10 Thrilling Mob Movies On Hulu

In real life, I’d like absolutely nothing to do with crime. It is terrifying to even be in the vicinity of conflict or violence of any kind. I just like my appearance and do not want to be hit with a punch. I am one of the largest fanatics when you watch criminal and gangster-themed films. If you’ve been wanting to see some excellent gangster films on Hulu, I may offer some suggestions.

I’m not trying to make violence a cult and violence, but there’s nothing more thrilling than watching two groups fighting for their lives. The excitement of heroes running free from police is awe-inspiring, and the feeling can’t be described!

It’s like watching thrilling sniper films or war films. So, let’s jump right into our suggestions and find out what the gangster flicks will bring to us.

Mob Movies On Hulu

1. The Client

This adaptation of John Grisham’s top-selling thriller is about Mark, an innocent child who witnesses the murder of an infamous mob lawyer. Then, he is pursued by the mob that plans to kill him and a federal prosecutor trying to obtain crucial details from him. In the end, he calls an ex-alcoholic who is recovering (who is also an attorney) to aid him.

The Client will keep you in the forefront of your seat for the entire movie length. It’s packed with tension-inducing moments and the perfect amount of tension. With its unique storyline and top-quality actors, this movie is a good choice if you’re in need of a gangster film.

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2. Walking Tall

Buford Pusser Buford Pusser, Tennessee sheriff, takes care of his town’s problems by ridding it of corruption and criminality. While doing so, the sheriff cannot keep his family together and ends his own life. Although the film may be a little long, it’s hard to tell because it’s full of car chases and action. Joe Don Baker gives a strong performance of the sheriff’s tragic tale and portrays this character’s story with a level of ferocity that is hard to forget.

Walking Tall is a perfect film to watch if you’re searching for a classic that has enough violence and grit to keep you entertained.

3. The Domestics

Nina and Mark West have to scour the treacherous countryside and attempt to make it through following an apocalyptic catastrophe that changes the way they live it. They must navigate the dangerous terrain, where threatening criminals appear everywhere. While they seek security, the two are challenged to the limits.

If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic, sharp themes, dark humor, and just plain entertaining, The Domestics is an excellent choice for your next film night.

4. Brick Mansions

Even though Brick Mansions has a low score for rotten tomatoes, people who watched it enjoyed it more than critics. An undercover Detroit police officer is caught in a tightly-run city protected by a wall. In order to stop a crime lord from destroying the city, Paul Walker’s character Damien Collier teams up with an ex-con.

Brick Mansions has the brilliant acting skills of Paul Walker and the tension-filled scenes that you’d think of from a gangster film. In addition, the film’s battle and chase scenes will keep your heart racing.

5. Sugar Hill

Roemello Skaggs and his brothers have spent all their lives in the midst of crime and will eventually adopt the same lifestyle as they grow older. After a couple of years as a top-ranking drug dealer, Roemellos’s lover begins to question his way of life, and as the risk of his job begins to increase, Roemello begins to doubt his own life and his life. When the two try to leave the bad situation, the protagonist’s brother will not allow him to leave.

The film does a great job presenting both aspects of the addiction-related lifestyle that often make viewers emotionally connect to the character. Issues such as guilt, regret, forgiveness, and guilt are all present in the tale, and the thrilling plot will keep you entertained throughout the film.

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6. West Side Story

While it’s musical, West Side Story is about two rival gangs that fall in love. It is set in the west area of New York, the two teams (the Sharks and the Jets) struggle for their respective territory as more problems result from the increasing feelings between Tony as well as Maria. As violence and tension escalate, and fears of tragedy grow, they loom on the horizon of these characters.

The film is brimming with themes of violence and pressure that revolve around criminal life. You’ll be cheering for West Side Story has vibrant and relatable characters. If you enjoy musicals but are also seeking darker themes, make sure you take a look at this show.

7. Red

Frank Moses is a retired CIA agent enjoying his quiet life until he is slain by an assassin. As the threat grows, the protagonist is forced to join his old group of agents to take on the attackers, who are determined to wage a battle with the main protagonists.

Red is full of intelligent and humorous humor, packed with action scenes and top-of-the-line casting. The captivating plot will hurl you through the film, leaving you enthralled and content at the end. Red is the perfect choice for movie buffs who enjoy sharp wit and high-energy action.

8. Deuces Wild

Similar to West Side Story but with more violence, two characters from opposing gangs are in love. The two gang members are Bobby, a Deuces gang member, and Annie, the sister of another group member. The couple’s relationship ignites an all-out street battle between the two gangs, leaving both sides craving blood and violence.

It has a retro-styled, corny style that makes you feel more optimistic than you ought to when you watch the violence. The film features a strong actor who brings authenticity to the characters while offering enough excitement to keep your eyes engaged with the plot. Deuces Wild is for those who are looking for an original and entertaining gangster film.

9. Wanted

When Wesley Gibson, a worker in the office, discovers that his father is murdered, His boring life turns upside down when he realizes his ability to kill. Shortly after the events that led to an assassination, a woman dubbed Fox offers to talk Wesley to join their secret assassins. When the protagonist begins to learn his trade, however, he begins to realize that there are some things that are not the way they appear.

Wanted isn’t the typical film about gangsters, but it still impresses with its thrilling plot, gripping characters, and thrilling action. It features Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman along with James McAvoy performing the main roles, you’ll never be caught twitching your thumbs. You can pick the film you want to see on your next night if you’re in the mood for amazing special effects and blood-pumping shootouts.

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10. The Bank Job

Terry Leather, a struggling auto dealer who used to be a minor criminal, has found peace with his basic life of caring for his family. The situation changes dramatically when his ex-girlfriend appears, offering him a place for a bank robbery that she is planning. She entices him with the possibility of a huge sum. Terry Leather agrees and forms a group of his former criminal acquaintances to help in the theft. However, things quickly change for the worse as some other criminals from the outside get involved.

Bank Job Bank Job is mostly loved for its action that is fast-paced however, Jason Statham brings another level to his character and allows viewers to understand his vulnerability. The humorous dialogue will keep you laughing throughout the film, while every person’s complex plot and motivations will keep your brain engaged.

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