Overlord Season 4 Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

In the ninth episode of ‘overlord’ season 4, titled Countdown to Extinction’, Albedo meets with the nobles and king of E-Rantel to deliver some devastating news.

Aainz is working on a strategy to provide them with a fitting reply to their attack on his food carriages and send a strong message out to other kingdoms. This is everything you need about the finale of “Overlord,” season 4, episode 9. SPOILERS Ahead!!

Overlord Season 4 Episode 9 Review

Albedo arrives at the E-Rantel kingdom and is allowed to meet with the king and the nobles and discuss the possible consequences of the attack by the Sorcerer Kingdom on the Theocracy’s food carriages. The king immediately sees Albedo, and he apologizes instantly. He will risk his life to stop the situation from getting worse. Albedo informs the king that Mainz has decided to wage war against the E-Rantel, but his plea for forgiveness is not heard.

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Mainz gave the kingdom one month to prepare for war. The Sorcerer’s kingdom will not be merciful after that. Mainz addresses his friends and thanks them for their hard work after a period of 30 days. Demiurge, Albedo, and others were instrumental in the battle preparation. Some of his friends are confused when he says he doesn’t plan to completely exterminate E-Rantel’s citizens. Aainz refuses to reveal his strategy.

Aainz recalled meeting Nigredo who pointed out that humans can advance the Sorcerer Kingdom in a way unlike any other. It is not a wise strategy to kill all of them without thinking. Aainz agrees with her but decides to leave as many survivors as possible, fearing that the undead will eventually triumph over the humans. Aainz is now ready for E-Naeul’s invasion, as E-Rantel has been given enough time. This port city can provide the Sorcerer Kingdom with a strategic advantage.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 9, Ending: Did the Death Warriors and Dark Knights Survive the Invasion at E-Naeul, or are they doomed?

Aainz has sent the dead warriors and dark knights to E-Naeul to try and stop the invading army from destroying another city. The king watches as the invading troops march towards the city but doesn’t seem to be bothered. The king tells the mithril adventurer from the Four armaments, who is standing with him at the watch tower that he would surrender, but it doesn’t seem like an option. After she points out that it is possible to run away with his family and king, he explains that there have been very few survivors in every attack of the Sorcerer Kingdom so far.

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It is unlikely that he will escape. While adventurers usually oppose any kingdom in war, the undead is fighting E-Rantel’s battle this time. Later, when the king addresses the rest of his adventurers and warriors, Lillyette (one of the mithril explorers) openly about her desire to obtain the Five-Colored Holy Sword of the king. The king doesn’t intend to give it away for anything, so he tells Lillyette she can only get the sword if she becomes his third son’s concubine.

Even though he has set out some strange conditions, Lillyette refuses to accept them all. The undead finally reaches the city, and the battle starts. E-Naeul employs strategically placed archers to attack the undead as soon they are within range. It has a devastating effect, but the soldiers still manage to defeat a few foes. The dark warriors, however, spring into action just a few seconds later. The magic casters waited for them to use their powers to attack them first, but they couldn’t do much damage. The fireball has no effect, but one of the mithril explorers uses it to bring down the dark warriors.

The dark soldiers who were standing alongside them are reduced to ashes while the dark warriors emerge almost unscathed from the fire, which means that soldiers fighting for E–Naeul remain in shock. The mithril adventurers leave the safe haven to face the dark warrior, who appears unbeatable at this point. They do their best but cannot stand up against the dark warriors. Until someone from the skies takes them down with ease. The Vermillion drop revealed that the Vermillion drop’s adamantine adventurer was also fighting for E-Rantel. The dark knight or dark warriors do not win the invasion of E-Naeul.

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