Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2 Recap and Ending

‘ Rick and Morty Season 6 of ‘Rick and Morty’ continues with another thrilling episode that follows the season’s premiere and adds Rick Prime, or Killer Rick, into the bigger picture. However, the next episode, called ‘Rick: Mort Well Lived,’ takes a different direction and is the video game aspect. The episode focuses on Morty getting split into million parts and locked inside an online game.

In the meantime, Summer tries to pull off a ‘Die-Hard by buying Rick the time needed to rescue Morry. Therefore, viewers will be contemplating what happens if Rick and Summer’s plan is successful in the end and Morty can be saved. In this instance, this is all you should be aware of after “Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2 Recap

The second episode, “Rick: A Mort Well Lived’, begins at the space arcade called Blips and Chitz. Morty is trapped in the fictional gaming game, dividing his mind into millions of non-playable players (NPCs). Rick can play the game with the help of Summer and attempts to convince his “Morty” population that they are trapped in a game. As Rick tries to solve Morty’s dilemma, a group of alien criminals invades the arcade. Because Rick can’t go away without transferring Morty’s thoughts into the world of reality, he calls Summer to confront the aliens using the name of the film ‘Die Hard.’

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Although Summer has never seen Die Hard, The alien leader is a big fan of the film and has even modeled his entire criminal career on the film. This is why this Hans Gruber-like alien is set to face John McLane’s Summer in a tense battle of wits and strength. Rick’s efforts to convince NPCs that they’re a clone of his grandson result in establishing a religious group in the world. Then, Rick recruits a version of Morty called Marta to help him as she can understand the situation.

Once Rick has convinced 92% of people that they are reincarnations of Morty, He will transfer them to reality. But, the remaining 8% aren’t convinced that Rick is a fan of and loves Morty. So, they remain in the game. Rick’s inability to express his feelings for Morty confirms the group’s position and Marta will not allow Rick to leave without collecting all of Morty’s thoughts. In the meantime, Summer’s fight with the aliens ends, and she is snatched up.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2 Ending: Do Rick and Morty Escape the Roy Game? Do They Save Summer?

At the end of the episode, Marta is a part of the group that opposes Rick and cannot permit Morty to go away with his complete consciousness. In the game, years have passed, and Rick remains stuck due to Marta. But, when her own children join Rick’s faction and some of her members are getting old, Marta decides to let Rick go. In the end, Rick goes off with all NPCs, and they go into space, taking Morty back to reality. Then, Marta decides to stay within the game.

Rick, as well as Morty, come into the world enough to help Summer fight aliens. Summer beats the aliens through learning about ‘Die Hard. The result is that she can one-up these aliens, and then the group succeeds in killing the entire group. After securing consciousness of Morty and ending the war with the alien Rick, Morty and Summer decide to head to their home. But Rick pays the arcade staff to run the game. In the meantime, Marta continues to live her life. Rick choosing to save Marta, one-third of Morty, is a sign that he is truly concerned about Morty. In this way, Rick has proven Marta’s first assumption to be false, and she takes peace in the fact that she was doing the right thing in allowing everyone to go home.

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Why Does Morty Trust Rick?

When he returns to normal life, Morty exclaims that he fully believes in Rick. Although Rick and Morty share a close bond, Rick’s selfish behavior can cause problems for Morty. This makes it challenging for Morty to feel respected and trust Rick. When Morty is divided among millions of NPCs, each is given specific traits and characteristics of Morty which make him unique. Marta is a product of Morty’s side, which is not sure about Rick. Marta decides to remain within the video game in the episode’s final moments. In the end, Morty’s part Morty that is suspicious of Rick is eliminated. Therefore, Morty states that he believes in Rick fully, and their relationship develops.

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