Must Watch Black Love Movies On Netflix In 2022

Black romance is a popular genre in Hollywood. Many top-grossing movies at the box office are made up of black films. It can be hard to find the perfect black love movies on Netflix, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Let’s take a look at the black love movies available to stream on Netflix.

This list is not just for black women but for men looking for romantic moments with their partners. These are Black Love Movies On Netflix.

You can also bring your favourite person to the couch! Valentine’s Day can be tender and sweet or hot and steamy, depending on the type of black love movie.

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Best Black Love Movies On Netflix


Deliver us from EVA is an American-based romance movie that is predominantly black. The story centres on an African-American pastor who arrives in a small town to preach the Bible as their new pastor. He falls in love with one of his church members only to discover that she has a relationship, but not with her white boss.


Two black teens are in this black love film. They are trying to break social norms while dating and going through high school. Both teens struggle with the choice of keeping their black love affair private or sharing it with everyone. Sometimes it’s hard to be young and black in America, but love will always keep you strong.


Baby Mamas is a comedy-drama movie about black romance in a different way. The film is about four single black mothers who struggle to balance work and family while being their children’s sole parents. One of the black mothers meets her boss and begins to wonder if she should start dating again. But will this black momma find true happiness?

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The Cook-Off is a romantic comedy about black love and black women’s experiences. The movie’s main focus is on two black women trying to achieve success in their careers but having trouble finding a man who can understand them until it happens!


The color purple is a movie about a black love story that took place between two women of color. The movie’s main focus is on a black woman trying to balance being married and raising her children while living their lives as it happens.


This film, based on black love, tells the story of two black women who are very different from one another. They find a way to live together despite their differences and still remain close friends.

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The story of a black woman living a perfect black love life is the basis for one of the most popular black love movies on Netflix. One Day, her hair was damaged by a chemical treatment that was supposed to fix it.


This black movie, Love Movie, is a great choice if you enjoy watching black movies. It will make you happy.

This movie will change the way you feel about black love.


The holiday calendar, an American comedy film that Nancy Meyers directed in 2001, is one of the most romantic movies. Jack Black and Kate Winslet play two lovers who meet in an unusual way.


This black movie is available on Netflix and stars Taraji P. Henson, Tracy Morgan and other great black actors. They are married in this romantic comedy. It is a hilarious movie that will make you laugh every second of the way. That’s why it is my favourite.

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The Netflix black movie features some of the most talented stars, such as Alexandra Daddario and Adam Devine, who are trying to find love with black romantics. You will have a lot of fun from the beginning to the end. It is my favourite.


As an American thriller movie remake, the perfect man starts when you think that everything is going to be fine for Leah. Although I understand what black women want, they aren’t.


Greenleaf, a drama series about the lives of an African American megachurch in Memphis, Tennessee, is called a drama series. This series features people who live with infidelity and hypocrisy but don’t know what to do or why.

Road to Yesterday

Road to Yesterday is a documentary about an African-American family living in the rural South during segregation and fighting for their rights. This film features civil disobedience as well as life on Mississippi plantations.

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Honey Trap

A cold night in Manhattan saw the wind whipping up 42nd Street. I called a taxi and climbed into it. I was headed to the black love story, “Honey Trap.”

“Honey Trap” is a black movie that will keep you on the edge of your seats. This is a black love story that two black men tell and has been a landmark in black film history.

Honey Trap tells the story of an African-American woman who escapes prostitution and drug addiction. Her struggle to find success in society is featured in the film.

Honey Trap stars Michael K. Williams, a black actor (Omar from “The Wire”), and Meagan Good, a black actress (from “Think Like A Man”). It is a black love story that grabs the attention of the viewer and can be described as a black thriller.

“Honey Trap” is about Edward (Michael K. Williams), a wealthy businessman who meets Chelsea (MeaganGood). He is lured into her trap by her attractiveness and demands money to silence his indiscretions. But things quickly get complicated when an unexpected twist occurs, leading to devastating consequences.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is an American romantic comedy film that was directed by Famuyiwa and written by Rick Famuyiwa in 2002. It stars Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, and Rick Elliott. The movie is often referred to as the black version of “When Harry Met Sally ….”,” where the characters played here by Taye and Sanaa Lathan are friends who have been friends for years but only realize that they were meant to be together later in their lives.

Although their relationship is taboo (he is her editor), it is great entertainment. This movie might be one you end up watching several times. Some critics recommend that you don’t look for the next rom-com you love if you are looking for your next favourite. This movie is for you if you want a film that will make you smile, tell a love story, and entertain you.

Love Jones (1997)

Love Jones, directed by Theodore Witcher, is about Nia (Naima Adefope), a poet and the stoic jazz pianist Darius “Thorn”, Jr. (Larenz Tate). They are both trying to make it in Chicago in the late 1990s with their own artistic forms while also exploring their love for each other in all its complications with their circle friends, Lisa Nicole Carson (Isaiah Washington) and Margot B. Smith (and Bill Bellamy). Although this film received awards, including two Black Awards for 1998, it received mixed reviews from critics.

The Best Man (1999).

The Best Man is a story about college friends who reunite fifteen years later for the wedding of their two best friends, Taye Diggs (Nia Long). Malcolm Lee, who is also the film’s writer, plays the role of one of the main characters. This was his first acting gig. The romantic comedy features romance, rivalries and steamy scenes. The film’s witty dialogue kept audiences laughing until the end. Although some critics feel that the tone is too broad or unfocused, most moviegoers loved “The Best Man”.

The Best Man Holiday

The Five Heartbeats is a group of college friends who gather to celebrate the death of Lance (Morris Chestnut), their college friend. They recall the great times they shared and the woman that broke them apart but maintained their friendship. Malcolm (Terrence) Howard begins planning his wedding and discovers that the women in his circle of friends might outnumber him.

The Best Man Holiday is as romantic as any movie can get. It’s a must-see Black love movie!

For Colored Girls (2010)

Sister Circle women gather every year to celebrate life together. Sharon Newton, the group leader, is grieving over the loss of her daughter. She meets a man who has changed her outlook on life and love. These women share their personal stories and offer each other advice to help them find happiness in their relationships and in life.

Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls is a great resource for black love movies this Valentine’s Day.

License to Wed (2007)

As children, Ben (John Krasinski), and Sadie (Mandy Moore), meet at church and instantly become close friends. They grow together as adults and share a deep love for God over the years. Their relationship must be kept secret because Sadie’s father (Robin Williams) won’t let her date until she gets married.

This black comedy, which was Robin William’s last movie before his death in 2014, is hilarious.

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