14 Incredible Skate Movies on Netflix

Skateboard culture is featured in films, web shows as well as cartoons. There are many films and online shows which you can view anytime. There are a lot of movies available that are available on Netflix. It is possible to watch these films at any time and from any time. The movies below are not just enjoyable to watch but also have compelling plots that draw viewers to their couch. These films are very exciting to watch.

1. Dogtown and Z-boys

Dogtown along with Z-Boys is a 2001 narrative film written by Agi Orsi. The film was directed by Stacy Peralta. Dogtown and Z-Boys, as described by Sean Penn, start with the background of skateboarding across Southern California and how it was profoundly affected by the surf culture of the surrounding regions in Santa Monica and Venice, known as Dogtown.

The film about skating was set in Venice in the city known as Dogtown, where a group of extremely skilled and determined skateboarders cruised through the dry season. The members of the Zephyr group gained high quality and public attention when they competed in skateboard competitions and started to gain media attention for their skills as young competitors. Editorials and tributes to the authors and individuals of the Zephyr group, along with the lively music and the rare movie, all tie together in this story in relation to the collection of lives and experiences of the very first Z-Boys and skaters of California.

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2. Thrashin

Thrashin is a 1986 American skater-show film directed by David Winters and featuring Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler, and Pamela Gidley. Corey Webster is a beginner skateboarder who is away, but he’s within Los Angeles with companions to fight and win a declining rivalry with whom he has been practicing. He starts to feel a little sad for Chrissy and is able to practice downhill skating. With his arm damaged and a swollen shoulder, he has to be extremely conscious and unable to continue. Chrissy is thinking about it. She gets out of her vehicle on the road and takes the bus returning towards Los Angeles with perfect timing to watch Corey and Hook battle it out during the final turn of the race.

3. Skate Kitchen

Camille is a senior high school girl who makes friends with the female skateboarders from New York City. It’s a lively scene thanks to the actual women skaters gathered inside New York who refers to themselves as “Skate Kitchen” and includes the group’s members acting out fictionalized versions of their own.

After suffering a skate injury, her mother decides not to skate for a while. However, Camille is as yet attracted to skating when she visits the Skate Kitchen. An unhappy Camille is able to contact her mother, who invites her to say sorry and suggests she apologize for what she did when she finds out that Camille is not with her new friends. Camille messages them via Instagram to apologize for the mistake she made in their fight. The film’s final scene depicts Camille joined by other young women as they cruise along the streets of Manhattan.

4. Kids

Fitzpatrick, Pierce, Sevigny, Dawson, and different rookies portray a group of teenagers who live in New York City. These are referred to as libertines who engage in sexually explicit demonstrations and substance misuse over the course of a single day. The film is made in a semi-narrative manner; however, each of the scenes is planned. The characters are depicted as gluttonous, engaging in sexual displays and drug abuse, all in one day.

5. Slam

Slam can be described as an Italian Netflix unique film. It is an uplifting comedy show that tells the love story of two young people. Samuel is an aspiring skater making an honest attempt to make his dream come true of becoming a professional skater. Samuel is introduced to Alice, and they start an affair. Alice is pregnant and makes Samuel consider his plans to move to California to become a skater.

After getting to know Alice (Barbara Ramella) at one of his mom’s birthday parties, They become a couple. Soon, their romance blossoms naturally into an exuberant love. But, the heavens are the past is long forgotten as history repeats the same story in surprising ways. Alice is pregnant, which is similar to Sam’s debut as a parent of teenagers. They are presented as pleasure seekers who engage in sexual acts and drug abuse for an entire day.

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6. Skater Girl

The film is about the adventures of an Indian provincial Indian young woman who discovers the newest energy to skate after a Westerner creates a skatepark in her town but is faced with obstacles in pursuing her dream of skating. The film premieres on the 11th of June. The film narrates the journey of a rural Indian teenager who has a remarkable passion for skating after a Westerner creates a skatepark in her town. Still, she encounters difficulties when she tries to follow her dream of playing. The film will be released on June 11. The film’s producers claim it’s a fictionalized version of stories about young skating women in India.

7. Back To The Future

Back to the Future is a 1985 American sci-fi thriller directed by Robert Zemeckis, with a screenplay written by Zemeckis and Bob Gale. The story is based on Marty McFly (Fox), an innocent young man who is accidentally transported back to 1955 by an era-traveling DeLorean vehicle operated by his eccentric researcher partner Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown (Lloyd). The two are caught before Marty incidentally forestalls his future guardians’ gathering, which is threatening his present reality. He is forced to accept the two and, in one way or another, get back to the future. The film was released worldwide for its debut at Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2018. Toronto International Film Festival was on September 9, 2018, and was released to America on October 19, 2018. The United States on October 19 on the 19th of October, 2018, by A24.

8. Gleaming The Cube

Gleaming The Cube highlights Christian Slater as a 16-year-old skater Brian Kelly who loves Vinh, the receptive brother who keeps his skateboarding despite having real problems with professionals. There was a time when Vinh was killed, and Brian decided to see them as the only ones accountable and dealt with it. The Gleaming The Cube is an eyeful for those who want to see the skaters within the U.S. in the 1980s. One of the best skateboarding films, it features top skaters of the best, including Mark Rogowski, Mike McGill, Tony Hawk, and Lance Mountain.


The Mid90s was the first movie directed by Jonah Hill and stars skateboarder Sunny Suljic as Stevie, who is interested in skateboarding. Stevie was required to increase his levels, so he buys skateboards and joins a group, but he must admit that the group also includes alcohol and sex, and pot. The film about skating was received with a positive response and numerous praises on behalf of Hill and Suljic. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2018, and was incredibly screened in America on October 19, 2018. The United States on October 19 in, 2018, by A24.

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10. Wassup Rockers

Wassup Rockers concerns a group consisting of Guatemalan American and Salvadoran American young people who reside in South Los Angeles who, rather than adapting to the hip-bounce style of their group, came to the area, wore tight-fitting jeans, listened to underground music, and skateboard. Wassup Brothers is a skating movie from 2005 that focuses on Guatemalan American/Salvadoran American youth who are enthralled by the music of the Ramones and continue to live their lives in worship of the group. The band was keen to skate and was involved in skating to combat the issue of bigotry in their networks.

13. Skateboard Madness

Skateboard Madness by Stacy Peralta is another film that explores skateboarding culture in the 1970s. This film tells the story of a well-known skating magazine correspondent who is so relaxed his job is at risk. He was told he could decide to either write a great skating story or lose his job.

Similar to the film Skateboard, Skateboard Madness likewise has top skaters and professionals. When a columnist who is too laidback to his advantage is told that the last chance to fulfill his obligation is to take the best shots to tell a story about skating, he seeks out the four people who agree to take the columnist on a skate trip across California. Following the presentation of an extensive film of skating movements and tricks, the movie then begins to showcase a couple of snowboarding and surfing. A couple of enthralling shorts also follow the film regarding skateboard hustle.

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14. Skateboard

Skateboard is a game/show film from 1978. The story is about the story of a Hollywood specialist who owes the bookie a debt. He arranged for skilled skateboarders to participate in a race for prizes of 20 thousand dollars to meet his obligations. The film showcases appearances by several well-known skateboarders and famous skaters such as Tony Alva and Tony Blue-Tile. Manny Bloom, a Hollywood specialist, pays debtors off to Sol, a successful bookie. To earn a quick profit, He creates a group of skateboarders who are skilled and then enters them into an unpopular race. If they are successful, they will receive the sum of $20,000.

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