Nana Anime Where To Watch

Nana is an anime that questions life after our twenties. What are the hopes, dreams, and desires we have as teens, only to question their worth later?

High school students who are superpowered in anime fight for their supremacy once and for all. Nana is a shoujo anime for young adults and millennials. This anime hits its emotional buttons more than any animated series or film today.

The anime is about two young girls, both called Nana. Both girls have dreams and hopes for their lives but are bound to harsh realities.

After they embark on the arduous journey to get there, both girls find their true selves. The manga of the same name was written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa.

The anime was first shown in April 2006. It has only had one season, with 47 episodes and three recaps. The manga has been on hiatus for almost ten years, and there has been no news on a second season.

Nana Anime Where To Watch

Let’s learn more about this series and how you can watch it.

Do you want to watch Nana without subtitles?

You can stream the anime Nana on Amazon Prime Video. Subscribers to Amazon can view it.

Amazon provides subtitles for the show, which is great news for viewers who like subtitles.

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Sentai Filmworks, which has the license, will also release the anime series in HD format. It will soon be available on selected digital outlets and will also be available for home video.

1. Is it possible to download Nana and view it offline?

Yes, viewers can download Nana and watch it offline.

You must have the Prime Video App on iOS, Android, and Windows to download episodes from Amazon Prime.

2. What time does it take to watch Nana?

Only one season has been released, with 47 episodes and three recaps. The entire season will take approximately 19 hours and 10 mins to complete.

Live-action movies have a combined runtime of 228 mins, which is 3 hours and 48 minutes of your precious time.

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Plot Of Nana Anime

Nana is Ai Yazawa’s most famous manga. It was serialized by Cookie magazine between 2000 and 2009. Shueisha published 21 volumes of the book.

Nana Komatsu is a girl of the same name as Nana Osaki. They meet in a co-incident. Komatsu moved to Tokyo to pursue a dreamy college lifestyle.

Osaki was once a member of a punk rock group and moved to Tokyo to pursue her dream of being a singer. Both pursue their dreams and find themselves in a bind as they try to fulfill each other.


Only one season will suffice to learn about the world of the two Nanas.

Live-action movies are not linked to anime and have distinct content.

Fans eagerly await any information regarding this anime franchise’s next installments.

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