Roq Innovation Shark Tank Update | Where Is Roq Innovation Now?

Entrepreneur Raquel Graham introduced her business Roq Innovation during season 13, episode 11, of the show Shark Tank, hoping to receive an investment that could change the course of her life from the Sharks. With Roq Innovation, Raquel designs new and innovative accessories for apparel, like caps and scarves, that are designed to make life a little more comfortable. The company piqued our attention with its extensive product line, and we chose to track its expansion!

Roq Innovation: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The entrepreneur responsible for Roq Innovation, Raquel Graham, has studied History and economics in the Faculty of Economics at Wesleyan University before working as an Operations Analyst for J.P. Morgan. In the following years, she started her own company for marketing, Roq Marketing Group, where she was Marketing Strategist and Consultant. She also was the highly regarded Vice-President and Director of Marketing for Ebony Media.

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Determined to move her career to the next level, Raquel balanced her job along with motherhood finishing the MBA at Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management before establishing her own business, Roq Innovations, in 2009. Based on Raquel, Roq’s Innovation came from her desire to develop products that would simplify the daily challenges we manage. Wanting to make daily life easier and as easy as it is possible, Raquel hopes to continue to develop amazing new products that, even though simple and simple to use, will make a world of difference.

Roq Innovation has several products in its catalog, including Nekz, that can be used as an easier-to-manage and less bulky alternative to scarves. As its name suggests, Headlights Beanies features a bright lighting system, lights-up headbands, and gloves.

Where Is Roq Innovation Now?

While Raquel began her business in 2009, her company only began working and launching its first item -Nekz Nekz — in 2014. Raquel was awestruck by the reception to her products were extremely well-received, and Roq Innovation’s user base was growing exponentially. As her fame grew, Raquel appeared on “Good Morning America’. She also offered her products through The Home Shopping Network.

Additionally, the company received the attention of some of the most prestigious magazines and shows, including The View and Forbes. Her products were also featured in Martha Stewart: ‘American Made in 2016’. It also made it into The Oprah Show’s Favorite Things list twice in 2019 and 2021. However, Roq Innovation found itself in a tense situation during the COVID-19 lockdown factories were shut down; production was completely stopped.

Then, Raquel refused to get scared and fought to stay alive by releasing and selling top-quality facemasks during the epidemic. Presently, Roq Innovation creates Headlightz Beanies and Headbands in various attractive and lively shades, which can be bought directly from their website. Regarding the cost concerns, Beanies vary from $19.99 to $29.99, and the headbands set you at $24.99.

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The other alternative is Handy Lightz (light-up gloves) cost $14.99 each, and Nekz is made of faux fur, is available in two colors, and costs $40 for each. With its remarkable History, Roq Innovation has already established a benchmark for achievement for the future of companies, and it appears that Raquel’s tireless work ethic and ingenuous mind will lead them to greater heights shortly.

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