Ronald March Murder: Where is Lance Standberg Now?

An acrimonious attack within an alleyway located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada that resulted in the death of Ronald March dead in August 2012. The authorities were quick to identify the perpetrator, but the two men shared an infamous past of hatred. Investigation Discovery’s “Fear Your Neighbor: Hell-Bent’ focuses on the events that led to Ronald’s death , and the manner in which the tragedy occurred. Let’s learn more details about what happened let’s get started, shall we?

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How Did Ronald March Die?

Ronald William March was described as a voracious reader, and a brilliant man. The people who loved him remembered him as a Vancouver resident as kind and compassionate who always went to the extreme to assist others when needed. At the time of the incident, the 57-year old had just moved into a senior facility in Burnaby. It was mentioned on the show that, at the time, Ronald was taking medication for lupus an autoimmune condition.

In the late evening on August 8 in 2012, a neighbour heard screaming and witnessed Ronald laid on the ground, covered in an area of blood in front of the house in the area of 3400 Renfrew Street. The neighbor immediately dialed 911 but it was late by the time police arrived. Ronald was stabbed twelve times. His throat was cut open and his jugular artery was cut off. The victim was declared dead on the spot.Who was the killer of Ronald March?

After the authorities examined Ronald March, they learned that he had been in contact with the police concerning concerns with a man whose name was Lance Standberg. Ronald was living in the senior’s housing complex on the day he died. Prior to this, he was living in an apartment that was subsidised. In that apartment, Ronald was neighbors with Loray Rayne who lived with Lance.

As per the program, Loray had a variety of medical issues and depended upon Lance to help. Lance was able to take good care of her, though there were speculations about the origins the relationship between them. But, since Lance was an oil worker on a seasonal basis and was often away from home for several days at times. Based on the program, Loray was adamant about Ronald to help her move items and take her to the grocery store. In time, however, this was becoming difficult for Ronald due to his health problems.

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In one instance Ronald drove Loray where she was and she lit up cigarettes. According to the show, Ronald asked her to put the smoke out however she refused and he was forced to push Loray out of his vehicle. Loray then was accused by Ronald of assaulting her, and had him detained before deciding to change her mind and letting the charges go. Following that, she spoke to Lance about the incident and he assaulted Ronald. The animosity grew, and Lance striking Ronald at another time. According to the show, Lance hit Ronald with the pipe made of steel.

Ronald had reported to police about the incident but they weren’t able to find Lance because he’d gone off twice. In the end, Ronald chose to move from the property and was able to complete the move on August 8, 2012. The move was later discovered that Lance who was then 47 took a video of the move as well as being accused of following the pickup. But, he later denied the charge. Authorities believed that Lance stood in wait for Ronald before murdering him with a knife. He was arrested in the early hours of August 9 after a short police chase.

What is the status of Lance Standberg Today?

Following the arrest Lance Standberg claimed to have no involvement in the murder. When asked the reason he recorded Ronald’s movements He thought that Ronald was stealing some items from the storage unit. The police however found Ronald’s blood inside Lance’s vehicle. Even though his first trial didn’t resolve due to unknown reasons, he was found guilty of murder in the first degree during the second court in November of 2014. Lance has been sentenced to serve life imprisonment but with the option of parole in 25 years. According to what we know the evidence suggests that he is serving his sentence in the correctional center located in British Columbia.

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