Missing Texas A&M Student Found Dead Reddit

A Texas A&M student, Tanner Hoang was found dead in Austin Saturday. He had last been seen Dec. 16. Hoang’s body was discovered in the Pennybacker Bridge on Loop 360. A spokesperson for the family posted the news on social media.

Although no cause of death was given, the spokesperson said there is no suspicion of foul play. The spokesperson stated that Tanner was now with his Savior, King Prince of Peace, Joy and Healer, although this is not the outcome we had prayed for. The spokesperson said that Tanner’s family wanted everyone to know how grateful they are for everyone’s assistance.

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They feel God’s love through the outpouring support. They know Tanner is loved by so many. Tanner was reported missing after failing to attend a lunch planned for him and his family. They were unable to contact him on December 16, according to a family social media posting. His family claimed that they arrived in town to see him graduate. However, it was later discovered that he did not meet graduation requirements and refused to walk in the ceremony.

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I was only a few minutes away when his car was discovered. It was difficult to stay hopeful once we learned the exact location (Pennybacker Bridge). It was extremely cold this weekend. Although we didn’t know Tanner and his family, we are familiar with his legacy. Another bright, social, and fun person who was too young. One time, I heard the following quote: “The brightest stars burn twice so fast.” Or perhaps half as long. You should always check in on your loved ones. Even those who appear fine.

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