20 Adventurous Psychedelic Movies On Netflix

It’s always a good idea to sit down and watch a movie or two in which all you desire is to be amazed by the dazzling hyper-realistic, trippy, and hallucinatory images that take your mind into new dimensions.

The films have something distinctive that takes you on an incredible and thrilling journey. They may be bizarre and set in surreal worlds or alter our reality. Yet, at an exact similar time, these films could also be pure, clean, and incredibly powerful in their own right. In any case, these films will make you shiver and remain in your memory forever.

If you’re up for this adventure, we’ll get going.

Psychedelic Movies On Netflix

1. Time Trap (2017)

Time Trap” is a science-fiction film that features Andrew Wilson as Professor Hopper, a man who is determined to discover his parents’ fate following their disappearance in search of his Fountain of Youth. If he doesn’t return after a trip to a cave with his pupils, they start an investigation to find him, only to discover that things aren’t as it appears. The film explores the fascinating idea of distortion in spacetime. There were many ways to improve the story. The film is worth watching for its conclusion and its captivating conclusion.

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2. In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

Gregory Weidman and Geoff Tock wrote the script, “In the Shadow of the Moon, ” a sci-fi thriller featuring Boyd Holbrook, Cleopatra Coleman, and Michael C. Hall. The story revolves around the story of a Philadelphia detective, Thomas Lockhart, whose life is turned upside down when he starts investigating the apparent deaths of various individuals due to hemorrhage. Although he meets the perpetrator quickly, the suspense that follows makes the murder investigation more complex because the Philadelphia detective becomes obsessed with the series’ time-traveling killer.

3. ARQ (2016)

Produced and directed by Tony Elliott, the science-fiction thriller film takes viewers into the world in conflict due to the energy crisis. Corporations are fighting each other to get the last energy sources. An engineer known as Renton has come up with an invention that may help solve the current crisis is at the center of. The situation gets more complicated when he is caught in a loop of time afterward and repeats the exact day repeatedly with his buddies.

4. Awake (2021)

The world is struck by a crisis of the soul when an unknown catastrophe doesn’t just disrupt humanity’s sleep and causes an electronic malfunction everywhere on the planet. With little or no time to spare, scientists are racing against the clock to discover a solution, however, they face unexpected obstacles. But, when the soldier discovers that her daughter could hold the key to solving the world’s ever-present crisis, she is aware she’s got a difficult decision to make. Is this former U.S. Army Medic choosing his daughter over mass destruction? Or will she place her child’s life on the line to protect the common good?

5. iBOY (2017)

Tom Harvey is a young adult who is struggling to make ends meet until he’s urged by a friend to follow his crush, Lucy. When they decide to go to school with each other, Tom is excited about the exciting things the future holds for him. But things take an unexpected turn when he spots Lucy being sexually assaulted and her brother in a state of unconsciousness when visiting her house. While he tries to report the incident to the police, Tom is shot in the head by the attackers. Tom later awakes in an infirmary and, upon discharge, discovers that he’s acquired the ability to see digital signals and listen to phone messages. Now, with these new capabilities, Tom decides to hunt every one of the attackers one by one.

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6. Self/less (2015)

 Ryan Reynolds is featured in this film about a billionaire who is suffering from brain cancer. Therefore, he chooses to “shed” his consciousness into an artificially-grown body. It’s a straightforward mission to prolong his life, which soon turns into something totally amazing when new facts come to light. With a captivating concept and some solid action scenes added to the mix, Self/less is a bit distinct from its peers in the genre of sci-fi.

We believe this film is an excellent one to take a look at if you’re looking for an amazing story but aren’t looking to confront the more traditional aspect of this field like monsters, aliens, or other creatures. The film is simply about a desire to live and makes you think about the meaning behind death and the significance of living.

7. Bird Box (2018)

The post-apocalyptic thriller is about a mysterious being that has destroyed human civilization in the form of their most feared fears. The survivors who survived are with their eyes closed at all times as they seek refuge in a safe place. But in the face of the constant danger of the creature that pursues the survivors, is survival feasible? The Susanne Bier directorial is inspired by Josh Malerman’s novel with the identical title and is an engaging film that keeps the audience in front of their seats.

