9 Best Ryan Renolds Movies on Netflix

Ryan Reynolds has made many movies over his career. Netflix offers a variety of movies streaming right now, which is a great thing for fans.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a funny comedy like “Just Friends,” an action movie like “6 Underground” or something more kid-friendly like “The Croods or Turbo.” A Ryan Reynolds movie on the streaming giant will work with whatever mood you are in.

These are the top 9 Ryan Reynolds movies available on Netflix, ranked in order of worst to most.

Notice: Netflix titles are removed from the service every month. The availability of titles below could change.

Ryan Renolds Movies on Netflix

1. “The Captive” (2014)

Reynolds attempts to showcase his dramatic skills here, but it is lost in the flood of mind-numbing flashbacks used for this dramatic family story about loss.

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2. “The Amityville Horror” (2006)

Reynolds gives a stunning performance in this remake of the 1979 film that tells the story of a family’s descent into madness after they move to Long Island. If you want some fun and campy humor, it’s still a fun movie.

3. “Self/less” (2015)

Ben Kingsley plays Ryan Reynolds in this absurd sci-fi mystery. Kingsley plays a dying real-estate mogul who can transfer himself into a younger body (Reynolds). He begins to realize that his body isn’t quite as fresh as he thought.

4. “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” (2004)

Reynolds, a doctor who has a bleeding patient and an eye for Kumar (Kal Pen), is Reynolds’s hilarious comedy.

5. “Turbo” (2013)

Although it isn’t the most animated movie on Netflix, Reynolds’ portrayal of a garden snail with dreams of becoming a car racer is adorable and unusual enough to keep kids interested.

6. “6 Underground” (2019)

Reynolds teams up with Michael Bay and reteams with “Deadpool’ screenwriters for this wild action movie. It shows what happens when you give Bay a lot of Netflix money. Reynolds has a lot to offer in the way of humorous one-liners.

7. “The Croods” (2013)

Reynolds portrays the mature teen caveman in this animated movie, which also stars Nicolas Cage as the leading caveman.

8. “Mississippi Grind” (2015)

Reynolds is one of the most dramatic characters in Reynolds’s career. He teams up with Ben Mendelsohn for this drama about two gamblers who are looking for big wins but not afraid to cheat each other to get more money.

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9. “Just Friends” (2005)

Reynolds has signed on for a variety of bizarre movies throughout his career. Although many movies have failed, this one is always entertaining.

He plays a high schooler who was once obese and is now a successful music producer. He ends up in his hometown during Christmas and decides that he will finally leave the friend zone with Amy Smart, his ex-girlfriend. Reynolds’s physical comedy is still some of his best.

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