10 Amazing Sandra Bullock Movies On Netflix

The Lost City (2022), Loretta Sage ( Sandra Bullock) is not Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (2018) films, and she is not Evelyn Carnahan, the character of The Mummy franchise (1999). Her thrilling adventures were only published on paper, in Loretta’s romantic novel, titled “The Lost City of D. Many people did not believe that the novel was fiction like Fairfax ( Daniel Radcliffe), who believed that the only person that could aid him in finding his treasure was Loretta.

This could be her debut film, in which she plays an author who is being dragged into the wild. It’s not the first action-adventure film she was in. Her character roles included everything from an FBI agent who posed in the role of Miss New Jersey in a beauty pageant to an astronaut floating in space.

1. ‘The Unforgivable’ (2021)

Ruth Slater (Bullock) knew that returning to the community after her time in prison did not mean that she would be able to return to the way she was living before. It’s Netflix drama The Forgiven (2021) follows Ruth’s story as she finds the job she wants and a place where she can call home. Although she was getting better, she was kept in the back. The people she was said to have hurt due to her previous crimes do not forget the wrongs she committed or forgive her.

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In the drama, Bullock’s character tries to keep her calm. The reason she was there was to locate her sister. The last time she saw her sister was when Ruth was arrested. The viewer was shown little bits of information about what transpired that day Ruth was detained.

2. ‘Bird Box’ (2018)

Bird Box (2018) was inspired by the dystopian book that emphasized survival as not removing your blindfold at any time. Malorie (Bullock), as well as her children, Boy (Julian Edwards) and Girl (Vivien Lyra Blair), were dependent on one for safety in an area they couldn’t see. As soon as they took off their blindfolds, they could be in danger of being hypnotized by creatures that could drive people insane.

Malorie was a mother to her children in such dangerous circumstances right from the beginning. She was proficient at staying in her own space in her home, where she spent the majority of her time creating large-scale portraits of sad individuals. Malorie had a cautious attitude when she met strangers.

3. ‘Ocean’s Eight’ (2018)

The Ocean’s Series revolved around Danny Ocean ( George Clooney) and his cohorts who planned to carry out the perfect heist. In the film Ocean’s Eight (2018), the focus shifts toward Debbie (Bullock) and Debbie (Bullock), Danny’s sister. At the beginning of the film, Debbie is released on parole after spending a full five-year sentence in prison. Over the course of five years, Debbie had formulated plans to rob a necklace worth $115 million.

Debbie was the brains of the plan and persuaded the con artist friend Lou ( Cate Blanchett) to be a part of the scheme. In order to pull off the theft, the two together arranged a group comprised of Computer hacker Nine Ball (Rihanna) and Fashion designer Rose Weil (Helena Bonham Carter), profiteer Tammy (Sarah Paulson), and a talented jewelry maker Amita (Mindy Kaling) and Constance (Awkwafina) Awkwafina), the criminal.

4. “Our Brand” is Crisis (2015)

In the film, Our Brand Is Crisis (2015), Jane (Bullock) is a political strategist who could repair any public character’s image. At the beginning of the film, telling the audience that Jane quit her job for violating the laws of elections and was then invited to aid in the Castillo political campaign. Castillo (Joaquim de Almeida) was the president of past Bolivia and was a candidate for reelection, but he didn’t appeal to the people of Bolivia.

Jane hasn’t been a part of an election in the past six years. However, viewers should not underestimate her strategies. When she was hired to aid in the Castillo campaign, she ensured that an individual who was focused on winning the election would be perceived as a caring and vulnerable person.

5. ‘Gravity’ (2013)

The science-fiction film Gravity (2013) examines the risks and hazards that space exploration poses in the case of astronauts. In her first space shuttle mission, Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) was assigned to fix the Hubble Space Telescope. She was on the other side of the arm that was robotic when debris flying over caused the arm to be cut off from the spacecraft.

As she spun in space, all her ears could detect was Matt Kowalski (Clooney), an experienced astronaut. His calm voice guided her to stay in a calm state and pinpoint her location. Every bit of information was vital since she was running low on oxygen and was located 300 miles from Earth.

6. “The Blind Side” (2009)

In the film The Blind Side (2009), Leigh Anne Tuohy (Bullock) and her husband Sean Tuohy (Tim McGraw) made an offer to Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) to stay at their home one night after they saw him walking through the snow at night. They took care of the young man with a history of trouble. When Leigh became acquainted with Michael, she realized his potential and was impressed by his enthusiasm for the game of football. She helped him raise his scores so Michael could play for the team.

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Leigh was kind to Michael, like a son. She gained a greater appreciation for the people around her by noticing how Michael was content with the most insignificant things. When he was put in danger by previous encounters, She reiterated that if they did harm to Michael and he was hurt, they were doing her harm.

7. ‘The Proposal’ (2009)

Apart from starring in dramatic films that are hard to miss, Bullock took on leading roles in comedy. The Proposal (2009) was her most famous comedic film. In the Proposal (2009), Andrew ( Ryan Reynolds) was an aspiring writer, and Margaret (Bullock) was his assistant. When Margaret has informed of the news that she was denied, her Visa application was rejected, and she was threatening deportation. She made a public announcement about the Proposal to Andrew.

Margaret was the editor of the Book Publishing company. Margaret was hated and feared by her coworkers and was often described as”a “witch” behind her back. Andrew was the one who negotiated the agreement after recognizing that Margaret’s work depended on his.

8. ‘Miss Congeniality (2000)

In the film Miss Congeniality (2000), Gracie (Bullock) is portrayed as an FBI agent who could beat anyone during a boxing match. Her most recent undercover mission was to use her feminine side and play an actress in the Miss United States beauty pageant. Her goal was to find the terrorist known”The Citizen “The Citizen,” whose next planned attack was to target the beauty pageant held in Texas.

Since when she was a child, Gracie was seen as the person to end school fights. She was the one who saved her victim from the bully. With the help of Victor’s ( Michael Caine) assistance, Gracie was transformed from an imposing FBI agent into a stylish beauty contestant.

9. ‘Practical Magic’ (1998)

In Practical Magic (1998), Sally (Bullock) and Gillian Owens ( Nicole Kidman) were sisters and descendants of a line of witches. While being a witch could give them advantages, they were plagued by the curse of their family. Anyone they loved was likely to die within a couple of days.

The latest incident caught the eye of Gary Hallet (Aidan Quinn), who investigated the incident. The suspect was also the person Sally wrote romantic letters for. The unrequited romantic Sally has promised not to take on an uninvolved man’s life and promised not to fall in love, needed to figure out how to end the curse.

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10. ‘Speed’ (1994)

In the film Speed (1994), the SWAT agent Jack Traven ( Keanu Reeves) responds to a ringing payphone and is informed that a bomb was placed beneath a bus full of passengers. (the caller) wanted $3.7 millions of dollars. The bomb was controlled through the speed of the bus, and for the bus to not explode, it needed to be able to keep a speed of 50 mph or greater. The culprit is Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper). He was believed to have died when the SWAT team rescued civilians from an elevator that was rigged with explosives.

In the first scene of the film, driving the bus was Sam; however, after his shooting, Annie (Bullock) steps into the role of driving the bus. Annie continued to drive the bus in traffic while Jack was working to remove the bomb. In addition to ensuring that there were no civilians injured in the process, the bus was also a victim of other unnoticed problems.

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