Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum Murders | How Did They Die?

A few days later, in April of 2017, authorities in Texas were informed of two murders that had the same pattern. Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum were found murdered and raped and later convicted by the Police connected the crimes to a single individual.

NBC News ‘Dateline: Wreckage’ details the shocking case that has raised further questions about how the murderer was able to roam free despite being suspected of sexual abuse in previous years. Let’s discover more information about what happened, will we?

What Happened to Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum Die?

Molly Jane Matheson was born in Florida prior to her move into Fort Worth, Texas, with her family. She graduated from Keller Timber Creek High School in Fort Worth and later attended the University of Arkansas. But, according to reports, the 22-year-old had to leave the university in the year 2015 and return home to Fort Worth. In the days before the incident, she lived close to Texas Christian University and worked as a sales manager in the women’s clothing store.

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On April 10 2017, Molly’s mother, Tracy, went to look after her daughter after she did not show up to work. On the same day, Tracy discovered a shocking discovery inside the bathroom. Molly was discovered dead in the shower. A strangled victim sexually assaulted her to the death, and the perpetrator took steps to attempt to remove the evidence. Molly’s death was determined to be murder.

Megan Leigh Getrum loved travelling as a hiker, camping, and hiking. On April 14, 2017, the 36-year-old was hiking in the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas. The evening that night ended the time Megan was alive. On April 15 April 15, 2017, her body was discovered within Lake Roy Hubbard, Texas. Similar to Molly, she had been sexually assaulted. There were also signs of strangulation, blunt force trauma on the back of her head, and drowning.

Who killed Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum?

In the case of Molly Matheson, investigators looked over her phone logs and texts to determine whether they could find any clues. It was discovered that she had received one of her text messages from a man named Reginald Kimbro at around 10:26 pm on April 9, 2017. The man was investigated a few days after Molly was discovered in the area, and Police discovered that he knew the 22-year-old from her period in Arkansas. Molly and Reginald had a brief relationship for a while, but they kept in touch despite breaking up and reuniting.

Reginald admitted to Police that he had gone to Molly’s house the night before and said they started to kiss. But the police report states that the police report stated that he said that Molly declined to meet for sex, and the pair parted at about 1:30 am on the morning of April 10, 2017. A text message to the phone Reginald 2:59 am, told him to thank her for some suggestions. She didn’t actually look up the message. The scene of the crime was a mess. Evidently, the killer took great measures to hide his tracks. Molly was buried under an enclosure to get rid of the evidence. However, DNA was discovered and extracted from her corpse.

Additionally, Police discovered wet laundry inside the apartment. The laundry contained two sets of women’s underwear, a fitted sheet, washcloths, a pillowcase and a towel, two pairs of running shorts, and underwear set for men. Reginald admitted wearing running shorts in the evening on April 9, and the authorities believed the ones that were found at Molly’s house were his. In the following days, Reginald’s DNA matches the evidence of biological origin from the scene.

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In the same way, biological evidence was also collected from Megan, who was assaulted sexually. It also confirmed Reginald and linked him to two significant sexual assaults as well as murders. In the end, authorities found out that he was involved in an alleged pattern of assaulting women in the past. Before his arrest for these murders, Reginald was on police surveillance for sexual assaults in various parts of Texas between 2012 and 2014. In three distinct incidents, women accused Reginald of snatching and raping them.

In all of the instances, his sperm was discovered on women, but no arrest was not taken. Authorities had stated it was the case in case of 2012 that the victim didn’t wish to bring an investigation at that time but changed her mind when the murder investigation started. A woman was sexually assaulted at the time in Allen, Texas, in January 2014. However, authorities only confirmed that Reginald’s DNA was found in the kit of rape in February, which was a little over one month before Molly was murdered. Additionally, a former partner of Reginald’s said that he was fond of strangling in sex and, sometimes, would get too intense and would not stop.

In the end, in March 2022, shortly before the trial began, Reginald took a plea agreement in which he admitted to two murders and four sexual attacks. As a result, Reginald was sent away for life with no chance of parole. The authorities handling earlier cases of sexual assault were also criticized for handling the cases, with one victim declaring that the police officer who interrogated her was not convinced of her. The victims’ advocates claimed it could have been prevented had Reginald been detained earlier, when his DNA was confirmed to be that of the sexual assault case of 2014.

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