9 Best Paul Newman Movies On Netflix

Every film you’ve never seen is a brand new film, and that’s the reason why new film lovers should go back to the year in which they were born to discover the works of the greatest in the 50s, forties, and sixties, as well as the seventies, the eighties. You will discover plenty of great films, amazing performances, and legends that, at times, were Kings.

The actor who played this role was the legendary Paul Newman!

Old blue eyes were the name they gave him due to his striking and dazzling baby blue eyes. Awarded with good looks, amazing abilities, and the ability to think, he spent 50 years in the business and became one of the top actors on film as well as a skilled and talented director and philanthropist who raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charities which he supported.

Newman was a great actor and film star and was equally comfortable in a low-budget movie as it was in a blockbuster. He was unafraid of his choices of roles and was often depicted as a complete baste, unrepentant about his actions, and unconcerned about the consequences. The film that he first filmed in Hollywood was one of the worst miscasts he had ever seen in a period film called ‘The Silver Chalice’ (1953). Then he quit and returned to New York and the Actors Studio, where he developed his craft and eventually found his way to Broadway. Then he returned to Hollywood and was cast as James Dean in several films. Then he received his very first Oscar nomination for “Cat on a Hot roof’ (1958), giving an excellent portrayal as Brick.

When Brando failed and fell out of favor in the sixties, it was Newman who took up his star status as the best young actor and went through a stunning sequence of remarkable performances in the sixties like The Hustler (1961) and ‘Sweet Bird of Youth’ (1962), ‘Hud’ (1963), ‘Hombre’ (1964), ‘Cool Hand Luke’ (1967), and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ (1969). Newman was able to portray a likable character however, he would then smile and shock us with his smile and his eyes, which was what made him a danger to the audience. In the seventies, he worked continuously but never did outstanding work.

Paul Newman Movies On Netflix

A lot of times, in “big” event movies, the actor would show off his movie star muscles and perform amazing work and all the while wagging at the spectators. Sure, “Slap Shot” (1977) is among his finest films, and later in the eighties, the actor was doing great work and making himself a better actor. The Verdict (1982) received some of the most lauded reviews of his career. And finally, working together with Martin Scorsese, he won the elusive Academy Award for Best Actor in ‘The Color of Cash’ (1986). After what was a seemingly endless string of nominations, it was his seventh win, he took home the award just one year after being awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award. If anyone was thinking he’d be content with that award, there’s no way to bet on it, but He surpassed his performance in “Nobody’s Fool” (1994) as well as in ‘Road of Perdition’ (2002).

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If he was able to pull off a most kept secret, it was in the second half of “Mr. and Mrs. Bridge’ (1990) film, which which was a Merchant-Ivory production, which translates to quality, and in which he excelled as a shrewd judge who had to manage the tensions within the home of his daughter who is rebellious and his wife who is transforming. While his wife Joanne Woodward got the lion’s amount of praise and was awarded an Oscar nod, Newman surpasses her in all the scenes.

I was able to talk to Newman before his death, and it was an honor. As we sat in his chair, we discussed his professional life and his work during the 1960s, when three shows in six years would have earned the actor 3 Academy Awards for Best Actor. He is still satisfied with being awarded the New York Film Critics Award and DGA nomination for Best Director for ‘Rachel Rachel’ (1968), which Academy nominated as Best Picture but not a director. We talked about how actors work, their art of it, the craft, and his own admiration for Brando and his work, stating that “that cat had it all.” Funny, they both said similar things about Newman. Here’s the list of the top Paul Newman movies selected from his extensive filmography. You can stream some of the most popular Paul Newman movies on Netflix or Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

The most beloved character he’s Butch Cassidy, an outlaw in hiding from a gang bent on taking him down as well as his accomplice, The fast-drawing, dangerous Sundance Kid. He is always cheating. He commits a prank and betrays his accomplices, but never and never. They’re joined at the hip, and even while Sundance loves his lady, Cassidy is not far from him. A revisionist Western that was a huge success, bringing Redford and his co-star Redford to appear in “The Sting” (1973) that won seven Academy Awards.

