Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

“Power Book III” Raising Kanan” is a prequel to the entire Power’ series. It revolves around Kanan, who grows up and becomes a prominent gang leader and one the most powerful gang leaders of the original Power’ series. As the show race towards a thrilling season 2 finale, season 2 episode 8 shows that war is on the horizon. Raq’s enemies and the Thomas family become more restless. The Italians seek blood after the death of their boss’ son. This is the complete episode 8 of “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” season 2. SPOILERS Ahead.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Lou Lou, who killed Camacho, is now faced with the aftermath. The authorities discovered the body of the deceased man. Raq confronts the woman after learning of the troubling relationship between Kanan, the older woman living in Famous’s apartment complex, and threatens her with a gun to keep her from her son. Kanan is angered by this but doesn’t know why.

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Through the seasons, Jukebox’s relationship with Kenya has changed. The jukebox was able to benefit from Kenya’s presence in their lives. In season 2, episode 8, Kenya is exposed to be a homophobic and religious fanatic. She puts her daughter through conversion therapy after learning that Jukebox loves girls. Although we aren’t sure exactly what made Jukebox the vicious, opportunistic detective of Power, it is clear that Jukebox grew up to hate everything in the world.

Surprisingly Jukebox begins to heal her relationship with her father despite all of this. While Marvin confronts Kenya, she calls Marvin “dad.” Howard talks to the captain about Burke’s off-the–records investigation into the shooting. This prompts the other man to call Burke into his office to admonish him. Despite her promise to the captain that she would stop, Burke approaches Raq to inquire about Howard’s SI days.

Scrappy’s mother approaches Kanan, urging him to talk to her about investigating her son’s death. She refuses to believe Scrappy would end his own life. She is correct about this. She is, unfortunately, reaching out to those who took her son’s life to start with.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan: Is Marvin Dead?

Marvin Thomas has been the most volatile of the three siblings. Raq has now made Lou Lou his second-in-command as he tries to get out of the criminal world. However, this doesn’t mean he is now incapable of doing foolish things. In the previous episode, Marvin hired Marco, the son of the Italian crime family in New Jersey to kill Toni Deep. The operation turns into a disaster. Marco is killed, and Dominic is seriously hurt.

Episode 8: Sal and his friends learn from Dominic the job Marco was doing at the time of his murder. They kill Dominic and set up a meeting to discuss it with Raq. Raq discovers from Unique that Raq is in New York and cannot help but shake her head at her brother’s stupidity. Sal demands Marvin’s head during the meeting. Raq refuses and reminds Sal that his son was killed because of his own errors. Sall says he could pursue Kanan, which would be justifiable in his book. But he insists that he wants the balance and demands Marvin’s execution again. Raq refuses to meet him even though Raq is well aware of her son’s veiled threats.

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The Italians arrive for Marvin almost as a surprise. He approaches Renee (his anger management instructor) and asks her out. Two people suddenly emerge from the shadows to shoot at each other. It ends abruptly without revealing whether Marvin is still alive. The abrupt end of the scene suggests that he is alive, even though there are very few chances for his companion to survive. Raq will not have any other option but to wage war against the Italians if he survives. She could lose her empire if she did not.

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