11 Best Skateboard Movies On Netflix

Skateboard Movies on weekends are an enjoyable experience for skateboarders. They provide a glimpse of the skateboarding culture as well as its sport.

We’ve listed the top ten skater-themed movies available through Netflix above. The movies were chosen by the BFI as well as IMDB ratings. Skateboarders and skateboarders of fame, select the list!

In the following post, we’ve reviewed most of the movies for those who want to narrow them down by genre, style, or release dates.

If you don’t have a Netflix Subscription or are having difficulties opening the platform, we’ve provided Amazon Prime’s URLs. Go to the subscription page to watch them and get the most out of these action-packed films.

The story of Skateboard Movies – From where it all began

The story of skateboarding that appears in a movie is distinct and distinctive. In the mid-1950s, skating performed by professional and famous skaters was captured and released as a montage.

The first ever montage that led to the revival of skateboarding as a movie came out as SkateDater, introduced in 1965. The film featured a boy skating through the city on an old wooden board with four wheels.

Following the development of technology and access to cutting-edge shooting equipment, the complete film THRASHING & KIDDS was released, showcasing the return of the symbolism of the sport. Following that, sequels to excellent collections of skateboarding films were created.

Skateboard Movies On Netflix

If you’re a lover of skating and the sport is your passion, then these are the movies about skateboarding you shouldn’t miss.

#1 – Skateboard MoviesDOGTOWN AND Z-BOYS

Dogtown and Z-boys are a film about the Zephyr Skateboarding team set during the 70s. It is among the Ten Prime Skateboarding Movies on Netflix.

The documentary focuses on the revival of skateboarding’s popularity as a form of sport. The film took place in Venice and was known as Dogtown. The story centers around skaters with talent who took up skating during the drought.

The talented skaters began showing their abilities in the dry, muddy pools due to the drought. This was the beginning of a new era of skateboarding throughout history of skateboarding.

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The critics were awed by the film due to the sheer adrenaline rush triggered by Z-boys and their gravity-defying movements that shocked the skateboarding world.

The critics praised the effort made in putting together documentary films about skateboarding’s past and the fact that the documentary changed the concept of skateboarding films.

Alongside people who were critics of the sport, regular viewers also enjoyed the nimble abilities of skateboarding. The documentary also features interviews with the Z-boys who made headlines during the period.

#2 – Skateboard MoviesBACK TO THE FUTURE (1985)

The science fiction movie directed by Robert Zemeckis is not totally a Skater Movie but has quite the same connection to skateboarding.

The film stars Michael J. Fox as the teen Marty McFly, who accidentally goes back in time and sees his parents when they were teenagers. The actor can be seen moving through the city, grabbing the rear of moving cars.

In his trip to the past, the actor invents an illusion board to get away from bullies. Although the film doesn’t entirely focus on skateboarding, it depicts the concept of skateboarding’s invention.

The viewers found the film impressive in every aspect. The intriguing introduction to time travel and the skating concept captivated audiences. If you’re a fan of science fiction films, This is the perfect film for you.

#3 – Skateboard MoviesPARANOID PARK (2007)

Paranoid Park is a 2007 drama film directed and written by Gus Van Sant. The film is an adaptation of the novel published by Blake Nelson. Paranoid Park will be the most authentic of the vast selection of Skateboarding Movies on Netflix!

The basic plot is a 16-year-old teenager who skateboards and rides a train with a companion. The security guard spots the skaters and attempts to get them out of the way, but in doing this, the guard attempts to take on his (Alex) friend.

Alex is trying to save his friend can push the guard, and he is thrown over the opposite part of the track, colliding with an approaching train, and is cut in half. The boy, stunned by the scene, can erase the evidence.

A police investigation was conducted, and skateboarders who were present at the time were interrogated, as was the skater. At the very end, the boy confesses his confession by keeping a journal of confessions to combat his fears.

The critics were awed by the film’s narration style, where the focus is on the protagonist, a young skater, in a state of emotional chaos.

The movie is a series of curvatures and arcs, just like skateboarders who glide and flounder. The film and glimpses enthralled the audience into how life goes for high schoolers, making it one of the top skater-themed films.

