11 Best Movies Similar To Bridgerton

Surprisingly, Bridgerton is now the largest show on Netflix’s list. It is a period show that has captivated the attention of both viewers and critics, who are fascinated by the stunning appearance, the period that the show is set, and the main romance.

The series’ success will undoubtedly result in a rise in the interest for dramas set in the past. However, suppose people do not want to dedicate themselves to another show on the subject. In that case, plenty of films will scratch that need and provide many of the other wonderful elements that have been the main reason that has made Bridgerton so popular. Huge success.

Stacie Rook: Following the launch of Bridgerton season 2 on Netflix, viewers have been welcomed back into the tangled life that comprises the Bridgerton family. In this season, the oldest brother Anthony is the main character, along with newly introduced characters Kate and Edwina Sharma. After the viewers have finished watching, there’s a wide selection of films that are sure to fulfill a desire for more period-based dramas.

Mary Queen Of Scots (2018)

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Bridgerton explores many female relationships, whether they are family, friends, or rivals. It is also the primary narrative of Mary Queen of Scots, which stars Saoirse Ronan as the main character, alongside Margot Robbie, who plays her aunt Queen Elizabeth I.

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Despite the historical ambiguities in the story of Mary and Elizabeth’s active lives, Mary Queen of Scots has outstanding performances by its main cast, which features Gemma Chan and David Tennant, along with numerous memorable costumes.

A Little Chaos (2015)

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A common problem that the characters from Bridgerton confront is that they feel unwelcome in society due to reasons of a different kind. And The Little Chaos is the story of its main character Sabine De Barra (Kate Winslet), having to deal with this.

Produced and directed by Alan Rickman, A Little Chaos is a comedy with elements of romance. It follows Sabine as she plans one of the grandest Gardens of Versailles. Unaccustomed to the aristocrats’ social circles that comprise French society, Sabine is required to complete her job while dealing with the schemes of those competing for power.

The Personal History Of David Copperfield (2020)

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Despite its role as an action film, Bridgerton does offer some funny moments. For those looking for more comedic period novels, The Personal The History of David Copperfield is the perfect option.

The film stars Dev Patel in the lead part. This critically acclaimed adaptation of the novel by Charles Dickens remains true to the source material and also gives the tale an entertaining new twist, showing that there’s still merit in adapting these stories to screen.

The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society (2018)

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Bridgerton Combines its main romance plots with the intrigue of Lady Whistledown as well, as the same mix of genres can be found in the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which takes place just in the aftermath of World War II.

The story follows author Juliet Ashton (Lily James) when she visits Guernsey and meets members of the film’s titular club. She seeks to learn the details about what they experienced during World War II when Guernsey was under German occupation. As she uncovers more details, Juliet also develops close friendships with a few of the island’s inhabitants.

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The Handmaiden (2016)

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Although it’s a thriller with a different tone in tone from Bridgerton’s, The Handmaiden is an adaptation of a British novel that was historical fiction. The Handmaiden South Korean movie is an adaptation of Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, with the setting shifting between Britain to Korea as it was under Japanese colonial rule.

The story is about a Japanese Heiress and a Korean handmaiden as they must work out a plan to get rid of her fortune. As they work, both women are in Love and have to be able to navigate the schemes of those who are around them.

Enola Holmes (2020)

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One of the most important aspects of Bridgerton is its mystery surrounding Lady Whistledown. The gossipy narrator is a largely unnoticed person in the world of high society who exposes some of the most important secrets of the principal characters. The mystery escalates until Eloise Bidgerton can look into the mystery herself.

Another smart, determined woman detective in pop culture in a different time period show is Enola Holmes. In her own tale, the older sister of Sherlock Holmes begins her detective career while fighting the oppressive social rules that are imposed on females.

Atonement (2007)

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The romance within Bridgerton isn’t enjoyable since people seldom get the chance to be in a genuine relationship and true Love appears to be a secret from the people they love. The unjust relationship between Love and hate is discussed in a different period drama, The Atonement.

The story is set at the time at the beginning of World War II. Kiera Knightley and James McAvoy play star-crossed lovers hiding their Love after a shocking lie separates them and threatens their happiness. It’s an emotional love story that features amazing performances.

The Favourite (2018)

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While Bridgerton and a host of other period dramas keep things quite straightforward, The Favourite was a darkly humorous version of this tale. Olivia Colman steps into another queen role, this time in the role of Queen Anne, who is the heart of the power struggle between two rival women.

Alongside Coleman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone deliver extraordinary performances in this hilarious, funny, and gruesome glimpse at the people fighting for a place in the upper class.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

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The timeless tale of the Great Gatsby was told numerous times before but never on the massive scale as Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation. Leonardo DiCaprio’s tragic role is the main character as the millionaire who becomes friends with his neighbor as he tries to reconnect with her real Love.

Much like Bridgerton Like Bridgerton, this film is about people who want to discover their identity in the world and often misinterpret what their place should be. The extravagant appearance of the film enhances the enthralling nature of the film.

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Little Women (2019)

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It’s not just a relationship that is modeled by the characters in Bridgerton as well as how they live their lives generally. Anthony Bridgerton does not feel at liberty to pursue his passion for art, while Eloise always fights against the idea that they must get married.

The subject is further explored in Greta Gerwig’s film adaptation Little Women. Jo is the main character. Jo struggles with her personal desire to become a writer and also the social demands to be a wife and only a wife. It’s a sweet, humorous, and inspiring version of an old classic.

Shakespeare In Love (1998)

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There have been many versions of Shakespeare’s plays. Shakespeare in Love examines Shakespeare’s character but uses some snarky historical context. The film tells of how Shakespeare’s relationship with a princess-inspired his famous play Romeo and Juliet.

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