Solid Gold Dancers Cast | Here Are The Main Dancers From The Tv Series Solid Gold

Solid Gold is a television music show that airs on a U.S. national network. While there are many music programs you may have seen, what makes Solid Gold unique is its format and cast. The series aired its first episode on September 13, 1980, and ran for eight years. Solid Gold was just one of many programs that devoted themselves to popular music.

The show featured a choreographed routine by a professional dance crew that performed the week’s top songs. The show is loved by many, despite being called “the pop music show that’s its own parody” by The New York Times. We thought you might be interested in the cast of the television series. Here is the list.

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The cast of Solid Gold Dancers

Below is a table that will give you information about the main cast of the T.V. series Solid Gold Dancers.

Cast names


Jaime Monroy


Robert W. Morgan


Dionne Warwick


Alex Cole


Marilyn McCoo


Pamela Rossi


Darcel Wynne


Paula Beyers


Deborah Jenssen


Tony Fields


Lezlie Mogell


Helene Phillips


Kahea Bright


Beverly Jeanne


Main Cast of Solid Gold Dancers

  1. Jaime Monroy
  2. Robert W. Morgan
  3. Dionne Warwick
  4. Alex Cole
  5. Marilyn McCoo

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What are the Seasons of Solid Gold?

The majority of television series are lengthy-running. It all depends on how the public reacts to the series. Solid Gold Dancers was one example of a television series that ran for eight years. This show is unique. This is due to the show’s format. Musical groups conduct interviews, performances and other activities in the 1980s. The show’s main highlight is the dance crew performing the week’s song. Although the show received mixed reviews from critics, it was loved by the audience.

All About Series

There is no one who doesn’t like watching movies or series. Movies and series are a regular part of our lives. While some may argue that you wouldn’t have seen a video byte, a photo, or even a meme related to the series, most people would. Younger audiences not only prefer them, but they also cover older ones. They are the entertainment people love to watch. There are many genres, including drama, thriller, comedy and drama. This article highlights one of the most beloved television series from the 1980s. It is Solid Gold Dancers.

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