Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date | Everything You Need to Know

The South Korean horror web series Netflix “SweetHome” has enjoyed huge success on the streaming platform. The show received 2.1 billion views during its debut season. This is not a new phenomenon for the horror K-Dramas that have visually stunning and superb depiction. The show was adapted from the director Lee EungBok who had worked on the most renowned Korean Drama ‘Descendants of The Sun.

Following the debut of the pilot season on December 18, 2020, fans are waiting eagerly to hear the Sweet Home season release date announcement. Let’s jump right into the details on season 2 of Sweet Home Season 2 Release date and other interesting information about the show.

Is There Going to Be Sweet Home Season 2?

But Netflix has not given any official information regarding the release date of sweet home season 2. The basis upon basis on which Netflix requests an additional season for any series or show is the number of viewers the show has received.

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According to our analysis, Sweet Home has gotten the desired number of views, and it is believed to be a part of season 2. Netflix has been working on the script for the second season of Sweet Home. In the initial Season, you might have had a lot of unanswered questions at the end, such as whether Lee Eun-hyuk’s living or not, what’s going to transpire to Sang-Wook and is the last survivor capable of preventing their own monsters from forming. The answers to these questions will be revealed nowhere other than in Sweet Home Season 2. The conclusion is that there will be Sweet Home Season 2.

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Dates

The shooting of Sweet Home took eight months to be released on television. Netflix will always go for the next Season of a show only when the previous Season has received positive feedback. And now, for Sweet Home, it’s evident what positive reviews it has received. On the 3rd day following its debut, it was listed among the top ten of 42 regions across the O.T.T. platforms. It was in the top spot in South Korea and many other countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and many more.

If Netflix decides to continue with season 2, it is expected that the Sweet Home season 2 release date will most likely will be 2022 or in March or January. Since the timeframe for the filming season 2 is eight months if it started today or could start in the month following or possibly later but when will it be released? Sweet Home season 2 release date will be the beginning of January 2022.

“Sweet Home” Season 2: Cast and Crew Details

The confirmed cast members appear to comprise Song Kang, Lee Jin-Wook and Lee Si-young. there are some new faces to be revealed. Song Kang plays the role of the main character , Cha Hyun-so. He is a 27 year young South Korean actor with huge fan base. He has appeared in a variety of famous Tv shows “Love Alarm” is performed by him. Lee Do-Hyun portrays the character in the show as Lee Eun Hyuk. He’s 26 and is also an actor from South Korean actor. Both are getting noticed on the lists of crushes of girls around the globe.

“Sweet Home Season 2” Plot

The plot revolves around high school student, Cha Hyun-soo who had lost his entire family. He moves into an apartment after the loss of his family members. The plot is then set by the shocking and bizarre events occurring in the apartment along and with the neighbors. The strange events within the apartment alter the situation, turning people into creatures. Then, there is the battle to survive. The show is haunted, bloody, and violent and not recommended for incredibly softhearted people. The first Season consisted of 10 shows.

The apocalyptic drama Sweet Home is based on webtoon, a comic book created by Kim Kan-bi as well as Hwang Young-chan. There aren’t any details about the plot for season 2. however, it will be providing the answers in the first Season, and it is interesting to watch what happens. The confirmed concept of the plot might be revealed when the release date is set.

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The most interesting facts about Sweet Home that you’ve never heard of before

  • The studio where the creatures’ visuals were created is called ‘Legacy Studio The same studio that has worked on films such as Captain Marvel, Godzilla, Terminator among others. Director Lee Do Hyun was amazed when visiting the set for the first time.
  • Lee Do Hyun had to bring Korean choreographer and dancer Kim Seol-jin in to join the actors to ensure to ensure that actors execute exactly the right moves to be monsters.
  • Six months before the beginning of filming for the series, female actor Lee Si Young attended action school to train for motion-based movements. She’s 38 and also a mom, but nobody can understand why she appears so young.
  • It’s a big-budget show, as per Korean Times, each episode was produced with a sum of 3.6 million dollars or three billion won. The majority money was used on special effects to create an amazing visual drama.
  • The set in the show is filled with secrets to be figured by viewers. Director Lee has made an effort into the building. You are encouraged to watch for the show attentively. believe it will be fascinating to uncover hidden Easter eggs.

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