List Of Olsen Twins Movies On Hulu

Get the chokers, butterfly clips, and baby t-shirts for people. We’re going back into the 1990s!

The move may be a boon to anyone who’s a millennial who wants to get access to the Hulu membership — even if they’re not already. The streaming service is soon adding a few famous Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies to its catalog of streaming movies. From May 1, Hulu subscribers will be in a position to access the largest three films from the 90s, including Billboard Dad (1998), Passport to Paris (1999), and Switching Goals (1999).

It’s been over a New York minute (see what I did there? ) since the former Full House stars have been seen on TV. It’s been a while since the Olsen twins last had an acting job at the close of 2012, and they have maintained their low profile as they have created their own fashion company. Many people hoped they would be part of Netflix’s remake of Fuller House. The duo believed it was too long since they’d been in the acting field and decided not to be on the show.

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In the meantime, binge-watching their films of the past will likely be the only way viewers will ever see their roles again. This is a great reason to take advantage of Hulu’s service to return to the past. If the concept behind these films doesn’t seem to be at the forefront of your mind, check out the trailers for all the films to come (and just let the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia ring through your ears). I’ll be making a plea in support of New York Minute to be recognized as the top filmmaking landmark.

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