Best Movies On Netflix July 2015

Have you ever searched, “What are the best movies on Netflix right now?” Then I would like to think that’s the case! This month’s list comes to you by Marcus Pinn, the indie-film expert at the helm of Pineland Empire and a frequently contributing to Cut Print Film. If you’re searching for something great to watch tonight, you’re in the right hand with Marcus!

1. Bastards

In its references to everything, including Elem Klimov’s Come And See to Michael Mann’s Thief Claire Denis’ Bastards is something like the wet dream of a cinephile (the film also draws inspiration from obscure sources such as Lost Highway & 8mm).

However, no one (except for me and a handful of committed Claire Denis fans) seemed to know about this. Most people were so shocked by the film’s subdued anger and discomfort that they dismissed it as an unremarkable failure. Let’s face it – it is only been two years that Bastards are already viewed as the embarrassingly deformed children of Denis, the litter of excellent films. Although it’s a bit different from the rest of Denis’ films (this film is the first complete immersion into the genre of noir) however, it blends in with her other filmography very well (I’m sure Claire Denis is trying to combine all her films into one big dreamy, ongoing narrative).

Since most people have lost track of Bastards, maybe it’s the right time to revisit this small jewel…

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2. To the Wonder

I’m aware that Terrence Malick has well-known actors such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Ben Affleck, which can be a problem for him to attract the right audience for his cinema style. However, at this point, everyone needs to know that Malick’s movies after the Days Of Heaven films are a taste that isn’t widely known (at this point, you need to be aware of what you’re getting to with regards to an actual Malick film). It’s rare to stumble across something similar to To The Wonder (I don’t care about the “A-List” cast of actors the film showcases). The sequel is The Tree Of Life. The information alone could get rid of a good-sized group of viewers who would think To The Wonder to be something that it was never meant to be: a standard romantic drama (in my view, Tree Of Life & To The Wonder exist in the same cinematic realm of moody, twirling women and “jazzy” cinematography).

This is definitely not for everyone, but diehard fans of post-Thin Red Line Malick should at least appreciate his (semi-autobiographical) exploration into the depressing & drudging side of romantic relationships.

3. Post Tenebras Lux

In addition, I believe that Post Tenebras Lux is the most enjoyable film that has come out in the last decade and has one of the best opening sequences known to women or men. Now…like To The Wonder, this isn’t the type of film you can watch without knowing what to expect. The non-linear style of PTL does not just bounce back to the present and what could be in the future, but it also has many moments that will leave the viewer scratching their heads for a long time after it’s finished. Although it may be, it’s better to be able to experience this film instead of trying to understand it or even comprehend it fully.

It’s as if Carlos Reygadas discovered a way to record daydreams and bizarre subconscious thoughts and then transformed them into personal home films that we can view.

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4. Newlyweeds

For those who are looking to expand beyond Woody Allen & Noah Baumbach’s tiny perspective of New York City, perhaps you should look into Shaka King’s debut directorial effort.

Although Newlyweeds isn’t your usual NYC film that features iconic landmarks set behind every shot, The spirit that is New York City’s Big Apple flows through every frame.

It’s also not your usual film, as it veers into and out of diverse types of films (Romcom, Dark Comedy, serious relationship drama, “stoner comedy,” existential dramedy, etc.). Newlyweeds is also among the few movies that are specifically geared towards the millennial generation, which I love without hesitation. You must definitely check it out.

5. Double Feature: After The Wedding // Valhalla Rising

At present, Mads Mikkelsen is a bit well-known. It’s time to look into his less well-known filmography (Mads was cutting off body parts and not blinking an eye for a long time before he stepped into the character of Doctor. Lecter). From the most brutal (Valhalla) to the complex and sensitive father character (After the Marriage), Mads can be various things. These two movies certainly show his versatility.

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