Residual Arcane Warframe

Theorem and Residual arcane are designed to collaborate to provide an alternative method of fighting the effects of a devastating storm. You would like to know how to use Residual Theorem and Arcane Warframe.

To get rewards from the newly introduced Isolation Vault Bounties Explore these linked Kitgun as well as Warframe arcanes.

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Kitgum Arcanes (max rank)

Residual Viremia

20% chance of creating the blood-toxic during 12 seconds. This will cause 40 Toxin Damage/s. It can be used to deal further Toxin Injury for Theorem Arcanes.

Residual Malodor – On Kitgun Kill:

20 percent chance of creating the cold fog for 12s ordealing 40 cold damage/s as well as applying cold damage Theorem Arcanes.

Residual Boils – On Kitgun Kill:

There is a 20% likelihood of growing in the body of the victim. Twelves which explode which can cause 80 heat damage within 10 minutes.

Residual Shock – On Kitgun Kill:

20% chance of electrifying your corpse over 12 seconds that causes 200 electric damage to the opponent within 10m. Theorem Arcanes also get affected by this effect.

Max rank

Theorem of Contagion

Residual Arcane creates an area around the player that turns every two seconds. The globes can inflict 150 damage to anyone within 15 meters. They are therefore susceptible to the damage type of the planet to 200%, which lasts for a period of 6 minutes. The globes remain in the area indefinitely after they have left.

+1 Arcane Revive.

Theorem Demulcent

Residual Arcane creates an area that enhances weapons’ damage by approximately 6%/s. It can go up to 15x. Once removed from a location the effect is lasting five minutes.

+1 Arcane Revive.

Theorem of Infection

Residual Arcane Residual Arcane creates an area that increases the damage dealt on Companions or the summoned Allies in a radius of 90m. It can be multiplied up 15x. When you leave the zone the effect is in effect for five minutes.

+1 Arcane Revive.

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Warframe: Ten Arcanes You Must Have

Warframe There are numerous options to modify your loadout to fit your style of play. Weapons, Warframes, Focus schools and Mods are all tools players can make unique loadouts that match their particular style of play.

Arcanes are mods which give unique advantages to objects. They can also add protection to the character, while being able to take damage and draw enemies when you are using weapons that are melee. This particular item is potent and opens opportunities to build something otherwise impossible. This is the Arcanes you should utilize in Warframe.

Charles Burgar, March 25 2022. Updated: Even though the Arcanes don’t have much change since the last edition of this post, some of the updates made to the Primary and Secondary Arcanes from previous year’s edition needed a change. We’ve updated a few entries to reflect the current Warframe guard gates meta. We’ve also added Secondary and Primary Arcanes in the rankings. In addition, many modifications were implemented to improve the Arcane description more understandable.

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10 Arcane Consequence

Five stats from the Arcane Consequences 5

The effect will be felt

60 % faster when parkour in 18 seconds


Up to 100 percent discount on your headshot





Arcane Conequence is among the less well-known Arcanes within Warframe. It’s not an Arcane that gives the player survivability or damage bonuses, but it can offer a significant boost of speed of your character’s parkour when you shoot your opponent head-on.

The buff will not last longer than 18 minutes and it doesn’t need to be fatal. This Arcane gives parkour speed boosts by up to 60 percent. This Arcane gives you an increase of 60% in speed for parkour. Parkour speed has an effect on your roll and bullet leaps. Ivara’s mains roll more when Prowl is moving. Speed runners will be pleased with the increase in speeds of the rolls. Warframe’s Bullet jump will be similar in speed to Zephyrs Tail Wind ability. Arcane Conequence is the most potent Arcane that you can use if you’re running speedrunning or require an increase in mobility.

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