5 Best Swedish Movies On Netflix

The problem is that there’s nothing to choose from in the case of Swedish films and shows on Netflix. The selection of Nordic content available is extremely limited. But, if you’re studying Swedish and are a subscriber to Netflix subscription, you’ll find at least some you can appreciate adding the Swedish look to your daily life. If you’re lucky, you could learn a few things. Try watching with Swedish subtitles at all times! Let’s Netflix and relax.

1. Hundraaringen som klev ut genom fonstret och forsvann

There’s a treat for you. One of the most hilarious Swedish films is on Netflix. The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and vanished The film, based on a novel, is the story of Allan Karlsson, who is nearing his 100th birthday in the retirement home. The man has no intention of climbing out of the window and disappearing. As the bizarre story unfolds, we also witness Allan through the years influencing numerous famous events due to his passion for blowing up things.

2. Storst av allt

The newest Netflix program, Quicksand, can be a hot water cooler subject in Sweden. A school shooting happens in a luxurious suburb of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and the young woman Maja is arrested and suspected of murder. She admits to the shootings, however, she refuses to commit any involvement in the crime. The show tries to figure out the motives behind these crimes and the reason why they took place.

3. Bron

The bridge has become a cult Swedish-Danish co-production upon which many foreign shows have been based. The show begins with a dead body within the Oresund bridge that connects Denmark’s capital city, the Danish capital Copenhagen with Sweden’s third-largest city Malmo. This causes Danish as well as Swedish police to work together because the body is under the police jurisdiction that both nations. The show is among the best shows in the Nordic noir genre. It has a feeling of eerie and melancholy throughout the entire show. I could not find excellent trailers for season one, so this one is from season 2.

4. Fallet

In the context of Nordic noir, This comedy series is a parody of the genre. One British citizen is discovered to be dead inside Norrbacka, and it’s the responsibility of Sophie Borg and Brit Tom Brown to solve the investigation. Sophie was raised in Norrback. She has broken ties with her mother and is forced to travel back to her hometown to investigate the investigation.

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5. The Rain

Scandinavian programming on Netflix is very rare, however, the Danish Netflix film is an absolute must-see for those who love anything from the post-apocalyptic world. It’s true that it’s a Danish production, however, there’s a little bit of Swedish spoken in the show, and you might be able to see the similarity between Danish as well as Swedish, especially if you are watching with Danish subtitles.

I loved the show to death and felt I had to share it with you. The main character Alba August is Swedish-Danish, making this somewhat an experience that is a bit tense when you’ve seen her speak Swedish effortlessly. In addition, she’s one of the daughters of Swedish actor Pernilla August who is famous, for example, well-known for her role as the mother of Anakin Skywalker In Star Wars. Go now and look up The Rain!

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