Shelley Nance Murder | Where is Daniel Willyam Now?

Samantha “Shelley” Nance was making her mark as an artist, pursuing her goal of becoming a professional artist in Dallas, Texas. However, a violent attack that took place during her sleep meant that she could never fully realize her potential.

Investigation Discovery’s “Nightmare Next door: The Art of Murder ” reveals to viewers Shelley’s murder in September of 2009, driven by a growing desire and jealousy. Do you want to know who was the culprit behind her death and how it went down? We’ve got you covered.

What Happened to How Did Shelley Nance Die?

Shelley was a 20-year-old who lived in Italy, Texas, before moving to Dallas. She described that she was a charming and talented young woman who was offered the opportunity to study with a scholarship in Dallas at the Art Institute of Dallas. She was interested in learning about the art of anime, and as of when she had the incident, she was performing very well as a third-year student in animation and media arts. Shelley lived in the same building as Ashley Olvera in northeastern Dallas. Her private life appeared to be going smoothly, too, since she was in a promising two-month relationship together with Nathan Shuck, another student at the institute.

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Ashley returned after school on September 11, 2009, to ensure she was okay with Shelley. Shelley had not seen her in several days, and Shelley’s parents had not heard from her, either. Ashley found her roommate asleep in the bed, covered in blood on blankets, and dialed 911. The first responders discovered that Shelley was found lying on her back with numerous stab wounds to the back and neck. She was repeatedly stabbed and believed that she may have been sleeping when she was assaulted. There was no sign of forced entry or fight on the scene. Authorities believed the attack was personal, so they focused on Shelley’s circle of acquaintances.

Who killed Shelley Nance?

Naturally, suspicion was placed on Nathan, his boyfriend. When police discovered a Ziploc bag in his bathroom apartment with his hair of Shelley and blood, He did appear good for it. In addition, the 20-year-old informed police that he owned an extensive collection of knives. However, he was quickly ruled out after his alibi was examined. The institute was open till late at night, and he had no reason to murder his partner. A second person was living in the same house that was soon to become the primary suspect.

Daniel Willyam, then 26 years old, was Nathan’s roommate. Numerous witnesses spoke of conflicts between Daniel as well as Shelley. They said that Daniel was looking forward to seeking an intimate relationship with Nathan. He was also angry over Nathan spending excessive time with Shelley, resulting in less time with Nathan. Daniel clearly stated that his comments to acquaintances did not like Shelley.

Ashley later told her police Daniel repeatedly texted her on September 10, beginning in the morning and asking whether she was at home or in the institute. She said it was not usual for him to send out so many texts. Surveillance cameras filmed Daniel at a Walmart near Shelley’s home at the exact same time. He purchased the soap, hair dye, and a set of Nitrile gloves. A blue piece was found in Shelley’s hands, which authorities believed to be in line with the gloves made of nitrile.

Daniel was at Shelley’s residence complex on September 10 but claimed that he was there to visit an acquaintance. He also said that he was taken hostage at knifepoint in the area, and the person who was able to steal his wallet and backpack filled with clothes. The authorities also found out that he struggled with anger. When he was a pastry chef in the Navy in the past, he pleaded for his removal. He was taken away from the ship, as the fear was that he could instantly confront his superiors. In a different incident, the suspect employed his Samurai sword to slash through his brother’s bedroom. With the growing evidence that was accumulating, it was evident that there was a solid case.

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What is the status of Daniel Willyam Now?

In November of 2011, Daniel was convicted of first-degree murder. The prosecution claimed that Daniel was in love with Nathan, became jealous of Shelley, and killed her in a fury. The defense countered that there was no definitive evidence linking Daniel to the crime. Daniel’s DNA wasn’t discovered at the scene of the crime. His lawyer claimed that he had been likely to have been accused of being framed. However, Daniel was sentenced to life imprisonment and the chance of parole within 30 years. According to prison records, he’s in Jim Ferguson Unit. Jim Ferguson Unit in Midway, Texas. He’ll be eligible to be paroled in 2039.

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