11 Scary Movies On Showtime To Freak You Out!

Happy Halloween!!

Are you looking for scary movies on Showtime? Well, here we have compiled a list of the best movies streaming on Showtime for you.

Take a look at these films that are on Showtime that scored a score of 80% or more score on the Tomatometer.

1. Evil Dead 2 (98%)

Evil Dead 2’s increased special effects and slapstick-gore make it as enjoyable — as if not better than the first.

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2. The Babadook (98 percent)

The Babadook uses real terror, not cheap jump scares, and is a heartfelt and truly moving tale in addition.

3. Re-Animator (95%)

Fantastically mixing horror and humor, The only thing that is more effective than Re-Animator’s gory terrors is its deadpan, dry jokes.

4. Death Line (91 percent)

Gary Sherman’s Death Line is one of the lesser-known, forgotten 1970s horror movies that’s loved by its core of supporters. In the film, Patricia and her American lover, Alex, find an important official of the government who appears to be unconscious on the stairs of a London Underground station. When they find an officer to investigate the matter, the body has disappeared. The hilariously comical Inspector Calhoun and his right-hand man, Rogers, take on the investigation.

5. Dude Bro Party Massacre III (90 90 percent)

Brent walks into the halls of Delta Bi Theta fraternity. Brent isn’t just a pledge, he’s a lasting legacy that’s an obituary of death. Brent is actually trying to find out the truth about his identical twin brother’s murder and will take any step to solve the case, even an attempt at his frat’s most outrageous ever prank.

6. “The Final Wish” (88 percent)

After the sudden death of his father, Aaron attempts to end his sorrow as he helps his mother grieve. While rummaging through his father’s belongings, Aaron comes upon an Urn that is beyond what appears. As his desires and hopes become a reality, Aaron thinks his prayers were answered until he realizes that the cost of this luck is far more than was what he expected.

7. They Live (86 percent)

A subversive political blend of science fiction and horror, They Live is an under-appreciated genre film by John Carpenter.

8. What is it that keeps you going? (82 percent)

The smart, stylish and well-acted, What Keeps You Alive demonstrates that it’s feasible to spin an engaging horror yarn without fundamentally changing the established formula.

9. Zombie Honeymoon (82%)

A unique mix of comedy, horror, and romance. Danny and Denise are a couple who just got married and are currently enjoying their honeymoon. After a relaxing day at the beach, Danny and Denise’s trip worsens when a monster emerges from the sea and attacks Danny. The creature releases the poison in Danny’s mouth, and the wife is killed. However, Danny doesn’t stay dead for long. He suddenly awakes, but Denise quickly discovers that her new husband is now a flesh-eating zombie.

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10. Double Date (81 percent)

Meet innocent Jim, scared of girls and on a frightening attempt to prove his masculinity in the days before turning 30. Jim and his flirtatious companion Alex believe they’ve struck gold when they meet gorgeous twins Kitty and Lulu. They seem ready for anything during an exuberant night of partying. However, they don’t realize that the two sisters want to make Jim lose more than the virginity he has… Being a sexy couple has never been this painfully difficult.

11. God Said To Me (80 80 percent)

A New York detective investigates a series of murders that were committed randomly by New Yorkers, who claim “God has instructed that they should.”

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