Office Space Where To Watch For Free

If you are looking for the idea of a light-hearted, humorous documentary, Office Space is perfect. It is set in a cubicle farm for office workers and follows the daily activities of its workers.

Even though it was released nearly 20 many years ago, humor is still relevant today.

And where do you find Office Space?

Read on to find out more!

The Storyline

The story revolves around a group of colleagues working in the software engineering company Initech. They are all obviously unhappy with Initech.

Michael Bolton is unhappy with the software engineer job he has, even though Bolton is a pro at it. However, the nervous Peter Gibbons hates his software-engineering job and is a failure at it. Milton is a shy colleague who is generally overlooked by all. Samir is also irritated by how he is treated at work. Peter speaks with Michael about how awful they are and how much they dislike their jobs. They decide to revolt against their boss’s greed.

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In the meantime, Peter is dumped by his wife and starts dating Joanna as a waitress in an eatery. She is also very annoyed with her boss, who makes her wear various badges to show off her style.

Initech invites two business consultants to help reduce the size of the business. Peter is elevated, Micheal and Samir are dismissed, and it is realized that Milton was dismissed in the past five years; however, no one was aware. Therefore, his salary is cut without his knowledge, and he’s also stripped of his beloved stapler. The company’s three employees get in a group. They agree to take revenge on their bosses by installing a malware virus that will cause a disruption to Initech’s finance system and cause tiny amounts of cash to be transferred into another banking platform.

However, when the trio of desperate people starts their virus, they realize that a substantial amount of money was stolen instead. It’s a flurry of panic to prepare for the inevitable disaster that strikes the trio. Peter is determined to be accountable for the theft and sends an email to the boss containing the traveler’s checks to cover the lost amount. He visits the office after hours at Initech and puts it on the boss’s door. When he gets to work the next morning, hoping to be detained, he discovers that Milton has destroyed the entire building, completely destroying the signs of the infection.

The film concludes on a high note for everyone: Peter finds a new job as a construction worker that he is happy with; Michael and Samir go to work for a different firm that makes software, and the three are best buddies. Milton is the only one who was one who took the traveler’s checks before igniting the building and is currently on a long trip to Mexico.

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Top Cast

Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh.

Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons.

Jennifer Aniston as Joanna.

David Herman as Michael Bolton.

Ajay Naidu as Samir Nagheenanajar, and

Diedrich Bader as Lawrence.


Office Space was shot in 1997. It debuted on the 19th of February 1999, produced through 20th Century Fox. Mike Judge, who also produced Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, and Silicon Valley, directed the movie. The film was created by John Altschuler, Dave Krinsky, Michael Rotenberg, Chris Moore, and Michael Donovan.

How to Watch “Office Space”?


Unfortunately, you are not able to see Office Space on TV. The film was released in theaters only for a brief period of time but never made it into wide release. It was not re-released into different formats since the initial theatrical release. There is no plan to broadcast the movie on TV.

Streaming Services


It’s a shame that Office Space is not yet available for streaming on Netflix. The film has been removed from the streaming service and is not expected to be coming back any time soon.

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Hulu Plus

Office Space is currently available to stream on Hulu Plus. If you subscribe to the streaming service, then you can stream the entire movie at the moment.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another streaming service that is currently offering Office Space. You can stream the film without cost by signing up for a Prime subscription or buy it at $3.99 and own it.

Google Play

Office Space is available to purchase from Google Play for $3.99. If you own an Android tablet, phone, or another device you can download it and view it whenever you want.


Vudu is a streaming service that provides Office Space. For $14.99, you can buy the film and stream it at any time you like.

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There aren’t any legal methods to stream Office Space for free now. If you wish to stream the movie online, you’ll have to subscribe to Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime. If you want to purchase the movie, you can choose between Vudu or Google Play.

Unfortunately, the film isn’t available to stream on Netflix or to watch on television. But, it’s an enjoyable film that is certainly worth watching. We hope this guide to streaming helps you!


Is Office Space Available to Stream for Free?

There is no way to stream Office Space. Office Space is not currently streaming on any platform at no cost. Sites which claim to provide the film for free are not legal and could contain malware.

Can I Watch Office Space on TV?

It’s not true, Office Space is not available for viewing on TV currently. Since the time it was released theatrically was over, it hasn’t been released in any format other than theatrical, therefore, it is not available on television or any cable channels.

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