OnlyFans star Astrid Wett tried to kiss KSI at the weigh-in for her fight but was snubbed awkwardly

Onlyfans Astrid Wett has been scheduled to take on Keeley Colbran. There is a good chance that the crowd was awash with emotion after she attempted to KSI the YouTuber/rapper and boxer took a risk and rebuffed her. He also did not seem to be too happy about the fight.

Both competitors were present at the weigh-in, and while it appeared to be a normal weigh-in for Colbran and Wett, the atmosphere was getting somewhat heated, as you would expect.

They were chatting about expected fight-related banter before having the microphones on after the organizers handed them the microphones and tried to make an aggressive statement to offer something to the public, but the whole thing went off track.

She tried to be honest.

When they were facing one another, they both claimed that someone in the audience was the other’s boyfriend. Astrid Wett decided to increase the stakes by declaring, ” Do you think if I had a boyfriend, I would do this?” Then Astrid took the risk to approach KSI to kiss him and to take the high road, but she didn’t anticipate that KSI could have done something different.

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No kiss, no thanks, ma’am!

As soon As KSI was able to see Astrid trying to kiss him and kissing him, he quickly pulled back and resisted kissing her. Then all was ablaze for her. Everyone ridiculed her, but she was most frequently criticized by her adversary Keeley Colbran.

After the interview, the presenter was asked KSI about his thoughts on the incident and what prompted him not to kiss her. To which the boxers laughed loudly and replied that their laughter was his response.

In the beginning, before things became worse, the pair requested each contestant to stand up in front of one in front of the camera and then save it for the rings.

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