#4 – Skateboard MoviesTHRASHIN’ (1986)

Thrashin’ is an American skater-themed film written and directed by David Winters and starring Josh Brolin. The film is a romanticized stereotype like West Side Story, not the complete skater film.

Corey is a young and aspiring skater who is able to meet skaters who are known as “The Local Ramp.” The group participates in a contest in which they face off in a match against Daggers.

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Corey is, however, in the love of the Dagger’s sister leader. The film is a mix of emotions as the actor attempts to impress his girlfriend and demonstrate his skills as a skater.

Famous skaters such as Tony Hawk and Christian Hosoi are also part of the film.

The critics and the public recommend watching the film only when you’re drawn by skaters who show their skills on the large screen. The film is a blend of action and romance that is suitable for people who love both genres.

#5 – Skateboard MoviesKIDS (1995)

Kids are the year 1995 and were an American film that Larry Clark directed. It is among the most watched skateboarding films on Netflix.

The film features a wildly out-of-control skater, Telly, who is HIV positive and obsessed with women who are virgins. The film portrays skaters in their teens as protagonists who are resisted by society. They begin to use drugs, which puts them in a dangerous situation.

It depicts a tragic youth culture that critics criticize. The film narrates the lives of skaters in the teens who speak about sexual activity and drugs with no morals or friendship.

It’s a wake-up alarm to parents as well as the youngsters themselves and offers an alarming look at the culture of skating.

#6 Gleaming The Cube

Gleaming The Cube features Christian Slater as a 16-year-old skateboarder Brian Kelly who loves Vinh, his adopted brother, who is supportive of his skating despite getting into serious trouble with the authorities. Then, one day Vinh was murdered, and Brian determined to track down the culprit and get him in jail. Gleaming The Cube is an eyeful for anyone who wants to experience the culture of skateboarding within the U.S. in the 1980s. One of the best skateboard films, it contains top professional skaters like Mark Rogowski, Mike McGill, Tony Hawk, and Lance Mountain.

#7 Skate Kitchen

Skate Kitchen centers on Camille, a talented skateboarder who is passionate about the sport as well as the culture. In one instance, she was struck by an unfathomable injury while skateboarding, and her mother prohibited her from skating again. However, this didn’t stop Camille from skating; she later created an all-girls skateboarding club that remained close friends no matter what. This is among the most watched girl skateboard films.

#8 Mid90s

Mid90s is the first film made by Jonah Hill, and it stars skateboarder Sunny Suljic as Stevie, that’s obsessed with skateboarding. Stevie was looking to climb to the top of the ladder, so he acquires the skateboard and joins the group of friends, but he has to admit that the gang is also involved in drinking as well as sex and pot. The film about skateboarding was received with a lot of positive reviews as well as many praises on behalf of Hill as well as Suljic.

#9 Wassup Rockers

Wassup Brothers is a 2005 skateboarding documentary about Guatemalan American and Salvadoran American teenagers who admire the Ramones and live their lives in adoration of the group. The band loved skating and utilized skateboarding to address issues of racism in their community.

#10 Street Dreams

Street Dreams is a film about skater Derrick Cabrera played by Paul Rodriguez. Derrick is seeking the approval of his family and girlfriend in regard to skateboarding. He utilizes the criticism that he gets to encourage him to work harder and develop his abilities. This is among the most well-known skateboard films ever.

#11 Skateboard

Skateboard is a drama/sports film in the year 1978. The story revolves around a Hollywood agent who’s in debt to the bookie. He arranges for talented skateboarders to participate in a race for the prize of 20000 dollars to pay the debt. The film includes cameos by numerous skateboarders who are popular and well-known skaters, including Tony Alva as Tony Blue-Tile.

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Where can you stream skateboarding films?

It is very unlikely to beat the excitement of live games. The best option is to stream these films or shows via streaming services as well as many sports channels.

At present, there are many to enjoy over a wide variety of streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Hulu, YouTube T.V., Sling Tv, and numerous others.

So pop some popcorn and relax with one of these top skateboarding films. Don’t forget to share your top skater-related films in the comment section.

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