Surface Finale Recap and Ending Explained | Find Out Who Is Eliza Huntley?

‘ Surface’ is an Apple TV+ psychological thriller series on Apple TV+. The story is centered on Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who, on the Surface, appears to be a complete package. A loving husband, amazing friends, and an existence within the upper echelons that reside in San Francisco. But she decides to live her life but suffers from amnesia. In her sessions with her therapist, Sophie questions whether her life was perfect and why she wanted to put it all down.

In season 1’s finale, Surface (also known as episode 8, is titled “See You On the Other Side episode Sophie finds out that she cannot return to the past and she must instead look to the future. However, to achieve this, she has to be able to accept her past. We find out what actually transpired to Sophie. Here’s everything you should learn about the conclusion of ‘Surface. There are spoilers ahead.

Surface Episode 8 Recap

In the final episode of season one, The season’s finale, James and Sophie struggle to accept Baden’s passing. Sophie particularly struggles to move forward, in line with what James suggests. If she’s alone, she breaks down crying. As always, life isn’t always perfect and a mess for James, Sophie, and Sophie. One day, Sophie comes home and finds an officer from the police station. James is talking to him. This is the officer Baden was asked to examine Sophie’s case. When they’re all alone, the officer tells them that he is the one who gathered footage of Sophie jumping out of the boat. He also spoke with the sole witness to the incident, who informed him that she had chosen the right spot to jump.

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It becomes more apparent that Sophie believes that she is the one to blame James for the death of Baden. She believes he’s the one who notified the people Baden was investigating about his true identity. As the resentment escalates, she feels suffocated in the lives they’ve created together. One day, she takes James to his car and drives toward the beach. James receives a call from the police saying it’s about his wife. When he gets to the harbor, a police officer informs him that they have discovered Sophie’s possessions in the center of the bridge. They inquire with James about why he thinks his wife committed suicide.

It is believed that Sophie passed away from suicide due to guilt for Baden’s death. James is determined not to let the guilt go. His relationship with Harrison is over after an inevitable fight. Caroline has also left his life to protect herself. Caroline is still passionate about James; however, she realizes it will be painful for her. Then, Caroline thanked him for paying back the money she had given him. Since James isn’t the one to make it clear, he discovers that Sophie is alive and is somewhere.

Surface Finale Ending: Who Is Eliza Huntley?

Eliza Huntley is Sophie or Tess, the childhood friend of Tess. It is widely believed that they had an affair. Sophie’s experience in England is a collection of memories from her youth and early adulthood, and they are the first memories that she will be able to revisit. The ending suggests that Sophie attempted to leap off the ship that day to access the storage space where she’d hid fragments of her past; however, the incident occurred, and she was dragged to the vessel’s propellers. At present, Sophie discovers an entry point to the storage facility hidden within the same gown she was wearing the day before. After convincing herself to commit suicide, she visits the storage facility, gathers up the remains of her past, and returns to London for a confrontation with the mystery.

It appears that James was never meant to become a target, and Sophie was genuinely drawn to James. If not for Harrison’s interference and sway, Sophie and James could have been content. However, Harrison’s actions in protecting his friend inevitably caused damage to the relationship, even to an irreparable level.

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Above all others, James is certain of one thing: that he loves Sophie. He isn’t willing to let go of their love, which eventually causes him to look up the video she gave him to send a goodbye message. The episode ends, and Sophie or Tess reunites with Eliza and reveals her past. While James refuses to let go of her and says in a voice message that she’s likely not to be able to tell him to know that he has found her. He advises her to stay safe until he makes that decision.

Did James Orchestrate Baden’s Death?

No, James didn’t orchestrate Baden’s death. He wasn’t the person who called the people Baden was looking into and revealed his identity. Actually, it was Harrison. Sophie was convinced that James was responsible, but she did not notify the police. James was aware that Sophie had been protecting him. If Sophie knew Harrison was the one responsible for the death of Baden, She would have immediately taken action against Harrison.

Harrison is a protective person of James, but it hurts James more than doing any positive for his wellbeing. Harrison believes that James, as well as Sophie’s love affair, was harmful and so in several ways. However, his relationship with James isn’t as good. Harrison is constantly trying to get into James’s life. He was the person who hired Baden to study Sophie, who was able to bring him into the marriage of his best friend.

The relationship between Harrison and Sophie is a bit tense at the beginning, and it doesn’t improve. They view each other for who they are and are extremely open about their feelings in each other’s social circle. Before the incident, Harrison does not believe that Sophie, a person like Sophie, could change and plays an active part in the decline of their relationship. James, as well as Sophie.

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Why Does Sophie Return to England?

Sophie is back in London to look over the final items from her past. Memories of her experience in England in the company of Eliza were among her first memories. Eliza travels to England seeking closure. However, what she finds is a fresh beginning. When her appearance makes her, Eliza quickly discovers who the other is, and she calls her by her half-forgotten name. That’s where the conflict between the women begins. If Sophie actively seeks out her destiny, Eliza is surprisingly placed on her doorstep.

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