14 Classy Royal Movies on Netflix That Are Binge Worthy!

Films about royalty may not be a great fit for the average person, but watching a great binge-worthy flick about the life of Kings and Queens can give us all the Royal feelings, even if it’s just for a short time! Many such movies are streaming on different OTT platforms, and here’s a list that highlights the top 14 available on Netflix. Take a look!

1. Diana: In Her Own Words

Diana in Diana: In Her Own Words is a documentary about the life of Diana Diana, Princess of Wales. It explores all elements of Diana’s life, including her relationship with Prince Charles as well as the difficulties she endured after her marriage and her battle against Bulimia. The film was produced through Kaboom Film and Television of the United Kingdom, the film includes footage and recordings of the late Diana Princess of Wales. Diana was captured by the voice coach in 1992. The film received mixed reviews from viewers as well as reviewers as it offers an in-depth look into Diana’s life in a manner that hasn’t been seen before!

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2. The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is an American Fantasy and Rom-com Movie made by William Goldman from a novel that was titled the same. The film is based on the tale of a farmer joined by his team to rescue Princess Buttercup, a gorgeous young woman who turns out to be the lover of his life. The princess is attacked by a gang of thieves and is in big danger when he goes off to assist her. However, things change when the farmer Westley is victimized by the infamous Pirate at sea. The most interesting aspect of the film is the metafictional tone. It opens with a grandfather telling this tale from an old book to his ill grandson. Produced by Rob Reiner, The Princess Bride was released in 1987 and earned many positive reviews from critics and viewers. Even after all these years, the film is still one of the top films about royals that people love watching.

3. The King’s Speech

Produced and directed by Tom Hooper and written by David Seidler, The King’s Speech is A British Drama Film based on the life of King George VI. If you’re an individual who is interested in learning more about the father of Queen Elizabeth, You should seriously consider viewing this documentary. The film explores the story of King George VI while he attempts to overcome his speech issues with assistance from his speech therapist Lionel Logue. We also witness him struggling when he becomes king and his brother’s abduction. The film was widely celebrated, not only for its amazing performances but also for its art direction, screenplay, and imaginative visuals.

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4. The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment is a recently released film that is available on Netflix. It is a genre that falls under Romance. The Royal Treatment stars Laura Morano as the lead. She’s a hairdresser from Manhattan who goes by the name of Izzy and is offered the opportunity to work for a Royal wedding. However, she’s about to cut the hair of the prince. The housekeeper arrives and accidentally falls the tea. In anger at the way, she is treated by the prince she gets her haircut cut off midway. The next day, we watch Prince coming to her Salon to complete the haircut, and the two of them stay the night together. It is worth noting that The Royal Treatment was the most-watched film of the week when it came out. It’s worth watching for its straightforward yet intriguing plot.

5. A Christmas Prince

Produced by Alex Zamm, A Christmas Prince is an American romance film with Rose McIver and Ben Lamb as the main characters. The film is based on an intriguing storyline that follows Prince Richard and a young promising journalist, Amber Moore. Amber Moore is summoned to his palace for a meeting; however, he doesn’t appear. When she refuses to leave the event, she wanders throughout the palace and gets misinterpreted as Princess Emily’s teacher Martha. It’s fascinating to observe how she gets involved in looking into the reports of abdication. A Christmas Prince was released in the year 2017 and came with two sequelsThe sequels were A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.

6. Grace Of Monaco

Grace Of Monaco is a 2014 Biographical film that stars Nicole Kidman in the titular role. The film’s director is Olivier Dahan, the film does not just focus on the Royals. It is a story about Hollywood star Grace’s wedding and identity issues during an argument between two princes. The film also offers her invited back into Hollywood after a few years. With a distinct theme palette than the other Royal films, Grace of Monaco is essential to watch if you’re looking to get a glimpse into the world of celebrity.

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7. The Duchess

The story is based on that of Amanda Foreman, The Duchess is a drama set in the past produced by Saul Dibb. It stars Keira Knightley, who plays the young Georgiana. The film follows her life when she is invited to wed William Cavendish with the intention of having an heir of male. But, when she gives birth to a girl, William is displeased. The plot continues to develop as the couple has affairs with each other, which causes an abundance of drama. The overall plot can be difficult and sensitive; however, it is a good resolution in the final. The film received excellent reviews from both the audience and critics.

8. The King

The King is a film about war inspired by various Shakespeare plays from the Henriad. The story is based on Henry V, the prince of Wales. Following his father’s death, He must ascend to the throne and navigate battles, politics, and the tangles of his previous life. The King was among the most sought-after films and was also the film that premiered at the 76th Venice International Film Festival. The film was criticized because of its lack of accuracy to the original play, however, it was well-loved by the audiences. If you’re one who is a fan of Literature and Subjective films, The King is a must-see for you!

9. The Young Victoria

Based on the turbulent years of Victoria’s life and her wedding to Prince Albert, The Young Victoria is a period-set drama film written and directed by Jean-Marc Vallee. The film, in the majority, is a study of family politics and how they attempt to influence the Duchesses. The comptroller of the Duchess’s house attempts to get her to signing several papers which will grant the duchess and her mom the ability to rule if she accepts her monarchy as minor. With Emily Blunt in the titular role, the film The Young Victoria will surely delight you with its performances, if not the story!

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10. The Crown

In the world of television, The Crown has to be among the most popular shows about the Royals. The Crown focuses on events in the lives of Queen Elizabeth II as well as her marriage ceremony to Duke Philip. It is comprised of four seasons. The series covers events between 1947 and 1990. With the huge timeframe, the series will explore all aspects in her personal life. If you’re interested to learn what happened to Queen Elizabeth, You should think about taking a look at this show. According to sources, The Crown will conclude with the next two seasons, focusing on Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

11. The Royals

The Royals is an American documentary series that explores all elements that comprise The British royal family. From weddings, arguments and arguments and pets. We are able to look at everything connected to their lives. The show was created with the help of Mark Schwahn, the interviews in the series provide us with an in-depth and insightful look in The “Royal” world and show the viewers what it’s like to be part of that world. The Royals is four seasons available on Netflix and features a variety of performers, including William Moseley and Alexandra Park.

12. The Windsors

If you’re interested in seeing the opposite aspect of the “Royal” world, The Windsors is the best show to see! It doesn’t provide a glimpse into the reality of what the Royals are like in real life, but it will reveal their absurdity and wit. The Windsors is a comedic series that satirizes the life of members of the Royal Family and depicts them in a new and unique way! The Windsors are, without doubt, one of the top shows based on the Royals, which you must not skip!

13. Reign

The story is based on Mary, who was the queen of Scots, Reign is a drama that follows Mary, the young Mary who is depicted in the novels as a martyr. However, in Reign, we are able to witness an alternative side to her life. The show depicts her as an unfortunate victim who experiences turbulent times. The thing that is fascinating about this particular series is that the creators haven’t limited it to only historical fiction. To add a bit of spice to the mix more, they’ve expanded the scope of their story by including families, love, romance, and politics.

14. A Royal Night Out

Not to be left out, A Royal Night Out is a Sweet period drama based upon The life and times of Princess Elizabeth who takes one last chance to visit her sisters following World War 2. The sisters are separated and go through a tense night. Overall, the show is a fascinating story that is well worth watching.

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