Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained

‘ Rick and Morty Season 6 premiere premieres just after the devastating finale of season 5 that saw the destruction of the Citadel. In the episode titled “Solaricks, The show’s premiere presents Rick with a common challenge. However, the situation becomes surprising when the brilliant scientist’s past interferes with the task. In the end, Rick must figure out ways to reconcile with his family. If you’re curious about what will happen next to the cult grandfather-grandson duo’s most popular adventure, here’s what you must know about the end of “Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 1. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 Recap

“Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 1 titled ‘Solaricks begins following the events of President Morty’s escapes beyond his Finite Central Curve. Rick and Morty are trapped in the wrecked Citadel with no hope of escaping the wrath of fate. But, they are saved through Space Beth, who brings them back home. After realizing that President Morty’s actions caused portal travel’s destruction, Rick attempts to restore the fluid mechanics of the portal. But, he forgets to reset the settings of portal travelers and causes Rick, Morty, and Jerry to return to their origins. Before they disappear, Rick instructs Summer on how to lead him back to the C-131 dimension.

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When Rick, Morty, and Jerry disappear, Summer starts the protocol and requests Beth and Space Beth to join her to save her family. Space Beth is reluctantly willing to join together alongside Summer and Beth. In the meantime, Rick returns to the C-137 dimension and is afflicted by an AI that is modeled after his deceased spouse, Diane. While in the process, Rick is reminded of his hatred for Cronenberg Dimension Rick, the person who murdered Rick’s family. Because Morty comes as an alien from The Cronenberg Dimension, Rick is bound to visit the bleak reality. In the Cronenberg Dimension, Morty reconnects with Jerry, who informs him of the fact that Summer Beth and Summer Beth have died in the world. After some bonding time, Jerry tricks Morty and runs away with his belongings.

Then, Summer and her group will light a beacon to guide Rick across the universe. But, Beth and Space Beth struggle for Summer’s love. After Rick returns to the Cronenberg Dimension, he reunites with Morty. However, Rick becomes consumed by seeking revenge against Cronenberg Rick.

However, he finds his way back thanks to Morty’s assistance. The result is that Rick must confess that he was in the Cronenberg Dimension, hoping that Cronenberg Rick would eventually be reunited with his family and allow Rick to take revenge. But, as Cronenberg Rick doesn’t really care about his family, Rick’s strategy is ineffective. In the end, Rick decides to return to the C-131 dimension with the hopes of rejoining his family.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 1 Ending: Do Rick and Morty Return to Dimension C-131?

The sixth season’s episode elegantly uncovers the tragic history of Rick and their relationship with Cronenberg Rick. This is why Rick begins the process of letting go, deciding to break off his search to retribute. In the final, Rick returns to Dimension C-131, which is the Smith family’s home, after the dimension they were originally in was destroyed. Additionally, this dimension has given characters like Beth, Jerry, and Summer to develop in their own ways and bring close to Rick and Morty despite coming from different dimensions of their origin.

In the show’s finale, Rick and Morty recollect Jerry from his first dimension and travel back to C-131. But they come across the dimension’s Jerry, who’s still wandering around and is carrying Mr. Frumbles, a cute-looking alien parasite. When Jerry accidentally releases Mr. Frumbles, the animal begins to devour reality.

The alien parasite soon takes over the entire globe forcing the Smith family to find an entirely new place to live in. At the end of the day, the Smith family, with the help of Rick and his wife, moves to a different dimension, where apparent natural reasons kill their doppelgangers. So the Smiths put their dead doppelgangers to rest in their backyards and begin new beginnings. But Rick vows to fix the portal system of travel.

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The episode re-invents the Smith family’s story, but it also confirms that Rick C-137 is struggling with losing his daughter and wife. Furthermore, Morty learning that Rick isn’t his father may trigger some unsettling emotions in the teenage girl in the future. For now, it appears that everyone in the Smith family is together and returning to their lives in a new dimension.

Therefore, it’s possible to conclude it is safe to say that Dimension C-131 is effectively destroyed. In the post-credit sequence, we see Cronenberg Rick meeting with that Dimension’s Jerry and killing Jerry when Jerry proposes to team up. Thus, it’s clear it is evident that Cronenberg Rick is most likely not doing anything right and may end up pursuing the Smiths.

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