Restaurants opt out of Swiggy Dineout Despite Deep Discounting Issues.

Several restaurants and cafes in Delhi-NCR, including Cafe Delhi Heights and Smoke House Deli, as well as Social, Mamagoto, and Social, have been delisted from Swiggy Dineout. A YS report has stated.

The report also stated that Indigo Hospitality and Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality, and Simmering Foods and Restaurants had deregistered from the platform.

This move follows Inc42’s report that Swiggy Dineout, a food tech platform, was in trouble. NRAI requested that restaurants refrain from using the startup’s dine-in feature or log out of the app.

NRAI previously stated that Dineout’s deep discounts disrupt core dine-in business and ‘popularise a dangerous culture of discounting, which will be irreversible.

NRAI launched a campaign to stop food tech companies offering dine-in options. This isn’t the first time. NRAI launched a #Logout Campaign in 2019 against Zomato Gold.

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Zomato Gold charged high commissions to restaurants for customer bookings and offered huge discounts to subscribers.

NRAI claims that dine-in via food tech is not financially viable because of cashback and large discounts (up to 30% on the bill value plus bank discount). These cafes and restaurants must also pay a 4-10% commission to food tech aggregators.

“Thousands of partners continue joining us each month to list on Swiggy Dineout, and only a few restaurant partners have expressed their desire for Swiggy Dineout to be removed from the platform,” Swiggy spoke to an emailed query and stated that they continue to communicate with restaurant partners as well as representatives from NRAI to reconsider their choices.

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