10 Best Crime Shows Like Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix

The controversy surrounding stories of actual crime isn’t new. We get it. There’s nothing to be celebrated about murderers and their gruesome crimes. The idea of referring to people who love the real criminal genre of “fans” is a bit shady.

If, on the other hand, you loved your time watching the Netflix series The Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer story, we have some suggestions for what you can follow up with.

If you liked the style and cast of the storytelling in Dahmer, take a look at the following shows:

1. American Horror Story 1984

It’s been reported that in the U. S., about 200 serial killers sporting terrifying names like”the Night Stalker was operating during the 1980s. 1984 does a fantastic job of conveying the fearful claustrophobia that people experienced juxtaposed with the vibrant pop music and colorful style of the time.

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2. American Horror Story Hotel

Another installment by The American Horror Story gang, this series is based on the well-known (and famous) hotel constructed by notorious serial murderer H. H. Holmes who committed a number of murders in Holmes’s “murder castle.” There was no bloodlust that drove Holmes on and again but greed. When he was killing people, including children, the motive would always be money. Typically cash from insurance policies that the man had purchased on innocent victims.

3. Ratched

Additionally, as part of The AHS crew, The show titled Ratched provides the background of the character with the same name in The classic Marlon Brando film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Nurse Ratched is a character with many characteristics that are typical of a sociopath. Viewers can see how far parents are willing to go to safeguard their children. In this case, they are protecting the child from a criminal but protecting their child from a serial killer. The film is emotional, intense, and disturbing but worth watching.

If the film Monster the Jeffrey Dahmer Story captured your attention with its various viewpoints of storytelling as well as the criminal/forensic profiling that was done on Dahmer’s serial killer, you should check out:

4. The Fall

Gillian Anderson is back in investigation mode again. She’s this time in U. K. on the lookout for an alleged serial murderer. What does this investigator know about her targets, and how can she stop him before more blood gets released?

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5. The Sinner

Another nail-biter that tries to provide a rationale for why that people make the choices you do. The Sinner can be tense as well as disturbing. The story unfolds, and the audience is required to look at themselves in the mirror, realizing that anyone, any time at any time, can take a snap and do something shocking and inconceivable.

If you are a fan of creepy murderers with a touch of fun, you must go to:

6. Chucky

If you’re looking for further reasons to believe that dolls are creepy, this TV series inspired by the cult movie anthology ticks all the boxes. A new home is found for Chucky after being bought at the yard sale. Chucky has returned back to his old ways of murder and chaos. This time, he’s going to cause havoc in his new hometown.

If you’re looking for a series that takes a shot at (sorry–couldn’t resist it) an amalgamation of psychological thrillers, you should go to:

7. You

Are you aware of those instances when everything seems to turn around? This is the case in this series. The tale of Joe, who was a stalker with a motive, but turned accidental killer, may seem a little too familiar.

If a look at the ’90s queer lifestyle has piqued your interest, you should watch:

8. The murder of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

Self-destructive serial murderer Andrew Cunanan went on a murder spree. Nobody thought it would result in the death of the iconic style icon Gianni Versace. Versace, loved by many and seemingly in the kind of security and security only wealth can bring, was all that Cunanan wanted. As a man who knew he’d never live the life he believed he was entitled to, he decided that Versace should not have it either.

If the thought of probing the brain of Jeffrey Dahmer fascinated you and you’d like to understand more about the techniques used in studying serial killers and their crimes, take a look at our final two ideas.

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9. Mindhunter

The show, though fictionalized to an extent, is inspired by the real-life investigation of the FBI’s Behavior Science department. The research was conducted to understand the reasons why certain individuals are serial killers and whether any causality or similarities existed between serial killers. If science could identify those most likely to be serial killers and prevent them from doing so, could they be stopped from taking lives?

10. Dexter

This show offers an in-depth dive into a cannonball in the minds of murderers and draws us in to see justice served. The moral dilemma that is posed is, if someone kills an individual, a bad person, whose sole purpose is to cause trauma and fear prior to taking their own life, is that actually illegal? The concept of vigilante is certainly acceptable, but the moral difficulties of taking a human life, even a life, stop the majority of people from acting on these thoughts.

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