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Amazon Prime still doesn’t have an extensive collection of kids and family films in the slightest. To create the list below 10, we had to sort through every off-brand animated film and contemporary take on the after-school special as well as skating chimpanzee adventures.

However, we also needed to include a few Freevee channels that are available for free to Amazon Prime members but include advertisements. Children should be treated with the same respect as adults.

And these 10 films for kids offer more than just an adorable animal on the front cover, from classic book adaptations to films that every parent should watch before leaving the nest.

PG Movies on Amazon Prime

1. The Salesman, 2016

In a way, it is a re-telling of the work of Arthur Miller in Death of a Salesmen, Oscar-winning writer and director Asghar Farhadi (A Separation, About Elly) is the director of a happy middle-class couple living in Tehran, Emad (Shahab Hosseini) and Rana (Taraneh Alidoosti) who have to leave of their home.

After they move into the new home, the violence breaks out, disrupting their lives and breaking up their previously symbiotic relationship. Farhadi delivers what he does best, creating slow-burning tension, complex, realistic scenes, and unalterable emotional intensity. It was initially called Forushande The Salesman, each scene in The Salesman is a privileged view of Western viewers to Iran’s collective mind. Even in all this, it is a standout as an exceptional drama with a thrilling story and exceptional performances. A stunning addition to the filmography of Farhadi’s top-of-the-line.

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2. Blackfish, 2013

Orcas killing people? Are whales being saved? There were times when these topics were the main news stories, and that may be the reason this may sound like an 80s cliche. You may think that this issue must be addressed with a firm hand after seeing Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s documentary from 2013. Orcas are still held by marine parks such as SeaWorld to do routines and parades through pool areas to delight families who purchase tickets. Blackfish is the tale of one, specifically the case of a bull Orca known as Tilikum, who has killed numerous victims as a result of their sexy confinement.

Similar events are usually hidden by the parks’ managers and the operators. These incidents are caused by the fact that animals are merely in a state of madness due to the unnatural circumstances they’re subjected to. They’re not born killers, they are made into them. The first-hand experiences of expert whale trainers from the past provide shocking facts concerning Tilikum and the whales overall, explaining their incredible abilities and social behavior. For those who aren’t aware of this information, this compelling documentary is enthralling to watch.

3. A Man Called Ove, 2015

It is the basis for Fredrick Backman’s bestseller of 2012 named the same This Swedish comedy-drama is a hit that introduces the audience to Ove, the elderly man who is convinced that his days are gone. In the aftermath of losing his wife, the short-tempered retired man is grumpy, trying to enforce the rules of the block association in his community. He’s your typical unhappily old neighbor, someone you’d rather avoid. A new family doesn’t abandon their efforts and becomes friends with Ove, played by an exemplary Rolf Lassgard, despite his best efforts to turn them off.

As the plot unfolds, however, you learn more about the story behind the man and, in classic walk-a-mile-in-his-shoes fashion, start to find him rather loveable. In the end, no one is born gruff and cynical. Naturally, it’s an uplifting and sweet film. However, a stunning lead actress and charming, darkly funny script keep it from drifting far from the shore. What you get is a healthy entertaining, enjoyable, and thought-provoking dramatic dramedy with a profound message.

4. I Am Not Your Negro, 2017

In a striking and vibrant (the) intro to Black writer, scholar, and social critic James Baldwin, this movie explores the American unconscious and racial history. It tells the history of America through the narrative about “the negro” in America as a result of the book Baldwin began to write, which was to have researched the famous murders of three of Baldwin’s closest friends: Medgar Evers, Malcolm X in addition to Martin Luther King, Jr. Baldwin wrote around 30 pages prior to his passing in 1987.

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Haitian actor and director Raoul Peck picked up the project and transformed it into a film that earned his Academy Award nomination. Narrated by the legendary Samuel L. Jackson, I Am Not Your Negro is a powerful film that reveals Baldwin’s wit as well as his distinctive eloquence and his beautiful soul of his as a human being. It’s a sad reality that Baldwin’s rants are the same today as they did fifty years ago. This film is a resounding reminder of the lengths to which America is still a long way to move. A mesmerizing experience!

5. Frantz, 2016

It’s always interesting to be a part of something that makes you think twice about every move and seamlessly shifts between different things. Frantz is just that kind of film. And as the story unfolds, which is surprisingly simple: a widow is matched with her husband’s pal, you’re never sure if you’re watching is a romantic story, a mystery, or just a clever mix of both.

It is helpful that Frantz is not simply a period piece that is packed with small but important small details. If it’s filled with color, it does so in the soft palette of the 1900s portraits and makes each image look like a photograph that has come to life. When it speaks of love, it strays beyond homosexual norms and suggests something much more powerful and sometimes politically charged. If it decides to take an oath against melodrama, its actors anchor the action with enough control and caution to ensure it does not veer off into excessive. This results in an excellently executed, thrilling, and enjoyable film.

