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Chapter 169 Spoilers and Release Date: Details, Reddit, Twitter, Details, and More:- Garou is finally defeated after seven years. That’s almost eight years. The Arc is not over; Murata said that the next chapter would be the end for the monster Association slash Garou. This is the end of our Garou plight, with Hunter as the hero Hunter. It started, I think, in chapter 40.   

We came to a satisfying conclusion, I believe. The manga incorporated elements from the webcomic and then remixed them. Overall, I enjoyed the chapter.   

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One Punchman Chapter 169 Spoilers leaked on Reddit and Twitter.      

First, I want to thank the team who was able to translate the text. Although they were down a few people, I believe they were still going to pull it off and finish the task in a reasonable time. We are grateful to you guys. We will now open the chapter by showing Garous being defeated by the zero punch of cytomx.   

  This was due to Saitama traveling backward in time, hitting Garou with a punch so powerful that the cytomx from the future was more powerful than the cytomx. Because Garou had encouraged him to be that strong, it was in the past timeline.   

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Also, guys, subscribe if I haven’t already. If you need to be reminded, you can find it here. Tama knocked Garou out of his god power here. I don’t know how strong Garou is at this point or what’s up with them. Is he a monster, FIDE? Or is he a fully-fledged human at this stage? It remains to be determined. But I think it’s more like the ladder at the moment, and we see all the angered heroes around him.   

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One Punch man Chapter 169 Release date           Thursday, 04 August 2022     

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This is a satisfying sequence because they are the same heroes Garou hunted throughout his story. We see tank toppers in this scene. They were his first victim. They are now all vying for revenge. It’s not doing any good. I don’t really know why, but I like this. Thomas shows Genesis the future core, and Genesis can instantly identify it as coming from the future. Garou took it from Genoese in the original timeline Saitama was born. Saitama, however, has kept it safe all along. He could go back in time, and it was still with him in Genesis. It connected immediately like a cable to the core.   

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He can recount almost everything that happened in the future timeline. This is basically chapters 166 through chapter 168. We talked about this. But I think the core is also important because it appears to be the catalyst for some power, with Genoese having two quarters or something. It would be surprising if it at least stored data until Janos was taken out.   

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  It could have been aware of the events up to that point, but technically Saitama shouldn’t know this. At the time, I believed that the core would be recording information. However, I didn’t think it would be able to record everything after it had been ripped from genomes. It was pretty much by itself and wasn’t connected to anything. It was still recording everything, so why?   

  It is what it is. It is what it has always been. It’s even better that Janos is fully aware of all that has happened, not just the time it was pulled out. Guys, let me just say that I love gamer subs and want to talk briefly about combos. It’s a green tea flavor with coho Shibuya. I also enjoy strawberry lemonade and peach tea. This stuff makes it so much easier to work. This stuff is like coffee for me.   

  It’s just so beautiful. If you are interested in purchasing some gamer’s cups, please check the link or use code bigZ on the gamer subs site. Thanks, guys. Now, genomes are aware of all that has happened. He can make sense of time travel for most of it, and we get this huge exposition dump. It’s almost like classic genomes.   

One Punchman Chapter 169 Release Date, Reddit and Twitter, Date Schedule, & More      

One Punch Man Chapter 169 Release Time, Reddit, Twitter          

He says that cytomx A traveling to the future likes to create multiple timelines, or as he puts it, parallel worlds. This is the only way this can work, and it’s something we have been discussing for the past few weeks. Saitama has left one timeline that is technically like another universe in order to return to another point in time. It isn’t like one timeline, the way Terminator works.   

  This is more like the Avengers Endgame Rules, but wrapping it up, the gentleman said, or at a minimum, this is how I interpret it, that this was always going happen essentially. At least Saitama would always find ways to save everyone. Even if everyone died, Saitama would still transcend the laws of causality and manipulate them. This is a reference to the chapter where Saitama punches Garou. It states that the reversal is inevitable, which means that it will always occur.   

  You can think of it as Dr. Strange thinking about Avengers. Strange had to look through all the timelines to find which ones Thanos lost. He thought, “I don’t know how many timelines Thanos wins, but I only win one.” In this case, there is no timeline in which Saitama does not win here. Not even one. This is how absurd Saitama is. It all happens in one year for Saitama. And out the other, as this is typical Saitama, he doesn’t care; even though he’s been through some crazy and amazing things, it’s still like, Ah, you’re talking too much.   

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  Janos is aware. This information is stored on the core because I doubt this will end. The information about the core will certainly be available later. Drive Knight and the organization may get the core and/or the information, but I doubt it. Even if they do, it’s not like Drive Knight will be able to travel back in history or anything. This information will be used in the future.   

