Overlord Season 4 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

In the tenth episode,’ Overlord’ season 4. entitled ‘The Last King The Last King,’ Aainz overviews his plans and concludes that he must tweak his plans to get the most benefit from the program.

While Prince Zanac is worried about the Sorcerer Kingdom’s next move, he is concerned that his own members might have been working in the interests of the Re-Establish Kingdom. This is everything you must be aware of after “Overlord” season 4, episode 10. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Overlord Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

In the aftermath of his death, when knights and warriors get killed by an ally in Vermillion drop. Vermillion drops, and Aainz utilizes his abilities to determine what actually transpired during the war. He then informs his friends that he has a feeling that something similar to this could happen and has changed his strategy. He has now decided to take on the capital of the monarchy instead of focusing on the cities and villages of the North.

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While this is happening, Prince Zanac is trying to understand the significance of the massive losses that his kingdom has suffered in recent years. When his sister arrives to see him, she is informed that he’s decided to take over the kingdom. However, he is worried that some members from this kingdom may be working in the direction of Aainz since Zanac could never have infiltrated the Northern villages or cities and managed to stay out of attention. Zanac is also informing the sister of his intention to fight on the frontline, and she will leave the country when she can do so for her security.

While they are there, Laykus, Evileye, and their friends meet Azuth Aindra, hoping to receive help from Aainz’s troops as the latter is about to assault the capital city of the royals. However, he cannot help them since he has nothing related to the battle. Because he can escape from the capital in the event of a threat of invasion, Azuth does not care about the massacre of innocent people within the Re-Establish Kingdom.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 10 Ending: Why Does Aainz Refuse to Accept Re-Estize Kingdom’s Surrender?

While the troops in the Sorcerer and the Re-Establish Kingdom meet as the combat is about to start, Albedo informs Aainz that an officer from the latter has traveled to meet him. Because he is alone, Aainz chooses to go meet him, with no one of the soldiers he trusts at his side. Then he discovers that this nobleman is actually Zanac, the prince. Zanac Aainz, who inquires about to explain the reason behind his refusal to agree to their surrender.

Aainz seems to admire Zanac’s courage and shows that the destruction of his Re-Estize Kingdom will convey to all other kingdoms of the world to be humble before The Sorcerer Kingdom and not fight it. The information about the mass murders that the Re-Estize Kingdom carries out will eventually spread worldwide and help establish the fear of Aainz and his kingdom. In addition, when asked about what he wants to achieve from the war, Aainz sums up all his goals in one word: happiness.

Aainz can then explain why he is trying to make his friends and his people content. As a leader has a responsibility to go to the extremes to provide his people with the best possible lives, something that Prince Zanac himself believes in. For the reasons stated above, Aainz does not accept the surrender of the Re-Estate Kingdom. His plan seems to take the Sorcerer’s Kingdom’s future expansion plans into account and will most likely succeed, given the horrors of the invasion to date.

Is Prince Zanac Dead?

After having a calm chat with Aainz, Prince Zanac is back in his home, where his soldiers are waiting for positive news. As one of them inquires concerning the conference, the entire group discovers the sad fact that they must fight the Sorcerer Kingdom because Aainz will not give up his position. The bad news is that this could mean the death of each person.

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Prince Zanac recognizes the sad truth but is quiet about it and doesn’t display any anxiety. It’s as if the prince has accepted the fate of his life and chosen to stand with his troops and his country until the end of time. Unfortunately, his troops don’t feel the same way because they get angry moments later. When Prince Zanac notices the noise in his camp quickly notices the situation. When the rebel soldiers confront him, he is instructed to surrender to swear allegiance to Aainz.

But prince Zanac is not willing to surrender his weapons and chooses to fight to the final breath. When the battle has ended, the rebel soldiers confront Aainz and present him with Zanac’s head cut off. This is not a pleasant experience for Aainz in the least since he was a fan of Zanac following their peaceful encounter. So, he orders these rebellious soldiers to be tortured and is not allowed even the chance to die even if they plead.

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