6 Thrilling Shark Movies On HBO Max

There’s no better method to commemorate Shark Week than by showing shark-themed films. The real-life sharks are majestic species, but when they appear in films, they’re terrifying villains. From suspenseful classics to hilariously stupid B-movies, these are the top shark-themed films that you can stream on the internet.

Deep Blue Sea

Director Renny Harlin has found the perfect blend of hilarious humor and thrilling action in this high-tech sci-fi actioner. A remote facility is located situated in the middle of oceans, researchers design super-intelligent sharks genetically engineered to stop Alzheimer’s disease. Naturally, the sharks escape and unleash chaos while staffers are trapped in the underwater facility. The famous scene in which a shark interrupts Samuel L. Jackson’s inspirational speech is what makes the film worthy of watching by itself.

Shark Night

After directing 2 Final Destination films, Director David R. Ellis had the perfect background to make a slasher-style shark attack film. A group of beautiful college students travels to a remote lake house. They are subsequently snatched away by two psychopaths from the backwoods, Donal Logue and Joshua Leonard play. It’s just that these criminals utilize sharks to kill for their sake. Ellis incorporates humor and innovative death scenes for an innovative take on the shark attack and slasher subgenres.

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12 Days Of Terror (2005)

12 Days of Terror is less focused on sharks and more on the tension that arises from shark attacks. It draws inspiration from the actual array of shark attacks that occurred in New England in 1916. It is clearly influenced by movies such as Jaws that show the politicians who refuse to close beaches and blame the problem on something other than sharks.

Although it is afflicted with an insufficient budget because it was a TV-made film, it’s still fascinating to see what was supposedly happening back in the day. The fans of Jaws must at the very least look it up to observe the similarities.

Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

One of the most bizarre Jaws-inspired films is a part of the official franchise. It was released to an audience that was puzzled at the end of 1987. Jaws The Revengepicks up a few hanging elements from previous films, following Ellen Brody (Lorraine Grady), who is currently married to Roy Scheider’s police chief, as she faces the great white, who seems determined to retaliate against her family. After murdering Ellen’s son, who was taking over his father’s duties at Amity Island, the vengeful shark appears to follow her throughout the Bahamas. Could the shark be connected to her through some sort of psychic link? Strangely, ridiculously, yes. 

Ellen’s allies in her battle against sharks include an airman named Hoagie (Michael Caine) and Mario Van Peebles attempting a Bahaman accent. The film’s final scene has an ending that is so disorienting and unsettling that Universal changed the way they shot it before it was released in Europe. The new version isn’t any improvement and, in turn, it doesn’t make the film less humorous. (Available on HBO Max )

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Jaws 2 (1978)

To consider Jaws 2 as the top among Jaws 2 as the best of Jawssequels could be a risk of slamming the film with only a whisper of praise. The film reveals the extent to which Steven Spielberg brought to the original Jaws director Jeannot Szwarc provides a respectable remake from the first. Scheider reprises his role as the struggling police chief and works alongside Murray Hamilton’s grumpy mayor. The latter has kept his job despite maintaining the beach’s openness in the aftermath of the shark attack. Scheider adds a sense of urgency to the movie, which is highlighted by a strikingly new twist: a fantastic white helicopter chasing a white. (Available via HBO Max )

Open Water (2004)

The film was dubbed by some in the media as “The Blair Shark Project when it came out in 2004. Open Water transforms an inexpensive film into aesthetic awe. Filmed on video, it is about two people (Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis) who accidentally are left behind in a scuba dive and end up floating on the bottom of an ocean amid sharks (as if being alive in the ocean was not enough of a challenge). A short, but terrifying film, it is also an exercise in increasing anxiety as a minor injury attracts bigger predators, and it becomes clear that it’s going to take an extraordinary effort to return to land. There are not a lot of flashes here, only a horrific scene that is captured in shocking, up-close detail. (Available through HBO Max )

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Through time, romantic relationships have been the catalyst behind many of the most memorable artworks. When we talk about stories where these relationships turn for the worse, it’s nothing more than a plot for a dramatic story. If you’re not happy by the plethora of romantic comedy films out there and wish to view films that show one seeks happiness somewhere apart from their partner,

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the most popular infidelity films available for streaming through Amazon Prime right now!

5. Infidelity (2020)

“Infidelity” revolves around the estranged sisters Lena and Tracy, who share an awful past and a hatred for one another. Even though Lena is happily in union with Sergey, their relationship is not one of physical contact, leaving her unsatisfied with her sexuality. Lena is determined to get in touch with Sergey whenever she can but becomes very unhappy when she discovers his infidelity.

In addition, Sergey is cheating on Lena with her sister Tracy. This is why Lena is compelled to take the situation into her own hands and deceives Tracy’s husband to satisfy her personal desires. But, this web of lies and adultery is not good for either sister, as the terrifying event throws the entire family into a downward spiral.

4. Unfaithful (2002)

“Unfaithful” is a story about the couple who are married — Edward (Richard Gere) and Connie (Diane Lane), who resides in Westchester County with their 8-year-old son. While their relationship is happy, there is a lack of affection and intimacy, which creates a gap between the couple. As an individual, Connie is quite faithful and has a love for her husband. But, when she runs across Paul (Olivier Martinez), an attractive book dealer, Connie cannot keep her distance from him and winds up being a victim of his. Edward becomes concerned about his wife’s motives and employs a Private Investigator to discover the truth.

3. Walk The Line (2005)

The world stands part of Johnny Cash and June Carter’s fairytale-like love story. They met on the road, and their friendship resulted in a romantic tale that was celebrated by all generations, both past and current. However, the beginning of their romance was controversial since Johnny had been married to Vivian Liberto then. While his music career was booming as he toured with June as his partner, his union with Vivian quickly fell to pieces. With Joaquin Phoenix in the lead, “Walk The Line” explores the particular infidelity and unfaithfulness that lead to the breakup in the marriage of his first wife, Johnny Cash.

2. Gehraiyaan (2022)

“Gehraiyaan” is a story about thirty-year-old Alisha Khanna (Deepika Padukone) who is a yoga instructor who is struggling to pay for her boyfriend, who is unemployed. She also suffers from an anxiety disorder that is the result of the suicide of her mother and is depressed as her profession appears to be in decline. When all hope is lost, her cousin Tia and her fiance, Zain, arrive to make her smile.

While Alisha enjoys the sudden positive change, she bonds with Zain over their past traumas and has a secret romance with Zain. The rest of the film follows Alisha struggling to accept her choices and tries to get things back on track. However, she finally realizes that it is necessary to accept the consequences of actions, no matter how traumatic and devastating they may be.

1. John Tucker Must Die (2006)

A teenager John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) is a frequent dating addict who has had a sexual affair with every girlfriend he’s met up to now. However, he can shield each one from the other by vowing to keep every girl’s secrets and saying that his father does not permit him to be with his girlfriends when it is basketball time. But, when three of his friends suddenly discover his cheating methods, they seek the assistance of a third female, Kate, determined to harm John one and for all. While the plan is a success initially, things get a little shaky when Kate falls in love with John’s brother Scott and is caught in a dilemma of choosing to follow her heart or following the plan she signed up to.

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