paul walker denise richards movie

Paul William Walker IV was an American actor. He was well-known for his performance as Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Denise Richards is an American actor, TV host and fashion model. She was a former model as well as a television personality. Her most well-known roles include Carmen Ibanez in Starship Troopers, Kelly Van Ryan in Wild Things and Bond girl Christmas Jones in The World Is Not Enough.

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paul walker denise richards movie

Tammy and the T-Rex, also called Tanny and the Teenage T-Rex is a 1994 American science thriller horror comedy film written and produced by Stewart Raffill and written by Raffill and Gary Brockette. This film features Terry Kiser, Ellen Dubin, Denise Richards, Paul Walker, George Pilgrim, and John Franklin, centers on Tammy, a high school student Tammy and her boyfriend Michael. Michael is implanted with his brain into the body of a robot Tyrannosaurus Rex by an insane scientist.

The 1994 film Tammy and the T-Rex is an amazing muddle of a movie that is so bizarre you’d never believe it existed until you’ve seen it in person. The film featured actors such as Denise Richards (Tomorrow Never Dies), Terry Kiser (Weekend at Bernie’s) as well as Paul Walker of Fast and the Furious fame.

In simple terms the story is about the story of a crazy, classic B-movie-style researcher (Terry Kiser) who is obsessed with dinosaurs just like any other 5-year-old boy. In fact, he’s obsessed to the point that he’s planning to place an human brain in the body of a (robotic) creature, since what can go wrong? It’s Tammy along with the T-Rex.

Sweethearts from high school Michael Brock (Paul Walker) and the eminent Tammy (Denise Richards) are the perfect ’90s couple. Michael is a gridiron star and she’s a cheerleader. They’re the one of the most American couple you could ever imagine. Tammy’s former boyfriend Billy is an irritant and has been violent with Michael repeatedly.

This leads to Michael being brutally beaten with Billy as well as his band. Michael is then being thrown in front of lions. They are not literal lions, but metaphorical ones. Michael is attacked and plunges into a coma, before being taken to an emergency room.

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The man was “mistakenly” killed by the mad scientist doctor. Gunter Wachenstein and brought to the lab of the doctor. The brain is transmuted into a life-sized robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Once he is a dinosaur Michael has a blast with Billy and his gang of thugs and is also guilty of murder.

Tammy quickly discovers her that T-Rex may be her friend and tries to find a body for the T-Rex. Interestingly that all high school students can be credited with finding new bodies, and also figuring out a method of moving the brain.

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