10 Saddest Movies On Hulu That’ll Make You Cry!

Everybody needs a cry at times. After a long day at work, a terrible breakup, or just when you’re feeling blue, tears are a great option to release stress.

There are many sad films to watch on Hulu for those times when you’re ready to let the tears flow.

Sad Movies On Hulu

The Hero (2017)

The Hero is mostly an opportunity to showcase an actor who is a veteran Sam Elliott (The Big Lebowski, We Were Soldiers), as he plays an old Western actor who is coming to terms with his personal mortality. As films that focus on people who are confronting death are usually emotionally tense, this film is a bit of a shocker. Elliot is a great actor, as are the other actors–Laura Prepon, Nick Offerman, Krysten Ritter, and Katherine Ross all do fantastic work too.

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Shoplifters (2018)

“Shoplifters is a heartfelt film that wears its sleeves. Family members from multiple generations (and those they picked) are at the heart of Hirokazu Kore-EDA’s intimate film and make numerous morally ambiguous choices. However, the film does not judge the characters for that. Instead, Shoplifters is an insightful heart-rending, gut-wrenching, and sometimes shocking look at the culture which shaped them.” -Michelle Jaworski.

Stronger (2017) (with Hulu Live T.V.)

Stronger features Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bauman, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Produced by the indie guru David Gordon Green, the film is far superior to your typical inspirational true story. Most of this is due to Gyllenhaal; however, just as much is due to Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany, who delivers an amazing performance as Bauman’s lover, Erin Hurley.

Tangerine (2015)

Many films are granted unlimited resources, yet they appear so insignificant that they may never exist. However, Sean Baker’s Tangerine is an example of what filmmakers can do with very little. Filmed using an iPhone, The film cost only a few dollars to create, but Tangerine is an intoxicating amazing film that focuses on the bond between two sex workers. This bond is tested throughout an extended day. And the story’s simplicity hides its strength. When she discovers that her boyfriend isn’t loyal and she’s not happy, Sin-Dee (Kiki Rodriguez) embarks in search of his lover. While she is on the hunt, Alexandra (Mya Taylor) prepares to perform in a local bar. Filmed on the stretch of Santa Monica, known as an intersection of prostitutes in the city, Tangerine conveys the vibe of the city of Los Angeles better than any film I’ve ever watched. It’s stylish, casual, and innovative in its true depiction of street life. –Nico Lang

A Teacher (2013)

Teachers’ stories of unprofessional relationships with their students are common in the news yet rarely discussed on the screen. A Teacher explores the challenging subject of an adult female abusing a teenager during class. From the beginning of the relationship to its devastation, the film is a straightforward examination of a largely ignored type: child abuse. Lindsay Burdge is as brilliant as Mrs. Watts, but Will Brittain’s Eric is the main star and gives life to a confused teenager who slowly recognizes something is wrong. Amazing, Highly recommended. – John-Michael Bond

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Skeleton Twins (2014)

How can a film featuring comedians such as Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig be relegated to indie cinemas? Because it’s a funny and deeply affecting meditation about unresolved childhood issues, this is the way. Just as Maggie (Wiig) was nearing suicide, she received a phone call telling her that her brother, who is estranged from her, Milo (Hader), is suffering from injured wrists. In a rush to see Milo on the streets of Los Angeles, Maggie suggests Milo relocate to New York state to live with her and her husband. Wiig and Hader perform a fantastic job of bringing humor into this dark story, but be sure to carry a bag of tissues all the time.

Ben is Back (2018)

Christmas Eve is the perfect moment for families to come with each other. However, Holly’s son Ben shouldn’t be at her front door. He’s expected to be in rehabilitation. Ben states that his sponsor permitted him, and Holly will allow him to be there for 24 hours, provided he is clean. Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges perform heartbreakingly honest performances in this harrowing tale of addiction to opioids that is sure to resonate with many viewers.

Border (2018)

The fairy tale genre is often considered an exclusive realm for children. However, for all their wonder, these tales are also filled with tragedy. The border is a contemporary fairy tale of a woman called Tina with features resembling those of Neanderthal and an incredibly powerful scent. Working as a customs officer, she assists in the search for anything from drugs to pornography. While at work, Tina encounters a Vore, an unknown stranger who has Neanderthal-like characteristics that he has his own. The idea of giving away more would be considered a crime however, we guarantee you that you’ve never seen an adventure like this.

Colossal (2016)

Genre filmmaking is a wonderful method of telling stories with an unconventional twist. You can inquire about Colossal, the film that follows people as they battle their internal monsters. Gloria is an addict to alcohol. Her drinking habits have led to her being kicked out of her home and dropped on by her lover. After a miserable life, Gloria again turns to the liquor store and colleagues at work. Amid a blackout, the city, a monster is seen in Seoul and destroys buildings and kills people. Gloria soon comes to a terrifying realization. The monster will only come out when she consumes. Anne Hathaway is simply a performance as Gloria.

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Lucky (2017)

Harry Dean Stanton starred in the film, which was shot just before his death. The film explores how he became a wild person who is initially a comical eccentric. Still, it later emerges as a complicated and tragic character than what the film initially sets the audience for. The film, which John Carroll Lynch wrote, has Stanton as the main character, but it also includes some of the likes of Ed Begley, Jr. and Tom Skerritt, and even David Lynch to help tell the story.

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