Robby Mast Murder | How Did Robby Mast Die?

In September 2015, authorities discovered Lindsay Haugen with an unresponsive man inside her vehicle. The man is later determined to be Robby Mast, who was her boyfriend for only a short time and was later found dead. In the second season of the Netflix series “I am a killer,” the episode “In Her Hands” concentrates on the bizarre reason Lindsay claimed she murdered Robby and what transpired afterward. We’ll tell you what we know if you’re curious about the subject information.

How Did Robby Mast Die?

Robert Glenn “Robby” Mast was born in the month of May 1990 in Saint Petersburg in Pinellas County, Florida. His parents divorced while he was a young man. However, he maintained great relations with his mother, Dori, and his father, Gene. Robert left his home at 18 and began an unsteady lifestyle, taking trains, hitchhiking, traveling across the country, and taking on jobs whenever it was possible. The family also said that he was struggling with addiction to drugs and alcoholism and was “depressed.”

At the moment of the incident, Robby was traveling across Washington in the direction of North Dakota with Lindsay Haugen, whom he had been with in August 2015. They stopped in Billings, Montana, to enjoy pizza and drink wine at the back of Walmart. Walmart. On the 15th of September 2015, authorities were notified of a drunk driver who had been in the parking lot later in the evening. The driver, Lindsay Robby, was confronted by police at a different parking lot just a few minutes later. Robby was unable to speak in the seat of the passenger. The efforts to revive him failed, and later it was revealed that he had been dead of a heart attack.

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Who Killed Robby Mast?

Lindsay Haugen, then 32, was in a panic and informed police she had attempted CPR for about 20-30 minutes. The police investigated Lindsay’s personal life to find out the circumstances. Lindsay was raised in a faith family but started to rebel as a teenager and left home from her home. Lindsay’s life took an unexpected beginning when she began taking heroin. When she realized she was pregnant when she was 17, She transformed her life.

When Lindsay’s mother took care of her baby and her husband, she joined the National Guard. However, while the professional world was running great, her personal life was not the same. Lindsay started a relationship with an abusive man who she was with around 2013. She was beaten, raped, beat the woman, strangled, and even broke her nose and hand on various occasions. The man was sentenced to prison for his assault in June of 2015 Then, Lindsay left her position in the National Guard soon after that. There were also reports of Lindsay being abused in prior relationships. In August of 2015, she was spotted with Robby Mast, a former boyfriend of hers in Washington, at a party in her home.

The two became friends. The two became friends, and Lindsay ultimately decided to go on a trip with Robby. Although she admitted that she loved him, she also discussed his depression. Lindsay said that Robby always spoke about his desire to die. According to the show, she told authorities that Robby was discussing it about one week before the murder. At some moment, Lindsay told him that she would be able to help him deal if he was serious about it, but she decided not to pursue the idea at the time.

Lindsay later claimed she was later told that Robby kept asking her to kill her and that she assured him that she was able to make it happen if he truly wanted it. According to Lindsay, this was the case on the 15th of September in 2015. She walked to the back of the vehicle and then put Robby in an eluding chokehold. She stated, “I put my arms around his neck, and then he did a bow. As I began, I was unsure if I could achieve it. I pressed, and I felt like it wasn’t enough… The man shook, and I thought that maybe the man was awake and was planning to end my squeeze. Then the man was gone.”

Lindsay was able to bind Robby’s body and was thinking of dropping his body before attempting CPR. In her conversation with the authorities, she spoke of the desire to kill anyone with her hands. Therefore, when Robby mentions the death of his son, Lindsay sees it as a chance. She also discussed the idea of putting a plug in his mouth and nose for 20 minutes and said that he was foaming at his mouth.

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Where is Lindsay Haugen Today?

After being interrogated, Lindsay Haugen claimed that Robby was constantly pulling her hand towards his throat, but police thought it was unlikely because he was asleep. In March 2016, Lindsay pleaded guilty to deliberate murder. Then, a few months later, she was sentenced by a judge to 60 years of prison. The prison records show that Lindsay is currently incarcerated in the Montana Women’s Prison in Billings, Yellowstone County. According to the show, she’ll become eligible for parole once she has completed one portion of the sentence.

A rather unusual twist is that Lindsay is now in an affair with Robby’s mom and stepfather, Dori and Gene Greeson, who are prison ministers. Dori explained, “I just decided I wanted her to know that I have forgiven her. I also wanted her to be aware that God would also forgive her If she placed her faith in Him for salvation. And that He did not just pay for my sins, but also died on the cross to pay to take away her sins.”

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