Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained

We learned many things about Samantha Morton’s character, Alpha, during her stint on The Walking Dead. Strong. Merciless. Cruel, even. We were unable to find one word to describe her as tender. You can therefore imagine our delight when we discovered her soft side in her Tales of the Walking Dead episode.

A year ago, the Whisperers’ future leader Frank died, and Sunday’s Dee — also Alpha’s real title — found Lydia, a widow, and her 9-year-old daughter living on a riverboat. Brooke, the ringleader, ran the place like Party Central with fancy dinners and aerobics classes. Brooke was more attractive to Lydia than her pragmatic mother. The child even told Mom, “You know what, I can just leave.”

Brooke was a free-spirited and foolish man. Dee didn’t deny it. Soon enough, we found out that Billy, the bartender who criticized Dee’s appearance in the first half of the hour, was in cahoots with a few other guys. Their plan? Their plan? To kill as many passengers as possible so they could take their place.

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Dee and Lydia made their escape in a dinghy as the [bleep] began to fall. The shore was safer than the riverboat, but it wasn’t. The walkers attacked them and had to hide beneath the open corpse of one to avoid being eaten. Dee spotted Brooke in the distance. She wanted to exact her revenge. She screamed, “You promised my daughter all the world,” and then she took it.

Dee pointed Brooke in the wrong direction after Lydia intervened. Dee decided that Brooke was too weak to die anyway. Dee, instead of killing Brooke, Dee left Brooke covered in deep scars. Dee was so broken that she had to apologize to Lydia for everything. Dee knew that this was not the place for a child. If Lydia hadn’t mentioned the “fairies hidden in the trees,” Dee would have killed them both.

Dee was told by Hushed voices to spare the girl. When she finally saw who the voices were, it was… Whisperers. (I’m not sure how this happened since Alpha wasn’t yet a Whisperer when she met Beta. And Beta wasn’t here with Lydia and her. Perhaps someone can help us understand how this timeline works?

The group leader said, “I’m Meryl,” or something similar. She removed her mask to reveal a head full of blonde hair. In a flash-forward, a bald Alpha said that she was hiding my true nature but that…that was the end of Dee and the beginning of myself.

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She said, speaking to a skin mask with familiar-looking flaxen locks that she had referred to as “And then I met” and, “and you showed your love.”

What did you think about “Dee”? Would you like to see another Alpha episode that delved into the Whisperers’ backstory? Send your comments with questions or criticisms.

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