8. I Am Mother (2019)

The mother-daughter connection is an essential one. However, ‘I Am Mother’ is a step up to a new level. Clara Rugaard stars as a girl named Daughter who is living with a robotic assistant who assists in replenishing Earth after an extinction event. It’s referred to as Mother. When the Daughter is curious and goes out to the bunker, she encounters a Woman (played by Hilary Swank), who isn’t a fan of androids, to put it mildly. The story unfolds as a conflict in the relationship between Mother and Daughter. The film will keep your interest with its tense psychological thrills.

9. Circle (2015)

Would you act together with 50 other people were to wake up in a dark, dark room and witnessed people dying in a matter of minutes? In reality, what do you do when you discover that the entire group has the final say and decides who is alive and who isn’t? Scary, right? That’s exactly what happens in “Circle. This plot makes for a stupendous film because it brings human psychology into the spotlight in an extremely shocking and revealing way. In addition, you’ll be more invested as you may feel like an unfortunate member of this group.

10. The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

The third installment of the “Cloverfield” franchise centers on a crisis in energy on Earth around 2028. Scientists are at the Cloverfield Space Station, getting ready to test an accelerator for particles that can supply the planet with endless energy. But, scientists must band together when Earth disappears to avoid this fate. The film explores the notion of multiverses and parallel universes and also connects the plot with its predecessors in the series. Although it’s considered to be the weakest of this trilogy (as the third films usually are), We believe it is a shrewd film and is well worth your time.

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11. Io (2019)

Jonathan Alpert has directed ‘Io Io,’ a science-fiction film that examines life following an apocalypse and (let’s be real) is beginning to appear as possible in recent times. In essence, the atmosphere on Earth has turned toxic, and the majority of people have been forced to flee to Io, Jupiter’s moon. However, Sam Walden, played by Margaret Qualley, has not abandoned hope. When she makes radio signals to search for others in her vicinity, a man known as Micah is found.

Then we follow the characters to make their decisions about whether to remain on Earth and/or not. The premise of “Io” is a film that examines how people define what it means to be home. However, it’s also a piece that provokes thought. It might not force you to think about your priorities or even change your life in a radical way; however, it is an excellent choice for this list.

12. The Midnight Sky (2020)

George Clooney directed the film ‘The Midnight Sky, a science fiction film based on Lily Brooks Dalton’s debut novel. The story revolves around Augustine Lofthouse, a reclusive scientist who has endured a catastrophic global event and is now confronting the consequences. When he discovers that a shrewd crew of astronauts is returning to Earth, the Earth-dwelling scientist is forced to assume the responsibility of keeping them from returning to their homes that are no longer secure.

13. Cloud Atlas (2012)

The epic science fiction film is both amazing and bizarre and very different from the other films you’ve seen thus far. It was written by the Wachowskis (who produced ‘ The Matrix’) and Tom Tykwer. It demonstrates how actions affect each other as they move through the passage of time and the shifting of the world. The story is split into subplots of different types set in six different periods, in which various characters are introduced and diverse events occur.

Yet, all of them are linked, and you’ll soon discover the reason. The most exciting part of the storyline is the fact that the producers have decided to employ an ensemble cast of actors who play entirely different characters across different periods of time. Certain of them are indistinguishable and leave you guessing throughout the scene. Furthermore, each actor plays an individual role with an arc of character that is clear when understood. Be prepared for a deep-dive adventure where you’ll discover significance and connections in every aspect that is presented to you.

14. Oxygen (2021)

With Melanie Laurent Mathieu Amalric, as well as Malik Zidi, ‘Oxygen’ is a sci-fi drama film. This Alexandre Aja directorial revolves around Liz Hansen, a clueless woman who awakes inside a sealed cryogenic unit that is air-tight where the oxygen content is decreasing quickly. Without any memory of her visit to the unit, Hanse struggles to make sense of what’s happening to her. Recognizing that the oxygen inside the pod is soon going to run out and that she will be unable to use the advanced technology of the unit’s A.I., tries to find a way to get out of the slumbering nightmare. But is she successful on time?