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  However, we can see that Tareo will die from Garou cosmic radiation. Now that we know Garou was taken out before he could release another video, it’s clear that he is alive. He also sees the ghost of Garou, so you can do whatever you like. It’s almost like a small fragment of Garou that transcends time and space. This is the true Garou. I suppose you could say that the future Garou ends up giving his life for the greater good by teaching Saitama how time can be reversed.   

  This is the last bit of sentience. Garou must have just realized that he saved Tareo and that all he had done wasn’t futile. We can see that Garou is now accepting the loss here. This was due to everything that his future self had set up. Garou didn’t know that.   

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  Just as this is like working here, Garou’s personalities were kind of synchronized. He’s subconsciously aware that this was supposed to happen even though he doesn’t know it. The heroes then debate what to do with Garou. Some want him to be executed like my mask, while others don’t like the metal. We saw Garou in this art with a metal bat, and they had a little bromance, so, understandably, Garou doesn’t want him to just execute him.   

One Punchman Chapter 169: Spoilers and Release Date, Full Summary. Reddit, Twitter. Details & More       

  My mask is his mask, so he could understand it. But then, we see that St. Saitama said who took down Garou. Flashy flash said it was a blast, and it seemed like a naked male appeared out of nowhere and defeated Garou with just one punch. Then, he flew away. This movement pattern seems straight out of blast’s playbook. Second guards, you might be seeing blasts being helped out. Why are they naked? This answers the question about who would take credit for taking out Garou. I assumed it was Saitama.   

  It is too early in the story to recognize Him as the one above all. Because I knew that he was naked and delivering the punch had something to do. He was able to close the gap again once they fused, despite his crotch. It turns out it was a blast.   

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  He did what I expected, but I think he will show up in the next chapter. I’m curious to see his reaction to this time travel stuff, even if it is conscious. He still has to deliver exposition to Saitama; if not, then to zombie mankind of Garou. Everyone’s beating Garou, and he’s like there’s no way a human can gain this much power through monster ideation. Is it possible that there was another power source, such as using you as a catalyst?   

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Kadri, or God, showed similar signs.   

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  Garou knew it was God who gave her the powers, even though he told the audience in Saitama in which chapters Garou had said that. He also stated that Garou was asking for them to kill Garou because Garou is Garou here. He has lost all of his possessions. But my mask will not kill them. Tareo enters and grabs his leg.   

  He is like, uncle, you are a true hero. Hurry uncle! The heroes are deliberating about Garou, and King intervenes and turns on his king engine to maximum output. This is something we have never seen before. He just conquers everyone, even my mask. This sequence is just amazing.   

  I am a sucker for like King moments. Then bang says, “I won’t allow you to throw your life away so easily.” You must compensate for any harm done to others by helping them 10 times more than 100 times. Saitama believes that this is what absolute evil looks best when righting the course before all the cosmic Garou stuff Saitama was originally opposing, like the Gargoyle and the S Garou.   

  Despite all that he was doing, Garou tried to be the worst to feed Saitama. But he ended up helping others. This does indicate that Garou will one day be a hero. I don’t believe he’ll join the Hero Association or anything like that and become an S-class hero. But he’s doing his own thing.   

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  He’ll be a complete-fledged anti-hero, not just an anti-villain. After this, Garou can run away and make it to Genesis. He’ll likely be a repeat offender, and Saitama is like, Nah. He’ll be fine. We should leave the rest to the old man. This means we will eventually see Garou and bang together, as you may have guessed.   

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  They will come together in the last big Arc or big saga. Garou will get his final training. We see the metal night emerge from nowhere at the end. He has an army of robots and is like the ship I designed that caught a nuclear explosion. I will now begin to dispose of the fallout. I will also analyze the attack. All of you who have been affected by acute radiation poisoning will need to undergo mandatory testing and decontamination procedures in the laboratory.   

  This is incredible. Metal night is a favorite of mine. This is part of his course. He showed up at the end of the borderless Arc and pretty much cleaned up after everyone. It’s funny, too, because he was so opposed to reading the meditation of the monster. He wanted to bomb everything and not send anyone there physically. His showing up means you know better than ever because he has also taken care of the nuclear fallout. This is a huge deal.   

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  Garou did indeed launch a few nuclear fission fists that were similar to nuclear bombs. He also fired gamma radiation bursts. All of this still occurred in this timeline. As I mentioned, Saitama returned to his homeland after the gamma radiation bursts hit him. Metal night is now cleaning up the mess. He’s also helping everyone affected by radiation poisoning, which is very important.      

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