Monster Anime Where To Watch | Is It Streaming On Hulu?

Monster anime is among the top psychological mystery shows released in April of 2004. Many people have compared this show to Death Note; truthfully, they are both the most popular mystery series ever. However, several anime service providers have decided to remove Monster cartoons from their libraries due to license issues. People are seeking the solution for “Where to watch Monster anime legally?”

It’s simple. Monster anime can only be watched through YouTube as well in the form of old Blu-rays and DVDs. Fans can advance through YouTube or seek out old DVDs in their local stores to watch all of the Monster anime episodes. Netflix and Hulu also offer Monster anime available in their libraries, however exclusively for Japan.

Unfortunately, the show is unavailable on popular platforms such as Funimation, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE. Additionally, it’s not available for electronic purchase via Amazon or any other electronic commerce.

The Monster series is highly recommended to those looking for excitement and suspense in their next movie to watch. So, in the next article, we will discuss the best places to view the Monster series legally.

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Where to Watch Monster Anime?

Presently, the only option is YouTube, the most reliable platform for watching the 74 episodes of the Monster anime. Anyone worldwide can legally stream the anime with the English version through YouTube. However, viewers of Japan can stream the anime via Netflix or Hulu. The only exception is that Netflix (Japan) and Hulu (Japan) offer Monster anime.

The Monster anime blend mystery unsolved with a thrilling psychological drama. The show aired on April 7, 2004, and ran as a Madhouse production until October 28, 2005.

After five years, the show was translated into English dub on October 12, 2009. Then, its popularity increased rapidly. Following Death Note, fans loved watching this show, and it was released across a variety of platforms.

But, many streaming platforms are deciding to eliminate it from their libraries to cut costs. So, the only options remaining to watch Monster anime is:

  • Search on YouTube
  • Purchase its old Blu-ray or DVD
  • Advance for unofficial services

Is Monster on Funimation?

Monster anime is not accessible on Funimation. Funimation is one of the world’s most popular anime streaming platforms and broadcasts the anime via Sony Pictures on television. However, now, viewers cannot watch the show on Funimation.

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Is Monster on Hulu?

The Monster can be found on Hulu. However, it is only available in Japan. Following Funimation as well as Crunchyroll, Hulu is considered to be the top platform for fans of otakus. However, for the moment, this movie is not available in the US.

Is Monster available on Netflix?

It is true that Monster can be streamed on Netflix but only for Japan. Monster used to be available on Netflix, Hulu, and even Amazon prime video, but it was removed recently from these services. The stream of the anime has evolved into an equal amount of thrilling as the plot of the anime.

Is Monsters Anime Available On Crunchyroll?

Unfortunately, Monster anime is not available on Crunchyroll. Following the merger of Crunchyroll as well as Funimation, Crunchyroll has updated its Library quite a bit. Fans of any country are unable to view Monster through it.

How to watch Monster anime?

  • Step 1: Search on YouTube.
  • Second step. If the HTML0 is available, begin watching it.
  • 3. If HTML0 isn’t available, then you should consider purchasing a good VPN. Here we suggest NordVPN.
  • Step 4: Sign up and log in for the VPN.
  • Step 5: Change your geo-location to Japan.
  • Sixth Step: Find Hulu using private mode.
  • Step 7: Sign in with your account to Hulu. (If your account doesn’t include a Hulu ID, you’ll need to create one before you can sign up).
  • 8. Refresh the page. The changes will be visible in the Library.
  • Step 9: Search for Monster.
  • 10. Start watching now.

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Monster Watch order-

  • Monster anime (Episode 1-74)

The show has 74 parts in the Monster anime, each with 24 minutes of each. Thus, the total amount of time required to finish the show is 74*24 = 1776 minutes, approximately 30 hours.

Monster Anime plot-

A neuro-surgeon, Kenzo Tenma is from Japan and was employed for the Eisler Memorial Hospital in Dusseldorf, Germany. He is dissatisfied with the hospital’s political inclinations and is determined to improve them. When a bullet injured Johan to the forehead, Tenma assumed the responsibility for his situation rather than the mayor, who was scheduled to arrive later.

Heinemann, as well as the other doctors who attempted to stop him, were mysteriously killed. Tenma was a surgeon at the hospital for nine years when he rescued Adolf Junkers, a criminal who had been talking about the concept of a “monster.” After returning to his bedroom, he realized that the guard had been murdered and the suspect was in hiding.

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Junkers advised Tenma not to come near him because the man who was holding his gun had been Johan Liebert. Despite his efforts to persuade Junkers, Junkers still got shot by Johan. Then he walked off and left Tenma in shock. The police, in particular Inspector Lunge, suspected Tenma.

He later realized his sister Anna was living a blissful life and that all he could see from her previous life were nightmares. He also attempted to shield Anna from him, but it’s now too for him to stop him from murdering those he was raised by. Then, Tenma learned that this creature was the result of a mental study of reprogramming carried out by former East Germany.

The orphanage was called 511 Kinderheim. Tenma was aware of the crimes committed by the “monster” and vowed to rectify his mistakes by saving Johan’s life.

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