List Of Movies Similar To Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg’s movie Ready Player One offers audiences an all-you-can-eat buffet of entertainment. It is the perfect adaptation of the bestseller novel written by Ernest Cline. The movie is set in OASIS virtual reality world in which an avatar’s appearance can be like anyone or anything. This is not surprising, as it encourages gamers to dress up in the role of Batman, Freddy Krueger, and even Hello Kitty.

However, the film is much more than the most prestigious cosplay event. Every frame is wasted without an exciting pop-culture reference, from The Back To The Future style DeLorean is driven by the main actor Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) to the shocking (and the hair-raising) recreation of the classic sequences in The Shining (1980).

The ultimate tribute to television and movie fans: The film is heavily influenced by the past’s sci-fi and fantasy films. Many of the shrewd fans likely have seen influences from numerous old films that provide their unique version of virtual reality and fantastical dream worlds. If you’re hungry for more fun in the style of Ready Player One, We’ve got our selections of the top science-fiction and fantasy films, like Spielberg’s revolutionary film, which you should go see before you pass away.

The Wachowskis famous film The Matrix (1999) offered viewers a fresh perspective on virtual reality. A story about a man’s resistance to fighting the machine kingdom in a virtual world created to transform them into controlled energy sources. The Matrix remains the most popular video game film. The audience was enthralled by the concept of the idea that Neo (Keanu Reeves) and his comrades could develop virtual superpowers to take on A.I. creatures like Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) such that the film was able to inspire two additional films as well as several animated shorts.

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Many readers of Cline’s first novel have seen influences from The Matrix films. Certainly, the concept of human beings who live in an imaginary universe is an integral part of Ready Player One (although the characters are inside the OASIS more for enjoyment rather than survival). Also, there’s the appeal of watching Wade and his crew go in the face of a powerful corporate adversary with virtual capabilities that are its own. The film, however, emphasizes the fun aspects of OASIS and makes the film less tense than The Matrix but amps up the enjoyment factor.

The Matrix trilogy is adding a new film to the franchise to be released in 2021. Ready Player One fan might be able to watch Wade and his companions take the same path. Cline has already written an update to his debut story, Ready Player Two, that could help create the basis for a brand new franchise.

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