Ranbing Jenny Ji Murder: Lisa Peng Where are You Now?

Investigation Discovery’s “Deadly Affairs”: Betrayed by Love: A Woman Scorned” follows the brutal murders in Mission Viejo (California) of Ranbing Ji and her infant son, August 1993. The murderer was caught after lengthy investigative and judicial processes. Here’s the information we have on the identity and current location of the killer.

How Did Ranbing “Jennifer” Ji Die?

Ranbing Ji, also known as Jenny Ji, was born in Taiwan in 1968. According to her family, she was a beautiful woman who could brighten up any room with her presence. Tseng Peng Peng, a millionaire businessman, saw her while she was on a business trip in China. At the time, she was working in hotel PR. Jim took Jennifer to America with him and put her up in an apartment in Mission Viejo, California. He also gave her money to start his own business.

Kevin Ji Peng was born to Jennifer in March 1993. It was therefore shocking that the mother, a 25-year-old, and the infant, a 5-month-old, were found dead in their Mission Viejo apartment on August 18, 1993. The mother had been stabbed 18 more times with a knife while Kevin, the infant, was strangled to death. The double homicide was so brutal that said, “It is just difficult to get that image from your head.” This is something that you cannot unsee.

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Who Killed Ranbing Jenny Ji?

Investigators believed that Jennifer was stabbed several times and that her murders were motivated by passion. One investigator stated that there was “a lot of anger involved.” There was no evidence suggesting forced entry or signs of robbery which reinforced their suspicions of the murders being motivated by personal passion. The killers had not left the murder weapon or any evidence at the crime scene.

Investigators surveyed the area and asked neighbors for leads, but they were unable to locate any. Only one piece of evidence was found during the autopsy. It was a bite mark left on Jennifer’s body by her killer. The case was reopened when the team interviewed Jim. They were stunned to discover that he was married and had two teenage children. Jim’s family was only a few miles from the crime scene. Slowly, detectives unraveled the mystery of Jim’s murder, which was a love triangle at its heart.

Li-Yun Peng, also known as Jim, was happily married until 1991. They traveled between their homes in Taiwan, Rancho Santa Margarita, California, and their respective California residences. Jim’s fortune was made from his company, “Ranger Communications”, which produced CB radios that were used worldwide by the police force. Jim, the husband and wife of Annette, was worth approximately $200 million.

Investigators quickly discovered that Lisa was a determined woman who sacrificed her career in order to support her husband’s business empire. According to court testimony, she learned about her husband’s affair after she returned from Taiwan to find him and his mistress at their family home. She would find Jennifer’s clothes, she would cut holes in them and threaten to harm Jennifer. Jim assisted the detectives in searching Lisa’s financial records and closet for clues.

The DNA of Jennifer’s saliva matching Lisa’s DNA was found. Lisa was then brought in to be questioned. Jim supported her claim and she vehemently denied it. The police were frustrated when she refused to give up even after being interrogated for hours. According to the former Orange County prosecutor , “At this time, Jim Peng stated that he said, “May I have a minute with her before she is taken to jail? “

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Lisa Peng is Where Are You Today?

Lisa’s 1995 trial ended in a hung jury. In 1996, she was tried again. The case, which featured a mix of murder, mystery and a love triangle, became an international sensation. Lisa, now 49, was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole by one of her investigating officers.

California’s 4th District Court of Appeal overturned the guilty verdict in October 1999. It argued that Lisa had not been informed of her constitutional rights by the police and ignored her requests for legal representation. In January 2000, the California state Supreme Court affirmed the judgment. The prosecution offered Lisa a plea deal after Lisa’s third trial ended with a second hung jury.

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