6. The Grand Seduction, 2013

The Grand Seduction, a remake of the 2003 film by French-Canadian filmmaker La Grande Seduction (2003), is a fun and light-hearted comedy about the tiny fishing village located in Tickle Head, Newfoundland, attempting to convince a young physician to serve as its long-term caretaker get a deal with the construction of a new petrochemical plant. Determined to steer the town from its squalid conditions and dearth of work opportunities, the town’s citizens join forces to pull each one of the tricks of deceit, swindle, and chicanery of their capes (in a usually hilarious manner) to convince their young physician Paul (Taylor Kitsch) to believe it is true that Tickle Head is the place is where he is.

It’s a fun and lighthearted tale with recognizable echoes of The Shipping News, Doc Hollywood, and Funny Farm. Brendan Gleeson is particularly good as the newly elected mayor of the town and Paul’s chief “seducer.” He adds the extra ounce of humor and humanity that makes it stand out from the usual plot elements and moves it into “notable recommendation” territory.

7. Fences, 2016

There’s a good chance that we’ll be remembered as the generation that invented mixing the two media of theater and film. Think Hateful 8, Horace & Pete, Wild Tales, and Fences! The film is not just brimming full of Broadway talent, but it’s also based on the Pulitzer-winning work by August Wilson. The play aspect is prominent and obvious, and the film is filled with dialogue, and it takes place almost exclusively in the home of the protagonists, and the majority of the scenes take place within the space of a couple of days.

The movie aspect is seen via stunning aesthetics and beautiful scenes, as well as some of the most talented actors in Hollywood: Denzel Washington (the director) and Viola Davis. Both of them had actually been awarded Tony Awards for their performances revived the show in 2010. Denzel is a black garbage man and was once a great baseball player, but also the victim of discrimination on the basis of race. His mind is as full and determined, and Denzel is used to unleashing the deep-seated anger on those he loves. The wife (Davis) as well as his son and his family, are the ones who suffer from this anger and hurt. However, they have many issues to face by themselves. Beautiful, but perhaps slow-movie. Don’t watch it hoping for “things to happen”, instead, you should be captivated by the performances as well as the script and the tensions it explores.

8. Human Flow, 2017

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei directs his attention to the refugee crisis, which has been the largest population displacement in the world in the world since World War II. The documentary is non-political and focuses on the human aspects of the issue. It’s not a report on the news or a reflection on the root causes of the current situation. It’s more of a collection of touching stories from 23 countries, showcasing people’s struggle for dignity and fundamental rights. An epic film accompanied by stunning drone footage is as stunning as it is heartbreaking.

9. School Life, 2016, 2019

Chatter in the classroom and inside jokes and the tempo of band rehearsals, class, and mealtimes for the community; colorful paints and a spirited Shakespeare play; books in paperback and pages with dogs ears. These are the wonderful simple marvels of Headfort, the boarding school for children, a preparatory school located in Ireland.

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School Life examines Amanda as well as John Leyden, who has worked at Headfort for more than four years. As both of them are nearing retirement, there is the possibility of a serene getaway to the countryside and the questions of what they’ll have left behind in their schools as well as their classrooms along with their student. Beautiful and gentle, this film gives a brief but insightful insight into the school life of bright kids who are profoundly affected by their early mentors.

10. Priceless, 2006

This simple French romance of 2006 tells the story of Jean Barman Jean, a poor man who is played by Gad Elmaleh. Jean conceals his job to meet Irene, who is played by Audrey Tautou.

Irene has a habit of having wealthy men as a source of income for her lifestyle. However, she soon realizes that Jean does not match the description. Determined to do all to convince her, Jean himself starts dating wealthy women.

Priceless Hors de Prix, also known as Hors de Prix, is a lively and light rom-com with great performances by the lead actors.

11. The World’s Fastest Indian, 2005

You’ve heard of Anthony Hopkins as the evil Hannibal Lecter. Still, in this film, he provides an incredibly warm and emotional performance that evokes real New Zealand motorcycle legend Burt Munro who set a record for land speed in 1967 with a custom-built 1920 Indian. This is a tale of persevering with your goals, even in facing ridicule and opposition. Hopkins’ performance transforms what was another formulaic, sloppy story into a true masterpiece. The audience will be cheering for Anthony/Burt at the end!

12. Monsieur Lazhar, 2011, 2012

After the sudden demise of the teacher, 55-year-old Algerian immigrant Bachir Lazhar is hired by an elementary school located in Montreal. He is struggling with the cultural divide between him and his students initially, he assists students in coping with the issue and also reveals his tragic past. A powerful portrait that is free of strange sentimentality. 11-year-old actress Sophie Nelisse makes her brilliant debut.

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