. Whatever the reason, they don’t leave to a safe place, only to die. However, it’s not Amy’s last day. In the show’s final scene, Everett attempts to put a collar and leash on Amy, which will likely turn her into his next subject for research.

Everett might try to analyze Amy’s turn’s actions in terms of her movements, behavior, and movements to see how they compare with her traits when the time she lived. This kind of experiment can give Everett insight into the changes that occur within a human being after one is changed.

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Who is Specimen 21? Is He Dead?

Specimen 21 was the former work of Dr. Moseley. Everett and Moseley were part of the research team that examined walkers’ movements, activities, and behaviors. However, they were separated due to their creative thinking differences between the team members. An unmotivated Everett was lost for two years before accepting his inevitable demise. After two years of waiting, he encountered Moseley at the ranger station. He continued the work of the research team by himself. But, Moseley was suffering from cancer. Before his death, Moseley promised Everett that he would not kill him if they turned to investigate him. So, Moseley was transformed into Specimen 21.

When Moseley decided to die as an errand runner instead of die, Everett understood the importance of studying walkers. Moseley’s sacrifice was instrumental in helping scientists acknowledge walkers as part of a species and an integral part of the natural world. Although Everett thinks that objectiveness and absence of emotion should be the guiding principles for research and scientific studies, He is nevertheless emotionally connected to Specimen 21. That’s why he set out to locate him, despite the difficulties and dangers he must face. Even if he does find Specimen 21 amid the river, the crocodile bites him. Because a walker won’t be able to save him from the crocodile, it is probable that Specimen 21, the 21-year-old, has passed away.

The feelings Specimen 21’s passing triggers in Everett could cause him to realize that he’s an individual. Even if he doesn’t believe in the necessity of human companionship Moseley/Specimen 21, being around as a walker is Everett’s strategy to deal with his feelings of loneliness. Because he’s trying to take over Specimen 21 by the changed Amy, she may be able to seek comfort by being with her.

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