15. Cargo (2018)

The film features standout performances from Martin Freeman, Simone Landers, and Anthony Hayes, ‘Cargo’ is a post-apocalyptic drama film that tells a heartfelt tale of survival and fatherhood. When a deadly disease forces the human race into survival mode, a child’s father struggles to find refuge for his child. As time passes, he’s aware of his changing character that could cause the death of his child in danger. Can the father in conflict be able to resolve his current situation?

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16. Mute (2018)

The movie is centered around the adventures of Leo, the bartender, who is mute and is searching for his lover, who has mysteriously disappeared. Leo’s search leads him deeper into the dark underground of an alternate Berlin in the near future. The cinematography and noir undertones of the film make the film stand out. Furthermore, the story dives deeply into motherhood, loneliness, isolation, and love themes. The film also has an ensemble cast that includes Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, Robert Sheehan, Noel Clarke, Florence Kasumba, and final, Dominic Monaghan. If you’ve enjoyed Duncan Jones ‘Moon and are happy to know that ‘Mute’ was its sequel.

17. The Discovery (2017)

If you’re seeking romance within the genre of science fiction, The Discovery is sure to please. If the doctor Dr. Thomas Harbor ( Robert Redford), declares that the afterlife exists, The suicide rate goes up because people want an opportunity to reset. The son of Dr. Redford, Will (played by Jason Segel), is the one who holds him accountable. Rooney Mara plays Isla, a woman Will has just met on an island ferry. The two travel to Dr. Harbor’s house to find out more about his research and fall in love with one another. This film explores the themes of second chances, death, and love. It will remain in your thoughts long after the movie has ended.

18. Mirage (2018)

It appears to be the scenario that alternate universes are extremely dangerous to go to. If you can make a new universe or travel to an alternate universe where you aren’t, there’s a chance that you’ll be in limbo, and from there’s no escape. This is the premise of Oriol Paulo’s “Mirage,” The story starts with a child named Nico. He witnesses a crime in a neighbor’s home and then visits the scene to determine what actually happened. If the murderer detects his presence, Nico goes outside. But, he is hit by a vehicle and is killed. The same moment that an electrical storm raged for 72 hours.

Just 25 years after the incident, a lady named Vera is invited into Nico’s home and discovers the boy’s tragic experience. Vera finds an old television that has an error in space-time could be made. She decides to use it to travel back 25 years back in order to inform Nico about his fate. But what impact does time travel bring to Vera? That’s the question the film attempts to solve. Although it’s a beautiful film, the plot isn’t something that is completely new. But somehow, “Mirage” is captivating enough to keep you interested until the very final.

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19. The Platform (2019)

If there’s a movie that is sure to make you laugh, only because of its significance to our times, It is the Platform.’ Goreng is a man trapped in prison with a vertical structure that is known as “the pit.” The inhabitants are fed via a system in which plenty of food is put on a platform that slowly falls to all. It is expected that those living on the upper floors eat at the top, but by the time they reach those on the lower floors, people are living off scraps of food.

A system like this is bound to create injustices and, along with it, anger and discontent. The film makes a convincing argument against the unabashed nature of consumerism and capitalism. And the reason it is so fascinating is the possibility that it could be applied to our current society for a long time even if the situation doesn’t change.

20. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018)

“Black Mirror” on Netflix, Black Mirror,” which is a Channel 4 original series, is among the top and most creative television shows ever. Charlie Brooker and his team have always awed us with fresh and interesting content that keeps the core philosophy behind the program in the forefront. The show has covered a wide range of subjects. The show’s creators really outdid themselves when they chose to make an original feature film on the show named “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’.

The story follows the story of a video game designer who plans to create an interactive video game in which players can choose which way to go. The best aspect is that the film includes an interactive element also. This makes it a dual-channel experience for both the viewers as well as the main character. ‘ Bandersnatch’ isn’t just a significant milestone in the field of modern-day filmmaking, it can also fight piracy and introduce an innovative style to the field. As the tragic tales of the main character clash with your own, and the boundaries between reality and fiction blur, you’ll be able to see this is a level that you’ve never been to before.

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