Off the Hook Ending | Does Léa End Up with Guillaume or Gagan?

“Off the Hook” is similar to hot chocolate on a winter night, Sweet, warm, warm, and fuzzy. This hilarious and delightful Netflix French comedy series follows two cousins. Lea (Tiphaine Daviet) and Manon (Manon Azem) are women in their 30s seeking security and stability in their life.

They reside together and are addicted to their smartphones and social networks. After Lea’s ex-boyfriend has filed a police report against her and a scathing video of Manon is made viral, the family decides that they need to tackle their addiction. Therefore, they take down all their gadgets and attempt to live like the 1990s, producing hilarious consequences. Here’s everything you should be aware of after “Off the Hook” season one. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Off the Hook Season 1 Recap

The show begins by illustrating the extent to which Lea is stalked by her ex-boyfriend. While the story is intended to provoke laughter, it’s actually quite frightening, and you’ll understand why Guillaume would like to put the most distance possible between him and his girlfriend he can. Lea has created several accounts to track Guillaume on Instagram, put cameras onto his bicycle, and hacked into his cell phone and email. Guillaume discovers the hack and that she is blocked from access to everything. In a desperate attempt to get in, she enters his office and is swiftly detained. After getting bored of her antics, Guillaume can file a police report against her.

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In the meantime, Manon aspires to be a rapper, but she has an unprofessional manager who requires Manon to perform wearing the silicone bottom. She attempts to leap into the crowd at her manager’s request when she performs; however, things don’t go as planned as the faux appendage is ripped off Ganon’s gown. It’s a given that people record videos and upload them to the internet. Then, suddenly, Manon is facing widespread online mockery.

The two cousins later discover that they are addicted to mobile smartphones and social networks. They decide to take an absolute sabbatical from all electronic devices for a month. They donate all their gadgets to Gagan, the proprietor of the local convenience store, and safe-keeping.

As the ladies quickly discover the hard way, this strategy of digital detoxing is much easier to implement than it is done, especially in a place where the vast majority of people are addicts. The two women attempt to change their lives by purchasing watches and books. Her manager informs Lea Manon, who works for the hotel chain that she needs to take a detox or be fired from her job. Lea persuades Manon to join her too. The journey proves an interesting experience for both females. Lea encounters a woman who has been her for some time, and Manon meets one of her rap idols, Chaya.

In the season’s finale, “Weird Moves,” Manon is a part of a rap show known as entering the Circle with the support of her family at the end of the 30-day day of her detox. She captivates the audience by performing. Lea gets a big announcement at work. The family shows that, despite their differences, they’ll always be there for each other.

Off the Hook Season 1 Finale: Will Lea ends up with Guillaume Or Gagan?

The relationship that exists between Lea, Guillaume, and Gagan isn’t one of romance. In fact, it shows the growth of Lea as a character. Lea begins with the story as an alleged stalker, her former boyfriend, who makes a police complaint. However, by the time the series is over the show, she’s transformed completely. However, the development of this character isn’t a quick process. Guillaume attends a party to celebrate Lea’s brother Julien who has a Ph.D., and this is the first time Guillaume and Lea have had a conversation since he filed the complaint against Lea.

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When he learns that Guillaume will be accompanied by his new girlfriend, who might be a person of color, Lea cajoles Gagan to join her. Lea’s actions aren’t exactly making Guillaume jealous. However, they do transform her relationship with Gagan into something else.

In the final moments of episode 3, Lea finds out their girlfriend of Guillaume is expecting. She spends the entire fourth season trying to sort through that information and finally decides to take a second night out with Gagan. Even though the date fails, the entire adventure will bring Gagan and her Gagan closer.

Just as it appears she’s ready to leave, Guillaume shows up at her house in the evening drunk and ranting about his new love. Then another thing happens, Lea finds herself sleeping with her former partner. On the next day, the only thing she regrets is. She was supposed to celebrate her mother’s birthday party, but since Guillaume’s arrival, she’s completely been unable to remember the entire event. Lea’s effort to conceal Guillaume fails. After seeing him gagged and bound, Lea’s family members think the worst, and she must prove she was Guillaume who appeared at her door. When the family discovers that Guillaume has made a police report against Lea, she is thrown out of the home. This is all Guillaume has done with the incident.

At this point, Lea seems to have decided to move on. The relationship she has with Gagan has begun to bloom. However, before it can fully develop. Gagan is offered a supervisory position in Martinique, a Caribbean island, and an overseas region in France. While she’s reluctant to leave, Gagan encourages her to make her career the primary priority over all else. Just when she’s nearing the airport, she and Manon receive a phone message from their mothers saying they’re getting into trouble in Puducherry.

Disappointed with their mothers, Lea and Manon board the next flight to take them to India. Gagan, as well as Bernard, joins Lea and Manon. Bernard is Manon’s best friend and has begun to develop feelings of love for Lea’s mother. When the episode ends, Gagan takes Lea’s hand in his, and she is more thrilled about it.

Why Are Lea and Manon’s Mothers in Puducherry?

Puducherry was previously known as Pondicherry. It used to be a French colony. Since the beginning of the series, Manon’s mother, Patricia, wants her daughter to go back to Corsica and manage her own restaurant along with her. Because this could result in losing her desire, Manon has refused her numerous times. Patricia, her older sister, planned to remain in Corsica; however, she passed away. In her death. Manon and Patricia get into a major fight in episode 5, in which Manon finally lets her mother realize that she’ll never come back. Manon’s mother is very fond of the restaurant. Her sister was too. However, this doesn’t mean Manon isn’t required to be a fan.

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In the meantime, Lea’s mother, Mireille, has become bored of her husband Philippe, who is dependent on his mobile as any other member of the family. Mireille is more interested in adventures than the daily routine of her life and becomes close to Bernard. After the battle with Manon with Patricia, Mireille approaches the former to advise them to take on things they’ve always dreamed of doing. The second thing we learn about them is that they’re located in Puducherry and were swindled in the process of buying unsold clothing. In addition, they’ve been arrested and are given 24 hours to file bail. Their daughters are forced to abandon everything and head to India together as Gagan, along with Gagan and Bernard.

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