My Super Sweet 16 Where is the Cast Now?

MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16 is a captivating television show that centers around wealthy teens and their lavish 16th birthday celebrations. While streamers, cakes and guests are a common sight at all birthday parties, the show also features appearances by stars, thousands of dollars worth of gowns, luxurious automobiles, and exclusive gifts for return guests. While the show has had plenty of controversy throughout its run, it has managed to keep a large fan base who are curious to find out where the show’s current cast members are. Don’t worry, because we have the information!

Where Is Cher Hubsher Now?

While ‘My Super Sweet 16 was Cher Hubsher’s first venture into the television industry, she was soon to appear on other MTV reality shows, such as “Exiled,” “Blingiest Bashes, and ” Giveaway sweet 16. Additionally, Cher and her mother, Dawn, starred in the TLC reality show ‘ sMothered’ and published a book about their bond that was titled ‘A Bond That Lasts Forever The Mother Daughter Guide to a Happily Healthy relationship

. In addition, during her television career, Cher appeared in some films and was a cheerleader for The Tampa Bay Lightning. Currently, Cher and her husband, Jared, are happily married and welcomed their first child in 2019. In addition to being a reality show host, Cher is currently involved in various professions, such as the role of a nurse and dating coach.

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Where Is Teyana Taylor Now?

Incredibly, just before her 16th birthday, Teyana signed a contract with Pharrel William’s label for music, and the renowned artist even came to her party to wish her a happy birthday. It is interesting to note that Teyana’s appearance on “My Super Sweet 16 has helped producers notice her, and the performer has appeared on various other shows on TV. In addition, she has tried her hand at the world of film and has been part of several big productions like ‘Cruel Summer and ‘Brotherly Love’ at The After Party. In addition, Teyana has become a well-known actor and performer with numerous albums and awards. She even appeared on season 7 of the show ‘ The Masked Singing as Firefly and was declared the final winner. Presently, Teyana is happily married to basketball player Iman Shumpert. The couple even appears on their own reality series.

Where Is Quincy Brown Now?

Viewers may recognize Quincy as the stepson of the rapper and record producer P Diddy. Presently, Quincy is a popular musician with several singles and an EP. Quincy has also attempted acting and appeared in many famous films, including ‘Brotherly Love Dope’, ‘Brotherly Love, and the Holiday Calendar.’ On the contrary, while “My Super Sweet 16” was his first foray into the new world of TV entertainment, he’s since appeared in numerous TV shows like “CSI Crime Scene Investigation Star,’ as well as ‘ Power Book III” Raising Kanan. However, unfortunately in the year 2018, Quincy lost his mother, actress Kim Porter, who died from pneumonia when she was 47 years old. But, judging by the look of things, Quincy is currently living a blissful life with his family and friends.

Where Is Reginae Carter Now?

Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter, organized a party for her 16th birthday. The party even featured the famous singer, Nicki Minaj, performing at the party. When ‘My Super Sweet 16 brought Reginae into the entertainment industry, she eventually developed her talents and gained a reputation within the film industry. At the same time, reports suggest that Reginae is currently single but she has been in numerous TV and movie shows, like ‘Growing up Hip Rap: Atlanta,’ ‘Social Society’ and Terror Lake Drive. Furthermore, two of her projects, ‘ I Got A Story to Tell’ and ‘Boxed In and ‘Boxed In,’ is in post-production.

Where Is Darnell Roy Now?

Darnell Roy impressed the audience by inviting Rihanna to perform for his 16th birthday. It is interesting to note that Darnell is the son of the person who founded Sugarhill Records, Sylvia Robinson and is currently President of the company. In addition, he’s been featured on the television show “First Family of Hip Hop”. He is establishing his own professional career as a rapper with a couple of popular songs already in his repertoire.

Where Is Marissa Mishelle Now?

When ‘My Sweet 16’ brought Marissa into the limelight, she could even perform in the spin-off series “Exiled. Since her departure, she has been focusing on her music career and became well-known as the lead singer of Defy Tomorrow. Indeed, her performance has earned her numerous accolades, but Marissa has since left the band and pursued an independent career. From the look of things, she’s happy to be married and is with the band from Los Angeles Minus Ned as its lead singer.

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Where Is Sophie Mitchell Now?

Incredibly, Sophie attracted a lot of unwanted attention when she was shown as a spoilt, 16-year-old girl in the show. But, according to sources, since then, she’s transformed her life and has completed her studies in Switzerland. She currently lives in the Miami Fort Lauderdale Region in Florida and is employed as an attorney in the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel.

Where is Ava Kashani Now?

Like many of her fellow cast members, Ava Kashani’s portrayal of an unruly kid in the show caused outrage. But Ava refused to pay attention to the controversy and went on with her own life. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at UCLA before opting for a legal school at Pepperdine University. The sources claim that Ava currently lives in Beverly Hills, California, and makes a living as a reputable lawyer.

Where Is Mary Morrison Now?

Incredibly, Mary followed in the footsteps of many of her peers and turned her life around following ‘My Super Sweet 16. While she prefers to keep her appearance low-key, some sources claim that she attended school at Middle Tennessee State University before finishing the PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Walden University. She currently lives in the Biloxi area in Mississippi and is employed in the Business Development department at Autopay.

Where Are Aly and AJ Michalka Now?

The sisters Aly and AJ Michalka have made quite an impression in the entertainment and music industry. Alongside performing with the other members of the trio Aly & AJ, Aly was able to make her mark in the film industry and has been featured in numerous films, including “Phil Of The Future,”‘Easy A “Bandslam,” and “iZombie, among others.

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