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2. The Color of Money (1986)

Twenty-five years after ending “The Hustler” (1961), Eddie is still a hustler, but it’s no more pool or booze. Eddie has made a good name for himself, is wealthy, owns a Cadillac, and has the funds to invest in an amazing young hustler he meets in the bar. Looking to make money off the young man, who a wild Tom Cruise accompanies, he realizes that the kid is not a good person (or is really he?) and that Eddie himself is being swindled. Newman returns to his role easily, which makes him more gentle, wiser, and vulnerable. Ultimately, Newman won the Best Actor Oscar that had previously been inaccessible to him.

3. Road to Perdition (2002)

His most memorable, absolutely amazing role was in this stunning crime-thriller in the role of Irish mob boss John Rooney who loves his hitman Michael more than his son. However, when a shake-down is ruined, Michael’s son witnesses the violence, and his son murders Michael’s youngest son and his wife, the couple. There are choices to be taken. Newman is somber and powerful as Rooney, who has all of humanity’s weight on his back. Then, finally face to face with Michael and knowing that he’s close to dying, He says to Michael, “I’m glad it’s you, Mike.” Brilliant.

4. Slap Shot (1977)

It’s not just the most impressive film to be made of hockey but is full of authenticity and authenticity. Newman plays the role of player and coach Reggie Dunlop, who, after finding out that his team is disbanded, convinces the players to fight and to blow the team in the hope of attracting fans or providing the owner with the chance to sell. The actor is fun to watch, with his mind constantly thinking about his next scam, reacting with delight when happens to his team before finally receiving a genuine invitation to coach at the conclusion. He performed all of his own skatings, making his life’s most grueling physical show.

5. Nobody’s Fool (1994)

Newman is Sully, the sixty-year-old scamp who lives in a small town, where his schemes are well-known to everyone and, at times, even endured. Sully lives in a boarding home that is in financial trouble and does what he can, drinking with his fellow patrons in the bar nearby. The film tells a sweet story of a man who is getting a second chance at life, meeting his grandson before settling down. When he wins a ticket in a race, he’s heading for an easier life. After learning some difficult life lessons, we can imagine his future could be much simpler. Newman received his National Society of Film Critics and New York Film Critics awards for Best Actor, as well as being nominated to receive an Academy Award.

6. The Verdict (1982)

While he could not win any Oscar during the 80s, he landed an excellent role and was given a chance to collaborate alongside Sidney Lumet, something of an actor’s dream. In the role of Frank Galvin, an alcoholic lawyer who was handed a simple case, he did an outstanding job in his performance but could not reach for the shot glass to take your morning drink. As his hands shake from the alcohol in his system. He can bend down towards the glass and sip the shot before bending over to his crutch while knowing it’s. In the courtroom, there is a chance to help the family get the compensation they deserve and also to make amends so that the mirror will show him in the mirror. A powerfully real-life study of the drunk escaping the hole.

7. Hud (1963)

The character of Hud Bannon Newman is one of the darkest characters in his career. He’s a liar or cheat, a self-centered, selfish, and uncaring man who’s only interested in only himself and not anyone else. It only takes people long to get him right because his smile draws people into his world of his, in which he makes use of you to help him further his. Everyone he comes across and hurts deeply changes their lives even while ignoring the harm he causes by drinking an alcoholic drink. This could be the most courageous job of his career and he would have earned an additional Oscar.

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8. The Hustler (1961)

In his thrilling role as Fast Eddie Felson, Newman ought to have been awarded his very first Academy Award, daring to portray an arrogant pool shark that is able to take his game to new heights and yet leaves behind one who is his love. Together with the evil manager Bert who is portrayed with volcanic anger by George C. Scott, they’re an unstoppable powerhouse in the dimly lit pool hall. Newman is an omnipresent force who is perfectly at home in the dim, smoky spaces where money moves while he takes advantage of weaker players. When he loses his love for the one he loves will realize what an ignorant fool he is. He is able to recover his hands from a broken ones. He slays Minnesota Fats without breaking a sweat. Now cool and well-organized.

9. Cool Hand Luke (1967)

“What we have here is failure to communicate,” declares the ruthless warden as he is beaten by Luke again after the courageous prisoner defies him. Newman has never been better than what he has become as an anti-culture hero, nearly Christ as if he were a small-time criminal sentenced to a brutal southern prison where he refuses to cooperate with any guards, prisoners, or even the warden. He is admired by those who are prisoners by giving them hope and the hatred of the other prisoners who dislike him. He’s not in a cage, which is what the lack of communication is about. A stunning work that could have earned him the third Oscar of the decade.

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