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Sofia Carson, Descendants star, has shared a glimpse of her new Netflix movie Purple Hearts. This gives us a glimpse into her character.

In the romantic movie, Carson plays the role of Cassie, an aspiring singer-songwriter. Nicholas Galitzine stars as Luke, a troubled marine. The unlikely couple is determined to overcome all odds.

Carson, who was the Evil Queen Evie’s daughter, shared a photo of herself on Twitter. She is playing the piano, singing, and closing her eyes as she enters the zone.

She wrote “Cassie …” alongside a purple heart emoticon. “July 29 cannot arrive soon enough.”

The Netflix Twitter account teased further details about the film in a thread to promote its summer movie schedule.

It wrote, “PURPLE HEARTS (July 29,”)” “A struggling singer-songwriter (@SofiaCarson), and a Marine with a troubled past (@nickgalitzine), enter into a marriage of convenience, falling in love without any hope against all odds. Original songs by Sofia Carson and @justtranter

Galitzine has taken over Riverdale actor Charles Melton’s role as Luke. He also shared his first glimpse at the film by tweeting a photo of Carson and himself in an embrace.

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The soundtrack to Purple Hearts, an adaptation of Tess Wakefield’s novel of the name, will be composed and produced by Carson.

Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, the director, has called the movie “romance of the ages.” She added: “Purple Hearts offers hope that two people with such different world views, trapped in the same place and forced to fight for the same fight, might be able to learn a bit about each other’s beliefs, get past their bulls**ts, begin to understand one another, and maybe even fall in love.”

“It’s an extremely timely and emotional story.”

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